So it was a day boring day and i had nothing to do. So i got on face book to see what every body else was doing and i seen my friend Tisha. i started a conversation with her and she also was looking for something to do so she invited me over to watch the movie Harry potter. And yes i am a harry potter nerd so what. Tisha is a vary pretty girl!! She has a tan completion with long tan hair and a thigh body she is 52'' and only 116 pounds!! I went over and we watch the movie it was about 1:00 pm in the after noon.

We still had nothing to do so i started flipping throw the channels. still nothing on TV i said!! I got down and started to look at throw the movie and i spotted her dad movie. I said look it your dad movie! She look at me and smiled and said put it in. We watch the porn for a wile girl on girl action at first it was funny to see there bad acting.I ask her if she ever had dirty though. she replayed sometime i look at her chest and seen her nipple poking out throw her shirt. I ask her does she want to take off her white shirt it was tank top. She smiled and ask why? I smiled and replied you'll see!! She took off the shirt and i reach over and grab them. her nipple was pocking out with her little pinkish nipple.

I lean over and lick them and look up she said should we do this and i suck harder. i unzip my zipper. My cut off shorts and stuck my hand down rubbing my clit. I felt so warm and juicy. I pulled my wet sock hand out and held my wet finger to her mouth.She open up and close her eyes and started sucking my fingers. She layed down and i pulled her jammy pants and her white cotton panty's off. I suck on her neck making my way down yo her chest. My pussy was getting so wet. i kiss her stomach to inner thigh to her dripping wet clit. i started to finger her and she started to moan it feel so good sarah as she sarted to yell my name. she reach down and started rubbing my clit as she stared in my eyes with a look of wanting someone.. i push her down and lick her wet dripping warm pussy.

Before i new it! I hard something. What are you doing to my little girl!! before i had time to run i felt a big throbbing cock being jam in my tight pussy. As i was sucking on his 18 years old little girl's pussy. My nipple were so hard. Her dad said to me you like that!! i replayed yes daddy. Tisha and i both got up taking turn putting her dad dick in our mouth that alone was making me so horny. I had got up to stand up and guild her dad dick in Tisha lil wet pussy she scream ooooooo daddy juice started to spay out and i jamed his dick in my pussy yelling harder harder. till i came my pussy could not take any more he said to me do you like that sweetie. tisha and i got to our needs with our mouth wide open as her dad cum in both our mouths. after that he took use out to eat and drop me off. he told me any time i wanted dick give him a call.
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tell me if it made you horney or not!:)