shower slut 4

i released my perfectly tight ass hole and lent back straigt back and back and back till oop giggle i felt his balls touch mine 'i love having you fill me up mr ' i said while grinding up against you like a mad man bucking and thrashing i slap my arse over and over then withdraw off your tusk 'plz mr will you lay on the floor plz :) ' you did what i asked much to my happiness so i straddled you one foot either side 12 inch of raging black cock under me! I grab you and guide you to my hole pause rub a little to open me up a bit spit on my fingers and lube up my ass then BANG ive sat on all your fat dick right down to the balls you moan and groan ' i havent even got going mr ' i said to him while rocking on him just working my self up to a point of total ecstasy 'STOP STOP IM GUNA JIZZ' he said 'fuck that mate' i replyed and started bouncing on your dick BANG BANG BANG BANG i hammered it till i could feel you swell outwards every vein felt like a fat worm wrapped around you i picked myself up so i was squat this allowed me movement with my legs and made me fuck you like never before! My bum dryed right up and was struggling to keep adjusting to fit your big dirty fat black cock! FUUUCK ME i screamed as i felt your first pulse pump me with a hot sensation then another 3 pulses in a row followed by a tide of your spunk! I slipped off your cock holding your juice in me and ordered the other lad to suck me dry :)
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