Much to my Surprise.....

Nancy and I met at a party six months ago. Most of the women at this party were bisexual, or at least curious about it. I'd just ended a string of lousy relationships with men, and while I hadn't been with a woman since my college days five years earlier, I really wanted a break from men. So I jumped at the chance to get back into the "bi" scene by meeting people in my new town.
Nancy and I were immediately attracted to each other. I am 5'8", 140 lbs, auburn hair, hazel eyes and a 36c-25-37 figure, a little on the shy side. Nancy is smaller than me, maybe 5'4", 125 lbs, black hair and strikingly bright blue eyes, and a fuller figure than mine at 34c-27-38. A mutual friend introduced Nancy to me, and we talked for much of the night. When the party ended, Nancy took me to a dance bar she knew of. By 4:00 a.m., we were both ready to leave. Nancy lived nearby and I was 45 minutes from home, so she invited me to stay over at her place. I accepted. Needless to say, we made love to each other that night. But that is not what this story is about.

As I discovered over the coming months, Nancy is dominant. Not hardcore, but she likes to be in control. That suited me fine, and she would make the decisions about where we went, where we ate, and even what she wanted me to wear. After a string of inattentive men, I was enjoying Nancy's attention. However, once in a while she would do something that I didn't like, and when I protested she would sternly remind me who was in charge. Since I was marginally submissive, and she was in reality just marginally dominant, I think that every once in a while she needed to exert herself to reassure us both of the nature of our relationship. I think that is what caused what I now refer to as "the event".

One weekend, Nancy said that she would come to my apartment to pick me up, because she wanted to go to a place near my part of town. We had been fighting more than usual in the preceding weeks, she being bitchier than usual and me being more uncooperative than usual. She told me exactly what to wear - my lace black push-up bra, black thigh highs, black silk lacy panties, my plum colored knit dress, and the tallest pair of heels I had.

At 8:15 the doorbell rang, and I eagerly opened the door to find Nancy standing there with what appeared to be an overnight bag. She had never stayed over before, so I was a little surprised to see it. She came in and immediately went to the stereo and changed the CD from a soft jazz to a dance record. She made us drinks, and we sat in the living room. I'd already had a drink before she arrived, so I was starting to feel loose. After ten minutes, Nancy said to me "Amanda, I want you to dance for me with your eyes closed, and don't open your eyes until I tell you." I was in the mood to patch up our recent difficulties and get back to smooth sailing, so I obeyed and started a slow rhythmic grind that I knew she would like. I heard some noises that were unfamiliar, but the stereo was up and I was enjoying the thought that Nancy was watching me, getting excited about our night to come.

Nancy told me to open my eyes, and when I did, to my surprise there was another woman in my living room. She was about my height and build, with long brown hair and brown eyes, and a tan that I immediately envied. She wore jeans and a simple red blouse. Nancy introduced her as Karen, a friend who did not believe that I was Nancy's submissive girlfriend. Nancy told me that tonight, "We will prove it to her." With that, Nancy turned on the video camera that she had set up in the living room, Karen sat down in the chair, and Nancy told me to continue my dancing, only this time it was for Karen's benefit.

I was pretty uncomfortable with this, and not too happy with Nancy. But she had also put her faith in me that I would not make her look bad in front of Karen. I was trapped. I felt I had no choice but to do as Nancy said. So I started to dance again, a bit awkwardly at first, but I f***ed myself to try to forget about Karen and dance as if only Nancy were there. This would be short lived, though, as Karen told me to push my breasts together. I hesitated, which drew a sharp slap on my ass from Nancy. I was totally stunned - she had never hit me before! I did as I was told, pushing my heavy breasts together. Karen told me to bend down so she could see my cleavage, and when I did, she reached out and pinched my nipples very hard. They sprang to attention immediately, very visibly though my knit dress.

Karen then told me to do a strip tease. Embarrassed, I began to take off my dress, when she said "No, I'll tell you how I want it." She had me pull the shoulders of my dress down onto my upper arms and leave it there. Then, she told me to bend over and swing my ass towards her. I did so, and soon felt Karen's hands massaging my buttocks and upper thighs. Finally, something that felt good! It was not to last, though, as I heard Nancy say "I think she's enjoying this now", which was followed by another sharp slap on my ass. Karen told me to take off my dress slowly, making sure to wiggle my hips as I did. When the dress was off and I turned to face Nancy and Karen, they were kissing and taking each other's blouses off. I continued my slow grinding dance, and began massaging my breasts together. Karen stood up, came over to me, and kissed me hard on the lips. In one quick motion, she unsnapped my bra and cupped my breasts in her hands, rolling my large nipples between her thumb and index finger. "Keep dancing", she said, as I felt the pressure on my nipples begin to increase, until finally I cried out. "That's nice", said Karen, "big hard nipples that are sensitive. I want to see you suck your own nipples." Dutifully, I lifted my breasts up and sucked on my own nipples, alternating right and left.

