One day at work.

A true story.
I work in a large factory, i try to be friendly with everyone. When working the afternoon shift, there are cleaners that do the toilets, around teatime. One of female cleaners took a bit of a shine to me, a bit of flirting etc. I used to like talking to her whilst she was working, because she used to give me a flash down her top, you could tell she did it on purpose and she had big tits too.

After several weeks of verbal foreplay and tit flashing, i went to talk to her this particular day. She just blurted out...Do you want to fuck me... Me being the shy type just stood there with my chin on the floor. She pushed me into a cubicle and started snogging me. I thought to myself you lucky fucker. I turned her round and poked my hard dick (still in my pants) against her ass whilst i got my self a hand full of bra covered tits under her cleaners overall and kissed and gently bit her neck.

All the time you could hear people coming in and out of the toilets. This seemed to turn her on more, so i worked my way down and undid her jeans, she had a pair of sexy lacy french knickers on. She must have planned this, who wears sexy knickers to clean toilets?? I gently stroked her through her knickers. I could feel how wet she was and was grinding herself against my fingers. My cock was throbbing in my overall pants as she reached back and started to rub the outline of it, whilst turning her head and shoved her tongue in my mouth.

I worked my fingers between our mouths she began to suck on them, this was making my hard dick want to burst. I then reached down and pulled her soaking knickers to the side and slipped a finger in her lovely warm wet pussy and worked it in and out slowly trying to brush against her swollen button at the same time.

'Fuck me' she said again, so i pulled down her jeans and frenchies, still stood behind her and bent her forward, she spread her legs. I pulled down my pants and boxers and reached round and got her to suck on my fingers again and wet my now purple cock end with her spit. She had her hands resting on the toilet seat and i had my bear ass against the door, there was just enough room for me to slip my cock into her wet snatch, it felt like heaven to have my aching cock in that tight wet hole.

She was tight, some of that down to the tight space and not having her legs spred to wide. Unfortunatly there was no room for any thrusting either, so she just wiggled herself on my cock. I thought to myself, i cant stand much of this and did not want to cum as i fid not want it to end, then without warning she squeeled and then went all stiff, i assumed she was done (fucked) I had to stop her moaning, so i gently pushed her forward and slid out my cock.It was pointing up now and ready to burst. She sat on the toilet and greedily put me in her mouth. Im cumming i said when i could stand it no more, she pulled me out of her mouth and started to wank me off, i shot my load and it went all over her cleaning overall and a bit in her hair. Then she gave dick a few licks, i gave her a big snog and i could taste my cock and cum on her mouth. I left her in the cubicle to clean herself up being the gentleman that i am. I went back half an hour later and she still looked a little flushed (pardon the pun) and her hair was a little bit roughed up, must have been some stray cum

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3 years ago
dam plant workers,,,luved it,,tell us more
3 years ago
Nice story... that's one lucky cleaner!
3 years ago
Great story.
3 years ago
Got me hard!
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
nice story