Tales from an unfaithful husband - Women; Kerry Pa

Hey everybody!

I'm hoping my writing skills can excite you as much as memories still do so stick with it and hopefully you'll be as horny as I am thinking about this, and this story (and others) are 100% true.

I've been married for nearly 10 years and in all that time I've never been able to stay faithful. Most of the women (and men!) I've slept with have been one time things with the exception of 3 women; Kerry, Hazel and Nicki.

With Nicki, our 'relationship' consisted of lots of text and phone sex, with a huge amount of fantasy and role play although we did manage a fortnight of frantic, secretive sex. With Hazel, it was a very long affair, about 2 years, although the sex was quite vanilla; however what I did enjoy was trying to "corrupt" her (and sort of succeeding!).

However with Kerry it was an amazing, exciting journey which lasted 6 months and took me to places I'd only ever fantasised about (and I've got a very vivid imagination!).

I met Kerry through work and we instantly got on well, and from the word go we were very flirtatious. One night I offered her a lift home, it was dark and late and the middle of winter.

We got back to hers and she invited me in for a "coffee", even though it was only a short drive from work to hers there'd been tension between us so I had to find out if it was going to lead anywhere. Besides which she looked amazing in her short skirt and even though she was 43 at the time she had an amazing figure; size 8, about 5'2", short blonde hair and tiny tits - perfect!

Needless to say, we screwed that night - 3 times but just 'normal' sex. I was quite happy at that, thinking it wouldn't lead on but then as I was dressing she slipped me a door key. Puzzled I asked what that was for, she replied "So you can let yourself in and come watch me fuck men!" At first I thought she was joking but then she told me her on-off boyfriend was taking her out the next night and it'd really turn her on if she knew there was somebody in the spare room listening & wanking! I didn't know what to say so I just pocketed the key and left.

All next day, she dropped subtle little hints in front of everybody, aimed at me, and the more I thought about it the hornier I got until I thought to myself "What the hell?" and slyly told her I'd be using the key. She smiled and looked very happy!

To cut a long story short I rang my wife and told her some crap about going out with the boys, went for a few drinks then let myself into Kerry's darkened house and made my way to the spare room. In there I found a note telling me to make sure I kept quiet, get undressed and not to wank!

Quite a while later, just as I was getting bored and ready to leave, I heard her and her fella stumble in laughing and a bit d***k. I heard them giggling and laughing and then him telling her he was gonna give her the fuck of her life to which she said "Upstairs quick and fuck me then, but your leaving straight away cos I'm tired". The speed he shot up the stairs I honest to god thought he was gonna burst in and kick the crap out of me, but he went straight to her room and she followed quickly behind. I heard clothes being taken off in a hurry and the bed started creaking almost straight away. As they started to fuck, I started to stiffen, it was bringing back memories of when I was 14 and used to listen to my s****r fuck her boyfriend.

Soon it was clear this guy watched more porn than me, he sounded like 1 of the really bad actors from the early 80's. He sounded so funny with all the "yeah baby" etc I had to really stop myself from laughing. I decided to risk a peek around the corner and see for myself what was going on. Kerry had left the door open (on purpose?) so all I had to do was look round the corner from the room I was in. What I saw made me start to leak pre-cum; she was sat reverse cowgirl on the biggest cock I have ever seen, it was a miracle how she managed to get it in her pussy and I really am not joking! Her cunt lips were stretched round his massively thick member and I could see all her juices on his shaft, she was gasping and obviously cumming as I watched. It was the first time I'd watched a real life couple having sex and I was enjoying it! Just after she'd cum hard, I heard him grunt and saw his balls spasm and twitch as he obviously emptied in her. She caught my eye, winked and lifted off him; I clearly saw a stream of his cum pour from her and that made me harder still. I quickly ducked back in my hidey hole and literally after a minute she was telling him to leave.

As he left, and barely downstairs, she was whispering for me to join her! I got into her bed just as the front door slammed shut and she was all over me! She was obviously still very horny and asked if I'd enjoyed the show. "Of course!" was my reply, and she said "Good! Now don't fuck around, stick that cock in me and fuck me harder than that useless prick has!" It felt so strange feeling how wide and stretched she was from his huge cock, plus I'd never "followed" another man before, although feeling his cum on my cock made me even harder and hornier!

What followed was an intense session of sex, I honestly can't recall how many times either of us came, but after my 1st she pushed me off her, laid me down and started to 69 me so we could both taste her cum, his and mine all mixed together! In the back of my mind a voice said "Go for it!" and I pushed my tongue deep in her and was drinking as much as I could. From there the night just got dirtier and more decadent; I used the cum from her pussy to lube her ass then fucked her deep before going into her mouth then back to ass again. She also got me on my knees and wanked me with one hand as with the other she rubbed and fingered herself before fingering my ass then getting out the lube so she f***ed one tiny fist into me, which I found great!

From that night onwards I don't mind admitting I fell in Lust with her, I became kind of obsessed with her. We did so many dirty horny things I can scarcely believe it. **** role play, cbt, hot wax, insertions, piss play, 3somes, stilettoes etc etc. I'm quite happy to share these memories if I get positive feedback from this, so hopefully you'll be hearing from me again!
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