swinging. 100% genuine

Although not a hardcore swinger, I have on occasion visited a local swingers club, 5 times in all and with 3 different girls. I was hoping to keep it under my hat but soon word got around and I found myself being the butt of everyone’s jokes, but curiosity gets to most people and I found my friends asking a lot of questions, one in particular, Craig.
Now I have been good friends of Craig and his girlfriend Julie for about ten years.
About three years ago Julie let slip that she was bisexual, immediately after hearing this a lump came in my trousers as I imagined her with another girl. And she became my fantasy when I needed a tug.
Let me tell you about Julie, she is a fuckin stunner, 5’8’’ long brown hair 34 dd’s resting on a shapely size 8 frame, but she’s my mates girl and being a good mate of Craig’s, by choice and the fact he would trust me with his life %100 out of bounds, that was until!
One night Craig and myself had been out on the lash, after the clubs were finished he asked me if I fancied going back to his to carry on as Julie had gone away for the weekend to a hen night.
After a few beers and some idol banter, he started asking me about the swingers club, then he started going on how much he trusted me being around Julie and how he knew I’d never tried it on with her as she would have told him as she has when other so called friends of his have.
Out of the blue he told me Julie wanted to have a look at the club and would I take her and look after her, to make sure no men hit on her; she only wanted to have a look out of curiosity!
To say I was flummoxed would be an understatement but I agreed.
I gave them the web address of the club so they could check it out the dress code and so on.
We agreed on a couples only night so there would be no single males trying their arm with her, then a week later I’m picking her up from their home, on the way to my car Craig told me not to leave her on her own and if a woman hit on her to let her decide how she wanted to play it and off we went.
She was wearing a long coat and carrying a small sports holdall and in her heels she was taller than my 6’ I was dying to know what she was wearing, after paying into the club and getting our towel and locker key if found out, hold up stockings a small white see through vest with a bikini top that just about covered her nipples, and the shortest mini skirt I had ever seen in my life, underneath bikini bottoms, just as skimpy as the top, I thought it better I showed her around before I got undressed because the sight of her had given me a raging hard on and I was hoping a tour then a drink would help alleviate it.
After a brief tour and a few drinks Julie said come on let’s get changed there’s a girl in the Jacuzzi I want to meet.
In the changing room Julie stripped down to her Bikini in seconds, then it dawned on me, I’m gonna have to strip naked in front of her, the plan was I take my t-shirt off, turn my back on her, drop my trousers and wrap the towel around me hopefully before she notices my hard on, but as we know things don’t always go to plan, pulling the t-shirt over my head I feel her hands grabbing at the button of my waist band then looking me in the eye she said I want to see what it looks like, I said she could have had a look when I got in the Jacuzzi but she just laughed and fell to her knee’s taking my trousers and boxers with her, that’s a nice one she said and moving her face closer, I thought oh fuck as my cock started to grow to attention, but she just blew on it and laughing stood up she said “you know the rules” than taking my hand led me off to the Jacuzzi, I don’t know If I was relieved or a little pissed off, I knew she was a cock teaser but I didn’t expect that but the cock teasing didn’t end there, as we got into the Jacuzzi she whispered that we should pretend to be a couple and with her back to me she sat on my lap, excuse the pun but I remember thinking, fuck me this is gonna be hard.
Opposite, staring across at us was a blonde stunner, turning her head Julie whispered to me,” now that’s what I’m talking about, get my tits out and play with em I want her to see em”, and laughing she said “maybe you can put that hard on in her after I’ve had her” then she gave me a peck on the lips and turned back to face the blonde and said you’ve got lovely tits! Would you like to feel them was the response, I’d love to, so over she comes, I’m thinking this is going to be tough as they started to kiss and feel each other, so trying to take my mind of my cock I turned my head to see what was happening around me, out of the corner of my eye I saw a black bloke walking towards the toilet and I’ve got to say his cock was huge and I thought I bet there aren’t many women who could take that but I had to turn back as things had taken a step forward as I felt the blondes hand on my cock, pulling my foreskin back she started to rub my bell end across Julies pussy when it came into contact with her clit she jumped up a which bought her hole hovering above my cock, I couldn’t help myself, so I grabbed her hips and with one almighty thrust I was up her, she was off me in a split second,” what the fuck, that was bang out of order what do you think Craig’s gonna say, fuck it I want to go” I went to speak but she said don’t even bother I don’t want to speak to you, ok I’ll go for a piss and come back for you, when I got back from the toilet there was no sign of her so I presumed she was in the changing room but no sign of her there either she ,couldn’t have got dried and changed in the 5 minutes I was gone plus I had the locker keys, so I went in search of her, I went back to the Jacuzzi to see if the blonde knew where she had gone and there they were locked in an embrace on the far side, but my relief turned to horror when I notice the black bloke with the huge cock banging in to her from behind, I got back in and waded over to them, what the fuck Jule, “I couldn’t help it when I saw the size of it I had to try it”, it’s ok said the blonde this is my husband Dale, I just said oh! Julie said “tell you what you don’t mention this to Craig and I won’t mention about you”. grabbing the back of Julies head the blonde said to her open your mouth and you might as well not mention this either and shoved it onto my cock and started to bob her head up and down on it, Julie just gave in and gave me some of the best head I’ve ever had, don’t get coming said the blonde, cuz I want a bit of that later. For the next ten minutes I had both of em taking turns blowing me, then all of a sudden the Dale pulled out of Julie thanked her and said he was off to find more women. Julie stopped sucking me and sat back on the step saying fuck me that was good then reaching down to her pussy her eyes went wide ”fuck I hope that shrinks back before I get home or Craig will know for sure, don’t worry said the blonde I get it every night and I’m back tight after an hour or so, shall we try and find a room just the three of us and have some fun in private, we both said yes and off we went, grabbing a couple of bottles of wine on the way, wine makes me horney as fuck said the blonde. We found a room and the blonde took charge telling me to pour some drinks and sit and watch the show, and what a show it was, they were at it for a good twenty minutes but it seemed like hours, so I just sat there tugging with the blonde telling me to make sure I don’t cum.
