surprised by mil

This is atrue story with no made up bits all what has been written is true and happened about 6 monthes ago. IVE just got to tell someone.
It was a lovely saturday affeternoon sun shineing real hot not that we got alot in the swansea area. The rugby internationals were on now im more of a football man my serf but my inlaws and wife are big rugby fans.
My farther in law had managed to blag a ticket for the international in cardiff with a few of his mates and decided to make a weekend of it staying over for the night in as you can guess mother in law not very happy at being left home when she also is a big rugby fan. Now most people think most rugby women are big and butch totally the oppisite with my mother in law small petite very well spoken. not rich just knows how to behave in public.
Well this particular weekend my wife had been booked on a hen do to benidorm. so i was left with the k**s. i decided to ask my mother yo have the k**s over night so i could make a afternoon and night out with a few football mates.
Haveing a good drink in town i bumped in to my mothr in law with her s****r in law my farther in laws s****r and a few friends so my mother in law(Jill) asked us to join them so we aggredd as the night went on most people were starting to give up the ghost and make there way home at about 10 pm there was me jill my mother in law and gaynor s*s in law with us all living so close we all decided to share a taxi so first drop off was gaynor then me then mother in law after gaynor said her good byes we were off to next drop off point which was me but before i could say anything my mil blurted out take me to my house first to the etaxi driver as i turned to her she said the night is young lets go finish off the vodka we never finishd before we left for town ok i said so we got dropped off at her house.
Know i had always fancied my mother in law about 5ft 7 shoulder length blonde hair good figur about size 12 very quietly spoken and to night even thou we were out watching the rugby she still looked classy with knee length pencil skirt what looked like tanned stockings and black boots and a red blouse with a daffodil stuck on.
Pour te vodka she said give me the coke she shouted
She seemed a little loud more than normal as if she was comming out of her shell so what are we going to do i said
well first thing she said is im not going to talk r think of that fucking twat i call a husband going to cardiff and leaveing me here not happy i was stunned by this and then that bitch of a wife leaving you to fuck off to benidorm this stunned me even more does she now what she has got then it started your goodlooking good job succesful what more does she want. if i was her age i wouldnt fuck off to benidorm i wouldnt leave you out of my site i was stunned by this so cheekly i said well you find me sexy then well of course she said
This gave me alll the confidence so more vodka jill why not pass me the cock she shouted im mean coke as she laughed cock on the brain i said with me passed the tipsy stage getting in to the d***k stage so i could feel me getting more adventourous with my conversation seeing how far would she go. so i got up and moved on to the settee with her drinking even more vodka it was about 12 am i better get a taxi soon i said no stay here tonight she said when is alan home i said not till afternoon i think she said laughing thinking in my head i asked what shall we do know jill what would you like to do as she turned to me i leant over and kissed her on the lips that i said her reply its taken you 2 hours to do that fuck your slow and laughed mixed reactions do i attempt again or just ask if it was ok . didnt you mind jill no why should i she said alans screwing everything that walks now i knew this but didnt think she did wow i said yes he thinks i dont know well i do. the moment turned a little sour
Oh come here i said as i pulled her closure feeling a little sorry for her jill is the one who does everything for people but they do nothing in return you know
as i pulled her closure i could feel her hand on my inner thigh and slowly moving up wards jill i said as she looked up i just locked o to her lips as our tounges battled each other my hands were running over her 34c tits and sexy peach bra as i pulled away i said no turning back our secret she nooded and we carreied on kissing my hand wandering down to her skirt then dissepearing up to her love hole all well shaved and moist her hand caresseing my cock through my trousers this was my fantasy come true. I could feel her trying to unbuckle my belt i gladdly helped her dhe then unbuttoned my trousers thank got im d***k i thought as if i were soba i would have come by now but thought i got a good ten mins in me as she got the real thing in her hand she seemed to press harder on the kissing know i bee honest im about 6 inces no hard so not the biggest but the way she grabbed it you swore i was a black guy about 9 inche
She stooped kissing and started to move her head down shit i thought she going to suck it with that i felt her lips move straight over in i was in heaven i thought do i push it all the way and ask if she has a condom or just go with the flow fuck it jill have you a rubber i asked sucking my cock see looked up and said you wouldnt need one whwrer your going then carryed on sucking OMG i was ready to squirt stop i said your turn what you want to fuck me know she blurted outno let me fuck you with my tounge
as she got up sat on the couch she lifted here skitrt thet were tan stockings with peach lace knickers to the side or off she said to the side i said
i i carryed on licking her pussey i could feel her bucking and small skirts which she kept saying sorry i was so enjoying after about 3 orgasms she kept pushing my head on to her arse lick it she said in as oft voice i like it
as i lickinging her ares she is try to slide her finger in let me do it i said oh i though you would never ask she said. as im fingering jills arse you like anal jill yes she nodded do you want me to fuck you up your arse with my cock yes she said. before i had time to bend her over her mobile phone starts ringing it alan ringing her oh shiti thought i hope he is not on his way home answer it jill i said fuck him she said no answer it it said why she replied ok then she answers it with my cock being wanked in her hand while she is talking to my farther in law omg we are caught i thought. they say ther good byes lets go to the bedroom she said
as we enter the bedroom she climbs on the bed on all fours and screams fuck me and i mean scream thank god they have adetaeched house as i rip my trousers off thats all i can see is red well shaved pussy skirt up over her back tanded stockings and black tight fitting knee length boots and a tiny little ares hole with a little spit in it goes like i said im not a big boy in any way but when your mother in law is screaming fuckme big boy it feels quite good than god im still on the pissed side i would hasve been over ages ago after about 5mins fucking her tiny sdamll petite bum i took the chance an slipped it in to her pussy fuck me she screamed for about 5 mins as i pumped her stupid i couldnt beleive i had not come im finised she said where do you want to finish she said i would like to cum in your mouth jill ok she said stand against the wall i did as she said got up pulled down her dress she semed to have sobered up she seemed normal squted in front of me and deep throt all of me for about 5 mins carresing my balls as i started to cum she pulled off and let me see it squirt in to the back of her throat what a feeling and seeing is a must. i just bowed my head she lifteed my head and said our secret now lets go to bed.
the next morning there was no awkwardness she called me doen anout 8 am ive arranged a taxi for 9 because sarahher daughter my s*s in law is dropping over the grand k**s heres some orange juice and toast she said ias i tucked in she by th eway last night was great and we will be meeting again yes great i said like wise cheekly i thought im sure i still have some cum left jill any chance of a blow job before i leave laughing i said sure enough 850am my mother in law on her knees in the hall way giving me the 2nd best blow job of my life swalowing the lot.

Since then we had a sneaky fumble but no serious stuff roll on 5 nations alans going away just need to grt away from wife
back soon hopefully
65% (10/5)
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1 year ago
I smell bullshit. You ask your MIl to have the kids but end up meeting her in town going for a drink. So who had the kids then??????????