fantasy with my s****r

its a firday night and me and my s****r both are off the weekend... we are both going out to the same pub and night club with our mates, as we are walking upstairs to get ready she takes off her work shirt so i can see just her bra on her bare back, she goes into her room and takes the rest of her clothes of, as she walks past my room i see her arse a little as the towel is moving i get a little hard and im thinking of her rubbing soapy water all over her body her massive tits and her hopefully hairy cunt.

she calls me into her room and asks if this looks okay?
she is wearing a tight low top showing off her massive tits making me hard once again, and black leggins tight around her arse and pussy. i said it looks sexy your going to pull tonight! she laughs and we get in the taxi and go.

we get to the pub and we meet our friends and just talk a little at the bar, we are both very d***k by this point and walk over to the club all of us together and i cant take my eyes off her massive tits.

we get in a lose each other for a while, doing shots and drinking stupidly more amounts of drink both of us out of our faces!, i see her on the dance floor flanting it all, her tits nearly falling out her arse grinding im getting hard once again just watching her.

its get to 3am and the club closes we leave and get a taxi home singing and all, we get in and go to bed i follow her into her room and i take off my shirt, she takes off hers infront of me and im get a hardon again this time she see's and removes her leggin's slowly for me, she lays on the bed biting her lip and she crashes and falls asl**p! i say her name a few times but shes gone, so my sexy big titted s****r is there on her bed passed out in just a black lacy bra and black lacy thong, i run my hand down her chest inbetween her tits, she doesnt move so i start to group her boobs getting harder and harder, i drop my trousers and start to wank as i pull her tits out i move her hand and wrap it around my cock! starting moving her hand to jerk me off... it feels so great! i lean down and suck and bite her nipples, my other hand runs down her belly and slides into her panties feeling natural bushy pussy! its soaking wet and im finger her pussy she wakes up to her hand on my cock my mouth on her tits and my fingers in her pussy! she just moans and jerks my cock faster! she moves me away and sits up taking my cock in her mouth! sucking it taking all 6 inches in her mouth! im moaning like hell when she askes me to eat her pussy! and i do im licking her lips and playing with her clit as she starts to cum in my mouth screaming 'are yeah you like licking your s****rs dirty pussy huh i see you wanking with my dirty panties your whore! go on eat that pussy, drink my cum!' so i do she goes have you ever wanted to fuck me? so i say yes and i do i slide my cock slowly into her pussy getting faster and faster banging the shit out of her dirty pussy! she says i want to cum in your mouth! so i go down and eat her pussy again unit she brusts her cum all in my mouth and around my face!, so i get up and stick my cock right at the back of my throat making her gag until i cum all over her face! i learn in and lick it up and then deeply kiss her then we both fall asl**p naked in her bed!
thank god our parents are not in town for the weekend
79% (18/5)
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3 years ago
Got to love those moments...
3 years ago
nice story, you can also read the story of my cousin sister
3 years ago
it is good but the end was like 1 continious sentence
3 years ago
Aw, sisterly love. Great.