Getting into a 69 with Julie on the bottom finally the blonde said come on its time I had some cock in me, getting behind her she told Julie to suck it first and get it nice and wet then put it in her, in the heat of the moment I nearly went in bare back but she stopped me and insisted I wore a condom and laughing said Dale would go mad if she had a white baby, so after skinning up I slid slowly into her, I couldn’t believe how tight she was seeing as Dales cock was nearly twice the size of mine, ooh that’s nice fuck me slow, so slowly she got it, I fucked her for about fifteen minutes and she must have cum at least 10 times I was close myself with the tightness of her pussy ,that and Julie licking my cock and balls as I slid in and out, I told her I was about to cum but she said no Julie has got to have some as well.
Having a bit of a breather and a drink the blonde said that was the most orgasms she had had in a long time and that although Dale had a huge cock he could never bring her to orgasm and that’s why they got into swinging, well I had a couple said Julie so come on let’s see what you can do, I told her I’d like to taste her first and the blonde said well you pair 69 and I’ll watch for a bit, so with Julie on the bottom I got my head between her legs ,as she took my cock in her mouth, I couldn’t help myself and as she couldn’t back off I shoved ever inch down her throat which she seemed to enjoy it so as I lapped away at the sweet taste of her pussy I continued to fuck her throat, the best was when she held me in and managed to lick my balls. After a while I started to take it easy so she could lick at the bell end, then I felt the blondes hand on my ass then her tongue poking at the rusty bullet hole, then without warning she shoved a finger right in I nearly shot my bolt but managed to pull away, right it’s time for you to get fucked said the blonde, so they got into a 69 with the blonde on the bottom, as I was about to put the condom on Julie decided it was her time to take charge. You don’t need that I want your spunk up me, then turning to the blonde and you’re going to lick it all out of me but you can’t swallow it until I’ve tasted some, now fuck me and fuck me hard.
So here it was, fantasy becoming reality, inching it in I couldn’t believe she had gone back tight being an hour ago she’d had a black salami up her, well come on fuck it, and fuck it good, cuz this is a one off so enjoy, and fuck it I did but with the blonde licking my cock, balls and ass I only lasted about ten minutes, I probably could have gone much longer but the blonde saw to that, I was to busy enjoying myself to click what the blonde was up to, taking her tongue out my ass and quick as a flash her finger is up my ass then bang my balls exploded and I’m pumping what seems like gallons of cum deep into Julie, as I was coming Julie started to cum again, she’d had a couple but this one was intense and she started shouting and screaming, yes yes I can feel your spunk fuck it in deeper, then the one that shocked me “gimme that spunk fuck it, fuck it, fuck a baby in me, then she collapsed forward still shaking, then she told me to move then turned around and sat her dripping pussy straight on the mouth of the blonde and grabbing her hair f***ed her face into it, then she told me to put my cock in her mouth so she could clean it, my legs had turned to jelly so I couldn’t take much but when she was sure it was clean and empty she let me go then she lay on top of the blonde and went into a sensuous sloppy spunky kiss till all the spunk had gone, then it was all over.
Sitting chatting over the last of the wine, Julie said what a good time she had and that she couldn’t believe how far she had let things go and although she’d been with a woman before, it was her first threesome, her first black man, plus her first big dick and although she sucked her blokes cock point blank refused to let him come in her mouth and that mine was the first spunk she had ever tasted.
The blonde asked us if we would like to meet up again but Julie said she had enjoyed it, but it was a one off, I said I’d love to but the blonde said she couldn’t as Dale was more than happy for her to go with a couple, single men were a no no. So with a kiss on the cheek we said goodbye.
On the way back to dropping her off Julie asked if we could stop at mine first so she could take a shower so to remove any traces.
back at mine I poured us a couple of drinks and mentioned that I had not got to see her in whatever clothes she had in her bag, she just laughed and headed off to the shower, after a couple of minutes I heard the shower running and the thought of her naked got the better of me so I stripped off and burst into the bathroom to be greeted with” out get the fuck out” so with my tail between my legs I shut the door, so now I’m wishing she would hurry up so I can drop her off the tug myself stupid over what we’d done. Thirty minutes later she comes out of the bathroom wearing the coat I had picked her up in, ready then I said, but she said we need a word first. You’ve got to promise that nobody, Craig or any one will find out what we did tonight and although it was great it’s never gonna happen again so please don’t ask, do you promise and I said yes, thanks lets have another drink then, pouring the drinks she asked if I had a camera and to go fetch it, returning with the camera from upstairs I was greeted with the most amazing sight ever.
She had taken off her coat and was standing there in a semi transparent white basque a white silk thong and white stockings, as you promised to keep your mouth shut I thought I’d let you take some pictures of me as a reminder of tonight (like I was gonna forget) so for the next ten fifteen minutes
I spent snapping away while she posed and stripped ,she even agreed to a couple with a dildo pushed right up inside her. Now promise no one but you will see these. “Of course” I said,” I promise”.
Before I go there’s one more favour I need, yeah anything I said, can I have another drink of your spunk cuz it tasted really nice and if I drink Craig’s he’s gonna get suspicious, my cock was out before she finished her sentence, so for 15 minutes I received the best blow job I have ever had, she hardly got any cum in her mouth as she took most down her throat as she held me in by my ass.
Well that’s my story, true to her word it was a one off, Craig has never mentioned it and funnily we never did get the blondes name.

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That is an awesome story!!!