my first threesome

I was 21 at the time, very curious age i would say. It all started when was talking with this guy , Andres, i met at a party recently and i could tell he wanted to fuck me since the time he saw me, so after chatting a bit we decided to do something about it.
Andres asked me to meet him at his friend's apt downtown, he said his buddy had work all day and he wouldn't be home so we could spend some time there, so i went and met up with him.
Andres was a pretty hot guy, latino 5'9 tall toned muscled body with a hot 6 pack on his abs, tanned skin very good looking, i knew immediately i wanted to do some naughty things to him already.
We had a few beers, talked, laughed for a bit , i was pretty nervous since i hadn't done so many things with guys and being in someone else's apt made me a bit anxious.
He noticed and leaned very close towards me and told me to relax that all was gonna be fine, he kissed me softly and i kissed him back , he went down to kiss my neck as i started to slowly moan in pleasure,gotta say i was hard a rock and so was he , we started getting each other clothes of until only the underwear was on, i could see his big bulge and got my hands on it slowly while we still were kissing, it felt amazing, Andres then pull me up and pushed me to the bed on my belly and took savagely my underwear off, he had a glimpse of my round twink smooth ass and all i could feel was his tongue slowly going for my ass, he ate my ass like a pro , i was moaning in pleasure and pushing his head with my hands towards my ass because i wanted him deeper in there, he thrusted his tongue in and out of my ass , he said " you know i wanted to eat your ass since the minute i saw you" and kept on doing it, i suddenly felt one of his fingers going slowly inside of me , i was in deep pleasure , so i turned around and he stood up , i started to kiss his gorgeous abs and went down, all the way down to take off his underwear and reveal an 8" cut big headed cock , i started to lick his dick head and slowly sucked the head and went deep as deep as i could , i heard him moan and felt his hands on my head as i stroke his hard cock and sucked it like a lolly pop, slowly and steady and then faster and deeper. He grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth going in deep as i gagged and spitted on his cock to jerk him while i licked and sucked on his big balls, i sucked his cock for a while when he threw me to the bed and we got on a hot 69 , i sucked his cock and he would eat my ass at the same time. He played with my ass , first 1 finger then 2 fingers inside me. i then said i want you to fuck me.
i got on my fours towards him arching my back, im sure that was a lovely view for him, he slowly put his cock inside me, very gently and slow, it hurt at the beginning but he took his time since my ass was so tight he could barely fit it in , he then started to fuck me slowly and kissing my neck and ears while he thrusted in and out of my ass slowly,it felt much better when my ass opened up to his fat cock, i started moaning in pleasure then he started to fuck me harder and faster , i was in complete ecstasy , i cannot explain how good that felt , i guess he saw it on my face, we switched and i started to ride his cock ( one of my fav positions ) , after that he threw me on the bed opened my legs and started fucking me balls deep like that, i was moaning to the point i was being a bit loud , i remember i said "fuck me just like that" which he did.
All of a sudden i heard the room door opening , guess who? the owner of the apt, he was an american man in his forty's muscle build 6 '' tall, he didn't say a word , he just looked at us, then he looked at me while i looked at him as Andres kept fucking me like nothing happened, this guys name is Gerry. Gerry went to the bathroom and i told Andres , "what the fuck man" Andres says relax we don't have to do anything you don't want to, would you like him to watch? i got even more turned on by the idea i said "yea sure". Andres started to fuck me doggy style when Gerry came out of the shower only with his towel on and sat on a chair to watch i kept looking at him stroking his cock under the towels for a while then without the towels, he had a nice 7" thick cut cock , i told him with a finger gesture to come closer, so Gerry came closer and i started to suck his cock while Andres fucked my ass . gotta be honest i felt amazing , Gerry said your a very good looking boy , very nice body he said . all i did was to look up at him with his cock in my mouth and kept on sucking him and licking his cock like a little slut.
Gerry grabbed me and flipped me over to his side and all i could feel was a new thick cock was going in smoothly and slow, i started to jerk Andres's big cock while i moaned like crazy, he then put his cock in my mouth which i gladly accepted, Gerry said "have u ever been fucked by 2 cocks at the same time?" i said "no but i can try" so we did try it was painful at the beginning but it felt so hot, i couldn't take it for much, but i know both of them enjoyed while they were both inside of me.
Andres fucked me for a little bit and i said "i want you both to cum all over my mouth" so Andres took his cock out of me and jerked and came all over my mouth so i could taste every last drop of his cum while Gerry still was fucking me , until he did the same in my mouth as i jerked off and came almost at the same time.
both Andres and Gerry told me i had to go back some other day , we really had a lot of fun..

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1 month ago
Wow'would luv to try 2 big fat cocks in my Boi Pussy,luv story,THANKS!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4 months ago
I wish my ass was trained enough to take two big cocks at the same time
5 months ago
you're welcome and it made me wish I was 1 of the guys
5 months ago
thanks for comment! glad u liked my story!
5 months ago
damn that made my cock hard
5 months ago
Ohhhh man...HOT
7 months ago
Great story, super hot! Thoroughly enjoyed every word, mmmmm!
7 months ago
Damn. My dick stayed hard the whole time. I'm 26!yrs old and black and I still haven't had a 3 some yet. Lucky guy you r
7 months ago
awesome story, especially after seeing your photos
7 months ago
very hot story
8 months ago
So hot! I have read it twice and each time can't resist stroking to it! Great!
8 months ago
Nice story, I love threesomes
8 months ago
Super hot!