My friend with my wife

hi my name is Xavier as i transfers to America where i got new friend richard he is a small guy 4 feet 5 inch i have worked with him for 3 year's he is a good guy but he always bring some women's to his room.which is beside of my room. i used to hear some sexual sound ahh...umm,.. but that sound never bother me or i never asked him. some times he used to come to my house i used to give company any time as i was lonely. he is black American . as i got married before my wife name is sraveni she was 5'5 white in complex boob's size of 38DD-20-34 awesome shapes as we both are Indians .she used to were sarees. i had some juice nights after marriage but we stooped that i got transfer to u.s . she used to live with my parents . my parents told me that she will after one or two years i said OK to it. i never told to rechard that i have been married he never asked me.once he asked me when giving him reply he went away. from that time he never asked.after two years my wife came to u.s to live with me .i received her at air port and took to my room. i introduced my wife to my colleges rechard didn't came to office that day . but took her to him i introduced her to him he shocked by seeing her in red transparent saree and her big boob's and ass .he said i cant see her face asked me to lift him i lifted up. and asked you never said you r married i replied u never asked. he said your wife is stunning beauty. she gave shake hand he said my hand is to small give me a huge i said it's ok but she is not coming forward he jumped on to her from me .he gave his huge by pressing her body and boob's tight . i laughed and said bye to him and took her to my room . she asked me who is he.i said he is my close friend he is a dwarf man. i asked her to treat him well she said OK . i went to office and used to return home
six months passed. in the men while rechard became very close to her.she used to treat him as a c***d as close that when i and my wife sl**ping. he came to us and asked can i sl**p in ur room i think i have little fever my said ok to it i also said it's ok. he first slept my aside after sometime he asked can i sl**p in between to of so that it would be i didn't got any doubt about it my wife in black saree in a bedsheets .i thought it's ok and went to sl**p after some time i got weak up i find something moving that is rechard i was watching little bit eye's open. he trying to move my sl**ping wife to his side but he is not able to i tried to sttop him but iwant to see my wife reaction so i started watching . after he got irritated he removed his pants and under wear and started to press his
neked six inch cock placed his hand on her hips.and moving her ass forward due that movement my wife got weak up and asked him what r u doing. he said talk slowly your husband is sl**ping beside me .she didn't see his neaked lower body .she said why are you moving me . he said very clod hear i cant able to sl**p i
want what can i do she said . he said please sl**p close to me so that i can feel warm first hesitated but after that she came close to him.he acted as if he sl**ping my wife went to sl**p .he workup opend his eyes and started to press my wife boob's under her back blouse and took her hand with his hand and mastrubin his cock and gave a lip lock with his black lips to my wife rose lips my wife is moving on bed due to that she woke up he saw my wife is wake up and acted as if he is in sl**p.she saw his lower naked body and six inch straight penis and afraid to see her hand on that.she at first took her hand away after some time .she waked him up and asked where are ur pants and under wear he woke up asked my wife i want more heat so i removed them i want more heat i want to fuck you so that i can get some heat.she said no i will wake up my husband he took her hand into his hand if u woke up him seeing my lower naked body he will never believe u so don't woke him up.he said what i asked you just masturbation my penis i don't ask any more she afraid to take his penis to hand which is beside to her wher she is sl**ping he caught her hand and place it on his penis.she said only for this time. i got socked by hearing this word.he said ok she squeezed his cock with her white hand saying it's very soft she squeezed for an half an hour.she said ok stop i want sl**p .he said no to it.and jumped on to her removed her saree she is now with block blouse and back panty in bed with him .he tared her panty and blouse and started to squeeze milky tits she moaning he said why u are enjoying it . he turned toward her pussy and licking um.. he said ur pussy is awesome .she moaning she at one tryed to get but he trowed her down saying i want to fuck ur pussy now . fell on her kissing her rosy lips umm..ummm.. inserted his black cock in her pussy . he said how is it i am fucking in front of ur husband be calm . by giving her lip lock inserting his huge cock into her pushing hard as my wife cant able to stop moaning said why no we are fucking now nothing to do enjoy with me .i shocked to see moaning har...der..harder in my pussy little boy .she is saying i want to feel inside me .he said while fucking i know you like me .she is moaning gave him a long lip lock during sex dring my milk he is sucking milk from big tit's and moving his cock front and back insiade her.he at once stopped and asked my wife to sitt in doggy style on me where i was sl**ping besid them .she said no to it and said it's risky he may get up .he f***ed her.she sat in doggy style her pussy on my side and my penis on her side .he asked my wife to take my penis out .she got afraid but took it out gently .he asked her to suck both of our penis at a time. she took both of our penis at a time into her mouth moaning and rubing her pussy on my nose .she is saying i like both of ur cocks umm....umm..yes she is playing with two of our penis . at one rechard came back of my wife pussy on my face with necked cock inserted his large penis into her she started moaning it's been very long to have sex with my husbend .they thought i was sl**ping. the sex is like. my wife is on my top naked the lilliput friend near my face. as he was fucking from her back she is squezeing my penis from the front .he inscreased his speed . she cum on . he said no to it.i want to fuck all the night by saying he toked his penis and took her down on knees gave him a lip lock with her rose lips liking eachother tougs . in the mean while she is squezzing his penis and and sucking his penis and black balls. even though he is small below half of my wife's height he is fucking her. she lifted him .he sucking my wife tits my wife moaning you r sucking so hard that my breast trying give milk yah....lick...har...d...on nip...las.. .he said seeing my cock standing .hay sraveni fuck u r husband also tody you will get double penetration .she came to me .sucked my cock and sat on my cock with her pussy .saying to richard see my husbend cock .he said oh realy than see mines . he came fastly and iserted in my wife's but .she said said no i dont stop and fucked harder now my wife carrieing two cock's inside her .she fell on me crying said my husband never fucked my asshole stope .he did.nt stop he is fucking her ass hole she is crying . even though i am sl**ping she is kissing me .and saying lick my tits . reachrd said your asshole is so hard my wife as horse is also moaning i want fell your hot liquid he cumed in her asshole took some out and cummed on my wife face umm... they two got up from me went from my .again fucked my wife for some time .after an 2 hours my wife came to my bed .she thought i was sl**ping came to me and said sorry during i sl**ping kissed me place my penis inside my pants slept and .she wok up and gave me coffe as usuval as nothing happend .my friend came out of his room said good morning to me . but i never thought it would happen in my life .but i thought i enjoyed that type of experience as my wife having affair with my friend a Lilliput friend

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