While I was doing this, Nancy came up behind me and began to slowly slide my black lacy panties down, in a very teasing fashion. Karen's eyes were glued to my body, and she had one hand on her breasts and the other between her legs as Nancy slowly exposed me. As Nancy finally slid my panties out from under my feet, she immediately brought them to Karen, who stuck her face into them and inhaled deeply several times. Nancy instructed me to bend over so Karen could see my exposed pussy. I felt Karen's fingers slide down the length of my crack, then along the length of my pussy slit, stopping on top of my clitoris. I felt a shudder run through my body. "Now I want to watch you masturbate", said Karen. "Oh my God", I thought, "I can't do this!" But Nancy quickly f***ed my hand between my legs, still bent over with my ass facing Karen. I began to stroke my clit, praying that I could get wet and start to enjoy this, thereby forgetting about Nancy and Karen. As I looked at Karen through my legs, I saw that she had taken off her pants and had her red satin panties pushed to one side as she stroked herself along with me. "Pull your pussy lips down" Karen commanded, and I pulled them down and away from my body. "Now finger fuck yourself" she commanded, and dutifully I stuck first one, then two fingers inside of myself and pumped away. My juices were flowing now, and I was rubbing myself harder and faster as I got into what I was doing. Within a few minutes, a powerful orgasm shook my entire body, and I collapsed on the couch.

As I came out of my post-orgasm bliss, I looked up to see Nancy and Karen kissing deeply, each with her fingers inside the other's panties. "Its time", Karen said, and with that they blindfolded me and led me into the bathroom. They sat me on the edge of the tub, and soon I heard a buzzing sound. I thought it was a vibrator, until I felt a tugging at my pubic hair, and I realized they were shearing me! It was useless to resist as my hair came off, and I soon felt a hot washcloth being applied to my pubic area. I heard the sound of shaving cream coming out of the can, and soon felt it being spread on my mons. Then I heard a sound I couldn't identify, a slapping sound over and over again. I struggled to see out of the corner of my blindfold, but couldn't. Nancy whispered to me "Karen is sharpening her Grandfather's straight razor". I froze in fear, as Nancy added "I trust you will be very still while we shave you." The washcloth was removed, shaving cream applied, and Karen began to shave me. I was terrified, aware of how badly I could be cut. I kept absolutely still, though, in contrast to my inner feelings. They shaved my mons, my lips and all the way back to and including my asshole. It seemed to take an eternity, and the sound of that sharp straight blade gliding across my skin and removing my pubic hair is a sound I will never forget. When they finished, they rubbed some type of lotion over the newly shaved area. It smelled like it had aloe in it, for which I was thankful.

I was lead back into the bedroom, and sat in a chair near the bed with my blindfold still on. In a minute I heard the unmistakable sound of kissing, and I realized that Nancy and Karen were on the bed next to me. Soon I heard moans, the kind Nancy lets out when I first start to lick her nipples. My pussy was tingling from its fresh shave, and I was listening to the sounds of two women making love right next to me. Somehow, the blindfold didn't even matter, as I could hear their movements and their sighs, and follow what was taking place. They took their time, first Karen bringing Nancy to orgasm, and then reversing roles. By the time they were finished, I was dripping wet and hornier than I had ever been in my life!

Somebody moved my bottom down to the edge of the seat, and I soon felt a slow, light flicking feeling on my pussy lips. Thank God, somebody was going to give me the orgasm I needed so badly! I felt my muscles begin their rhythmic contraction. Suddenly, the feeling stopped. I heard some rustling near the bed, and a moment later felt a large blunt object being pressed against my vagina. I gasped as it spread me apart. Somebody moved behind me and held my arms back as the object was pushed deeper into me. The blindfold was suddenly removed and I saw that Karen was fucking me with the biggest strap-on cock I had ever seen. It was jet black, shiny and had ridges and veins impressed in it. I couldn't take it all at first, but Karen continued to push it into me, slowly but firmly, withdrawing it slightly on occasion only to push it back in deeper. I could feel the sweat pouring down my body, tickling the skin where minutes before my pubic hair had been.

