My girlfriend, my goddess

She was dressed entirely in black. A figure-hugging long-sleeved t-shirt, black jeans, and black boots. She was wearing a 9 inch dildo which was being wafted in my direction. I was sat on the sofa in my boxers, my cock already growing to its maximum 5 inches. She had a smug smirk on her face, knowing full well that I was her little slut.

'Stand up' She commanded.

I obeyed.

'Pull down your panties'. Of course I did, dropping them instantly, my cock sprung out and she grasped it, leading me to the bathroom. 'I've got a little test for you'. She proceeded to place an empty toilet roll upon my cock. 'Aw you failed darling'. I blushed at this humiliating experience; at my inadequacy.

'See, if you can get your cock through the roll, then you just don't have the girth to satisfy a woman'. She said, holding my chin and therefore making me look her in the eyes. She was so beautifully wicked. She jiggled the roll to humiliate me further. 'Aren't you lucky that I've stayed with such a small cock. You are so lucky that I let you enter me with that slim, little cock. Aren't you darling?'

'Yes' I mumbled.

'Call me goddess' She said, as she crushed the roll into my cock.

'Yes Goddess!' I yelped, loving her powerful demeanour.

She lead me by the roll, taking me back into the lounge. she sat down, spreading her legs languorously. ' Worship your Goddess' cock.

She has never asked me to suck her cock before. But, I was happy to do anything for her. I was both in love and constantly sexually aroused by her and her alone. I got down on my knees and tentatively started sucking her big cock. 'That's a good slut' She said, as she pushed the cock into the sides of my mouth. She continued to play with me, thrusting her cock as deep as it would go, and constantly berating my sexual passivity. Yet this passivity had been nurtured by her and her alone, brain washing me by refusing sex and allowing masturbation only, reducing her sexual contact with me till my cock was never touched at all, everything but my cock. And when penetration was allowed I had to work very hard, she wound grasp me, spreading her legs, or wrapping them around me, arching her back so more of my cock would enter her. Frustratingly, for her, I would climax as she was starting to feel something. Then it would be weeks of wanking together, like girlfriends, not lovers.

At one point she had introduced me to the joys of having my prostate massaged. She would frig me, and I would jerk my cock, either on my back or on my front, which always resulted with cum on my belly or in her hand, and then she would smear it over my freshly abused hole. Then dildos, in which she would fuck me, and then have me ride her dildo, as she watched, whilst bringing herself to orgasm with her wand.

So there I was, on my knees, worshiping a cock twice as big as mine. She had hold of my head at this point, making me choke on her big dick, telling me about how she needed a real cock to satisfy her. This twisted in my mind, at once appalled at the thought of sharing her, but aroused at the image of her being penetrated by a fat cock. A big fat cock like her's, spreading her pink pussy wide, causing her to cry out, lost in a timeless, orgasmic experience. Deep down, I knew she deserved such pleasure. She thrust one last time, pulling my head up by the hair, and laughed at me. Spit and tears mingled on my face.

'What a dirty little slut you are. Still hard after all that abuse'. She pushed me onto the floor and spanked my cheeks and boypussy with her hand and cock. She spread my legs, exposing my winking hole. I admit it. I was gagging for it. I wanted her to fill me as she wanted to be filled. She pushed the head in, hard, causing my body to tighten. She didn't give a fuck, grasped my hips and pulled me back. I squealed as my boypussy tried to adapt to such a big cock. If I could of seen her face, it would of been one of wicked, sadistic glee, as she f***ed me to be the female in the relationship.

At some point, I knew, she would allow me to touch my little cock. But not at the moment. It was limp now, a soft, useless thing, that slapped daintily against my tummy as she viciously thrust into my boypussy. She stopped after 15 minutes of fucking, her clothing drenched in sweat. 'See, I've only just started and you feel well and truly fucked don't you darling?'

'Yes Goddess'.

She rid herself of her damp clothing, and relaxed on the sofa, playing with her cunt. She dipped her fingers in and fed them to me. 'Eat me bitch' and so I did, my entire focus was on her cunt, reveling in the sweet taste of her. 'Play with your dicklet slut'. I did, grasping the head with my thumb and forefinger. 'I want you to cum on my pussy and eat it, slut'. I wanked my shrunken cock furiously, wishing that my hole was not empty, but needing to climax for my goddess. I stood up then, and reached orgasm, spurting my cum on her pussy in a few small jets.

'Is that it?' She stated, laughing. 'Lick it off cumslut'. I didn't want too, the moment was gone, but I obeyed, lapping at her pussy and cleaning it off.

She then proceeded to turn her wand on, and told me to suck her nipples. So I leaned over and sucked a nipple, and caressed the other with my spare hand. I was spent, but she continued to play with me, sticking a finger in my hole, letting me know that she controlled me, whether I had orgasmed or not. That had been a thing she had introduced. I usually had to cum first, and then had to help her to climax, even if I was worn out.

She came then, tensing her body and grasping my hole as if it was a bowling ball, with her thumb pressing into my tender balls.

'Tell your goddess thank you'

'Thank you goddess'

She laughed.
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