shower slut

with out hesitation you slapped my ass till it was red raw every spank made me that little bit harder and alot more horny .... ' im so horny mr i love being teased and slapped about let me grab my ankles for you mr it will make my skin tighter for a better slap and a tighter fit around ur blak dick :) ' i grabbed my ankles and closed my eyes both men were behind me know slapping my botty ' grab those red little cheeks pal and hold em wide apart for me' the black man said he did just that but rubbed my ringer like a little pussy would be rubbed 'mmmh aaaaawww fuck it now you little pussy, i said with that i felt this f***e like no other his black bell end felt clearly far to wide for me but i knew i could take him secretly! I staggered to the disabled seat and knelt on it arse poking out like a proper cock hungry slut 'carry on mr' i groaned he struggled for minutes to even make any progress into my ass because i wasnt allowing him entry :) ! My ass hole muscle was proper strong from my anal work outs i do every day :) id had enough teasing him so i gently released tension of my little ring piece he thought it was his efforts because he groaned out 'im coming in lad prepare yourself' :)
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