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GRocery Store seduction, part 1

The grocery store seduction

I had just gotten out of the car in front of the store when I saw her. She was walking in front of me, wearing a knee length blue dress and flip flops. What got my attention initially were her legs and the two tattoos, one on each ankle. The rest of her body was great too. I was pacing myself to walk behind her at a distance that will not draw her attention and trying to act like I am just going to do some grocery shopping- which I was, but now my attention was totally off the initial thought.
We went in, and I noticed she went to the Organic section; I rushed through the first isle and rotated back in the Organic section. As I was acting like I was highly interested in the fresh produce, I caught her eyes for a second- two unbelievably beautiful green eyes. I smiled and continued to act preoccupied by the size and shape of a potato.
“Nice t-shirt” I heard someone saying behind me.
“Thank …” I said, as I was turning around, only to find myself facing her. “Thank you”
“So, are you a fan?” pointed her at my t-shirt.
“Oh, no, I just wear it” I responded, thinking “great, you idiot, not the right time to be a smart ass”
“Yeah, you’re right, they don’t really have fans” she continued, laughing.
“Hey now”. I acted offended, and she smiled.
“This is the first time in this store for me” she said after a few seconds. “Can you point me to the milk section? “
Inadvertently, my eyes were going down to her chest.
“In the store” continued her, putting accent on every word. “In the store”
I smiled totally caught off guard, then after a few seconds of silence, she laughed.
“Don’t worry, I am used to it. They draw attention”.
I told her where the dairy section was, and she started walking that way. I continued to look for what I needed, thinking of how nice she smelled and how beautiful she was. I tried to create another random meeting, but couldn’t find her, so I decided to go pay.
It was one of those long-wait-in-line days, and my mind started to wander back at her when I heard her voice behind me again.
“Do you always wait in line with an empty shopping cart?”
“Uhhhh…. Well see, this is for my imaginary friend Fred” I said, realizing that I was so discombobulated that I forgot to buy anything.
She started laughing.
“Would you hold my place in line?” I asked.
“Can’t Fred do it for you?” she responded, laughing.
“Fair enough”.
As I started walking away, she said:
“Wait, I need to find few more things, I’m coming with, maybe you can help me find them. I lost my patience and gave up”.
We started chatting about sports and music and movies as I was trying hard to remember every little thing I might need, just to make the time go slower. I was checking out some waffle syrup when I hear her saying
“Lagerfield!” and she came very close to me, my elbow touching her chest now.
“Yes” I said smiling. “It is”. “
We went back to the registers and paid, continuing to walk side by side in the parking lot.
“This is me” I said when I got to my car, grabbing a bag from my cart.
Whatever her next words were, they were stopped by the noise of my egg dozen dropping from the bag.
“Well, there goes my breakfast” I said, laughing.
“Wanna come over? I will make you a breakfast”.
I wanted to answer “Hell yes” immediately, but I waited few seconds for the punch line of what I thought it was a joke. Since it didn’t come, I agreed to follow her to her house. We both parked the cars on the driveway and walked in the garage. As the door was still closing, she started reaching in her purse for her keys, but I wrapped my arm around her waist and turned her around. She looked only half surprised as I started kissing her, first softly, tasting her lips then more and more aggressively. I started swirling my tongue deep in her mouth, and I felt hers giving in to my pressure. She put her right hand on the back of my head as we continued to kiss, pulling me towards her, then grabbed my right hand with her left hand and put it on her tight pulling up. My hand was now pulling up her dress and moving closer and closer to her pussy. I stopped kissing her and looked at her smiling, while pointing at her crotch:
“May I? “
She smiled in approval so I kneeled down slowly and pulled up her dress over the waist. She wasn’t wearing panties, and the image was amazing. Her clit was hard already, and my first touch proved that she was also wet. She had great lips, and I started slowly sucking on one of them, slowly pulling my head back as I was having it in my lips, then grabbing it again. I was sucking and licking her lips and she was moaning loudly. After a few minutes, she puts both her hands on top of my head, and I help her put a leg on my shoulder while my tongue is now sliding in and out of her pussy. Her whole body is in tension, and she is loudly expressing the pleasure. I feel her juices running out, and the moaning intensifying, and I know an orgasm is close, so I slide a finger in her pussy and start tapping her g-spot while sucking on her lips wildly. She finally cums, very loud and her whole body shakes.
I slowly move up, removing her dress. Her boobs are amazing, and I pull one up so I can suck on her gorgeous nipple. I look her in the eyes as I bite it, and she moans in a pleasuring pain so I continue to bite and grab. She takes my hand and puts it on the other boob, saying just “pinch and pull please”. I start twisting my hand while pinching her other nipple and pull up. She bites her lower lip, in pleasure.
‘I want your cock” she says smiling.
I take her hand and put it on my crotch, smiling back. She unzips my pants and reaches in, slowly stroking my cock as soon as she grabs it. She kisses me, then kneels down and pulls down my pants.
“Wow” she says, looking at my cock. “I have never had an uncut cock” . She slowly swirls her tongue around the tip of my cock, pulling the foreskin down. It feels great, so I close my eyes while she slowly slides my cock in her mouth, all the way down, then back up and goes back to swirling her tongue around the head. It gives me all sort of pleasure, and all I can do is moan. She continues to alternate the sliding of my cock in her mouth and swirling for a few minutes, then stops and starts sucking intensively on the head of it. It causes my knees to shake of pleasure, but she doesn’t stop. Instead she runs her tongue down all the way to my balls and then she takes both in her mouth, sucking, while her hand is stroking my cock now. She lets go off my balls, and then starts licking my cock up. When she reaches the top, she stops and she slowing gets up, rubbing her naked body on mine. When she is up all the way we begin kissing again, my hands reaching her ass. I turn her around and make her bend just a little, with her hands up on the wall. I find her pussy with my cock and in one short and hard motion I push it all the way in her, then continue in the same rhythm, pushing hard and fast in then slowly out. After awhile, I start moving fast and hard, both in and out. All we hear is our hard breathing, moans and my balls smacking her skin every time I go in. I am moving pretty fast and hard, and once again I feel her ready to cum, so I reach around and grab her nipples pulling and twisting. When I feel that she is ready, I move really fast and hard, then push my entire body against hers, and hers against the wall. I explode hard in her, and that makes her cum hard too. We catch our breath for a minute or two, then she slowly kneels down again, grabbing my cock and slowly licking it clean. When she is done, she gets up and slides two fingers in her pussy, then shows me the fingers covered in cum- both hers, and mine. She slowly licks them, smiling and looking at me provocatively. “Good taste” she says, then does it again, but this time after her fingers are clean I pull her and kiss her.
We smiled at each other, then I asked “ Can we have breakfast now? “. She smiles, and replies “Sure, come inside”. “I just did” I replied, smiling back.

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