An unexpected erotic high heel moment.

The other week when i was on a night out with my pals, i had run short of money, so i went to the bank machine alone. There were a group of girls walking towards me making quite a bit of noise and one girl was carrying her heels. She had a short dress on and bare legs.

I was at the cash machine and as they passed me, i asked her why she had not got her shoes on. She looked at me and asked if i could fasten them for her, as she was a little d***k and could not fasten the buckle. Being the gentleman that i am, i bent down and she gave me her shoes. She put her foot on my knee and was holding my shoulder for balance. I could see up her dress and could see her knickers. As i was fastening her shoe she was pressing the heel into my leg ever so slightly.

Her mates were giggling now and she put on up her other foot and i gave it a bit of a rub and put on her other shoe very slowly, as her bent leg was inches from my face. One of her mates pushed her and she fell forward a little and i stopped her from falling, i had my hands on her hips and her tits brushed against my face ever so slightly.

She stood up and gave me a peck on the cheek and thanked me for helping her fasten her shoes. They walked away still giggling leaving me knelt on the floor with my cock rock hard.

Do you think she enjoyed teasing me????

83% (5/1)
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