Soon, Karen was satisfied with the degree of penetration, and she began to pump in and out of me, slowly at first but soon working herself into a jackhammer frenzy. Within minutes, I felt wave upon wave crashing through my body as I shuddered to a powerful orgasm. Karen slowed her pumping, and soon was sliding the strap-on in and out at a tantalizingly slow pace. To my surprise, she buried it all the way into me, and unstrapped herself from it. Nancy came forward, strapped herself into it, and was soon pumping away at me just as hard as Karen had. Soon another powerful orgasm rocked my body, and I slipped away into a near u*********s slumber.

When I awoke, I was in the bed with my hands and legs tied to the bedposts, spread-eagled. Nancy and Karen were in the bathroom, and came out to "view" me when they heard my struggles. "I think she owes us", Karen said. "Oh, most definitely", Nancy replied. Karen climbed on top of me, moved up toward my face, and said "Lick me, bitch!" as she sat down on my face. She was also fully shaved, something I had never experienced before, and I flattened my tongue and ran it slowly across the folds between her legs, then up and down her smooth slit, and finally to her rather engorged clit, eliciting sighs and moans of pleasure from Karen. I then started to suck her inner labia hard, down and away from her body, moving my head sideways back and forth to slide her entire labia across my whole lip surface with each stroke. Within minutes, Karen started to cum, pulling my head deeply into her soft fleshly pussy. I was totally covered in her juices, and licked them off my lips while Karen watched, paralyzed from the orgasm she had just received. Next Nancy climbed on top of me, and I repeated my sexual service, somewhat annoyed suddenly at the existence of public hair to deal with. I ate her the same way as I had Karen, with similar results.

Karen had now recovered, and after Nancy had her orgasm Karen came back for more. She turned her back to me as she straddled my body, lashed to the bedposts, and lowered herself down onto my mouth, where I eagerly awaited he pussy lips. As I began licking her snatch again, she moved down and rotated her hips, which moved my tongue from licking her pussy to licking her asshole. I had never done this before, and was really not happy about it, but just as I started to squirm I felt Nancy's fingers clamp down very hard on my left nipple, and I heard her growl "Do it!" I continued to hesitate until the pressure on my nipple became unbearable, and I found my tongue starting to flick ever so gingerly around Karen's reddish pink asshole. To my fortune, she had a pleasant strawberry aroma and flavor to her, so I knew she had used an enema before coming over, for which I was glad. I flicked her gently until she decided she needed more stimulation, at which point she got off my face and laid on her back on the edge of the bed, putting her legs up in the air back over her head, and spreading her ass cheeks with her hands. Nancy untied me and f***efully guided me to the edge of the bed, where I kneeled and resumed my licking. This time, Karen instructed me to insert first one finger, then two, and to pump her asshole. She was well lubricated from her orgasms, and after she was stretched out, she commanded me to insert my tongue into her hole, which I did as Nancy guided me with a hand on the back of my head. The smell of her pussy and the strawberry taste of her asshole had me extremely worked up myself, and I found my fingers between my legs while I was pleasing Karen.

Suddenly, and with no warning, I felt a tremendous slap across my backside, a Nancy crashed a leather belt into my soft flesh. "Who told you that you could satisfy yourself while satisfying us, you miserable bitch?", she barked. I was totally stunned and began to cry, at which point Nancy pulled my head back by the hair and told me sternly that if I didn't make Karen cum by licking her asshole, there would be more lashes with the belt. That focused me on the task at hand, and I soon had my tongue worked as deep as possible into Karen's puckered, rose colored anus. I reached up around her thick and started to stroke her clit, but she pushed my hand away and told me to make her cum with just my tongue. I licked and probed her asshole like I never knew I could ever do, and soon Karen's breathing got very heavy, and she came in a violent orgasm that rocked her so powerfully that she was on the other side of the bed by the time it started to subside.

Of course, then it was Nancy's turn, and we repeated the same ritual with the same results. As soon as Nancy came, Karen brought out a 2 headed dildo, and with Nancy and Karen laying on their backs on the floor with their asses nearly touching, had me fuck them to orgasm with a 2 headed dildo. We all fell asl**p on the floor.

When I awoke, Nancy and Karen were gone. There was a single red rose in a vase in my kitchen, with two notes for me. I opened the first. It was from Karen, and it said that I had proven myself as a worthy submissive to Mistress Nancy, and that good things would come to me as a result. I opened the second note, which was in Nancy's handwriting, which said that I had made her proud, and that Karen was actually Nancy's other submissive, instructed to act in the manner she had by Nancy. My "reward" for being so good the night before, Nancy said, was to devise my own "pleasure night" for Nancy and I to put Karen through.

I can't wait..............!!

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2 years ago
very erotic and nicely written , and would love having a lady do that to me
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3 years ago
Very hot and entertaining.
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Thanks for the feedback
3 years ago
that was allsome