the religious naughty neighbor boy..

Hey guys i have a short story for you , this just happened very recently and i couldn't wait to tell you guys all about it!!.

So i was home one night , you know the usual night reading, going through personal stuff and of course watching porn on xhamster!, anyways i turned on my sex apps , i tend to do that when I'm bored , its fun to sex chat with random strangers..
anyways, this wasn't the usual chat night with some dude i will never meet. i got a text from this cute 20 yr old boy, that was ridiculously close to my location , so we started talking about the usual crap until we got to the real stuff, the sex chat.

When i was talking to this k** we found out we lived just a couple of houses apart! i was like this is amazing , this hot tanned toned young boy is just a couple of houses away!! so i got really turned on , and so did he, until he said lets meet up at the park, which is walking distance from our house, and lets talk face to face, i obviously agreed. I sneaked out of my house, while parents were asl**p, and headed towards the park.

i first saw him, he was taller than me ( my type of guys ) 6" tall, tanned skin and swimmers built body, and a pretty twink face, even tho he had some not much facial hair, the k** was very attractive , i came up to him and said hi with a short dude to dude hug, and felt his toned back, i wanted to strip this k** naked and fuck his brains out right there.
Anyways, we talked a bit and guess what, this k** is so messed up in a way that he has absolutely no clue of who he is, i mean he was into all the religious and church stuff, which kinda put me off a bit, i like people that know who they are and what they want, not k**s that have no clue and live by regret their entire lives, but the k** was super hot , so i just followed through.
Conversation hit the point where i had to bring the sexual subject out, he got all turned on and said wanna see my dick, and i said of course .. we went to a dark area in the park where he pulled out of his sweat pants this massively thick cock!! i mean it was like 7.5 or 8" but suuper thick , my eyes rolled back like i had seen one of the most gorgeous cocks in my life, i stroked him a bit, i could barely wrap my hand around his massive pice of meat, i was in complete extasy just by touching and stroking his cock, i didn't care anymore, i got on my knees and sucked him , i tried getting deep all in my mouth but i couldn't fit the whole thing, i mean it was huge!! i felt his precum all over the back of my mouth and it tasted delicious, i stood up and pulled my cock , mine is pretty thick if you've seen my pics on my profile, but wasn't nearly as thick as this k**! i said ok church boy get on your knees , which he did, he sucked me off while i was checking out the place in case somebody would walk by! , i was so thrilled about doing this in the park where everybody could see us if they walked close enough, luckily they didn't.
After he sucked my cock i started to suck him again, i really wanted him to fuck my ass right there, but it was too risky , so i sucked him very good until he said "wait wait wait" and i pulled his cock off my mouth when i felt his jizz shooting all over my mouth and face, so i sucked him while he was cumin, he grabbed my head towards his cock so he could dump the last drop of cum in my mouth, it tasted amazing! he got down on his knees to finish me off which he did, i came all over his face and tongue.

After this we pretended like nothing happened , he got all weird , like blame had taken over him, and i could tell he was now very uncomfortable, so i said lets go home now which he said yea please, so we went on our separate ways , but i mean fuck!! this k** is fucking hot!! i want him inside me no matter what, i hope i can convince him in the near future to come over and get his massive cock deep in my butt, i would make this k** cum in less that 5 minutes i swear lol, and i would gladly fuck his tight ass as well, this k** is just so damn hot! i wish he was more secure about what he wanted , i didn't like his uncomfortableness at the end, it made me feel uncomfortable , which it never happens with me, i do what i want when i want with whom i want, i have no place for regrets or blame, just pleasure of having fucked a guy or a girl, I'm bisex btw , the stories i post here are usually my gay side, but I've got some crazy stories about fucking girls , I'm a pretty good top if u ask me lol but thats a whole different story.

Anyways any comments u may have ill gladly read them and answer any inquires, or whatever u guys want to tell me ! any ideas on how i can persuade this little bitch to fuck me senseless ?? lol i hope i can convince him, ill def write a story about it when it happens .
Hope you enjoyed see you guys next time! xoxo
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2 months ago
Hi andrew,love story,rember when I was a kid,after sex I used to feel I had done wrong but from the day my family found out I was Gay I hav,nt had that feeling of guilt,luv you,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5 months ago
I agree with johnny_antares. And if you show him your awesome ass, he is yours!
5 months ago
wow! Great story!
5 months ago
Very hot! Crazy what happens when you start chatting online. Pretty big turn on for me to read about someone who is able to live out sexual encounters like this. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.
6 months ago
I just looked at your pics and I'd say this dude is one lucky fucker too - you're hot!
6 months ago
I hope you get your wish soon
6 months ago
thanks for your comment ! hope you enjoyed!
6 months ago
thanks for the comment and advice!, lets see what comes thru out of this !
6 months ago
Fuckin HOT story Andrew, filled with potential. We are looking forward to the next installment
6 months ago
If he chats with you online again, I think you can take it as given that his lust has overpowered his religious scruples again.

Also, very hot story!