best arab world

i dream to make this story a serie
movie makers must think to produce sex series about real life coz people who watch porn much think that porn movies are close to be fake than to reality so they don't feel excited.producers are invited to produse real movies to attract and excite more people.

let's say different actions in sex life ... what learn women in them sex life ? ... how they start sex life and how they finish it ? :) i think sex life don't finish :) ... this is a good start of this subject.

this story is about an arab f****y

my home :
i live alone (age 18) with father and mother (susan, age 41), as our home were kind of empty we always go visit aunts in holidays and mother like to feel free at home, so she wear generally or t-shirts with shorts or long t-shirts without shorts so because of seeing my mother always sexy i like mature women.she has free mentality but she is shy against others.
my mother were curvy, she has a big round ass and beautiful boobs.
aunt aicha's home :
my aunt (aicha, age 56)live alone after her husband die,she were short, not very small but curvy exactly as mother but little smaller, white skin, her hair always covered as she do always home work, she wear long dresses as all arab women at home as she is curvy the dress were little tight and show her forms, she has a bigger belly, u can realize it with those tight dresses.even mother when she come to her house she wear long dresses too. she has 3 daughters all married (katia 41, salma 40 and asma 38), they used to come visit her in holidays and weekends.
katia as she has 4 k**s she has saggy small tits but very big and healthy round ass.
salma was the most beautiful, beautiful boobs and round ass.
asma was the youngest, even she is 38 but u can always realize her k**ness, she has a body of teenager but with little fat belly.
my 3 cousins use to come home alone without them k**s, they like to stay in peace at my aunt's house and me when i come with my mother i feel always excited to see them.oh my god my mother, aunt and 3 cousins all mature women.
1st day :
mother and katia and salma were best friends, they go outside for shopping.
i woke up in the morning i find just my aunt and asma at home, they were doing home work
me i go to take a bath
i called aunt : please aunt can u come to help me to wash my back ?
aunt : here i'm u little boy ... u use to call someone to help u with that ... what if u r alone ?
me : but i'm not alone ? :)
aunt : she start to clean my back and ohh i saw her boobs jumping in the mirror...oh my god my dick became bigger ... i tried to hide it but she saw it ... she felt ambarassed ... she finish my back and go fast.
my mother and cousins came back from shopping and from them talking i understand that the night will be interesting as the plan to do something together.salma has very good sense of humour in opposite of mother and katia they have shy carachter, they have all bitchy thinkings but salma show it without feeling shy.
mother : come aicha, come asma .. look what we bought
katia to my mother : let's go to my room ... ur son is here
mother : close the door asma ... she said with excited smile
salma show her mother aicha a strap-on and she said : look that mom
aicha : what is that ?
salma : a dick , u don't see ? how long u don't see a dick mom ?
aicha (she remember my big dick in the bathroom) : oooh it's a long time honey ... the last one was ur papa :)
salma : asma u like ?
asma : yes s****r ... what u plan ?
salma smile and look to mother and katia : it will be a great night ... we will have fun
mother : look that aicha ... this is a string ... it's new pantie here but they wear it too much in europe :)
katia : how u know bitch ? i think u watch porn movies much :)
all women laugh
katia : this is a CD of a porn movie ... title : "blowjob"
aicha : what mean blowjob ?
asma said : it's sucking dicks hahaha
aicha (remember my big dick in my pantie) : have fun girls
all 4 women start preparing food and doing them hair and make up for the night to have fun
aunt prefer to dont join the groupe ... she prefer to go sl**p
it's about 21h00 she go to her room ... she used to read a book before sl**ping
i sl**p in a room near her room and mother with cousins were together in katia's room
my aunt wanted juice so she go kitchen and prepare it ... she know that the girls are busy together so she prepare one for me and come to my room ... honey u drink juice ? she said smilling
i look my aunt ... she were wearing a dress room showing her hands and legs and cleavage and she were not covering her hair ... oh yes aunt thank you ... i felt really excited as i never saw her like that.
she realized my dick get bigger ... she felt nervous and shy ... she put the juice on table and go to her room...she was thinking of my dick ... the new word she learned today "blowjob".
i really liked her as she looked ver sexy to me as i never saw her like that so i decide to spy on her ... she forget the door open and i start to see and ooh ...she were masturbating
and now i felt that my dick will explose so i enter to the room and she were surprised
aunt : oh what u do here ?
i said nothing
her eyes were fixing on my dick
i said : on ur knees
aunt were surprised of what i'm saying and her eyes were fixed on my dick ... as she like the view she were not concentrating so just did what i said and she go on her knees.
she look to my eyes : what ?
me : what what ? take it off ?
her eyes return to my dick and she take it off
aunt : oh my god ... it's big ... she put it inside her mouth and in and out
i go directly to her boobs and take them out and i start to play with them ... i take the control i grabe her hair and i helped her to deep my dick inside her throat
aunt : no i can't
me : please yes i like ... oooh oooh yes like that honey .... i deep it inside her throat once and twice
the third was long and hard ... i make it out and i see her tears and her mouth full of spit.
i realized that my aunt like to get orders as she say nothing when i take control
me : u nasty ... u nasty whore ... do it again bitch
i start to call her bad words and she say nothing so i understand how she is excited ... i continu doing her mouth until my dick explose ... i do my sperm on her face ... i make her look really nasty
i go take shower
............................. to be continued

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