On being pregnant, bad under garments and selfish

First off, know that being pregnant has some downside to it. No booze, no reefer, no real fucking and my boobs are already changing when I'm only 2 months into it.

I now have 6 boobs. The boob in the bra, the boob under the bra and the boob overflowing the top of the bra. Times 2. Nipples are getting quite dark and thick, almost leathery. In the past 30 days I've gone from a light C to a DD. I've put on 9 pounds, nothing shows in the tummy yet and all the weight went to my chest. This also brings on a gravity problem with some neck ache by end of day. Needless to say Ken thins it's dandy. My nipples are appreciating attention more than ever and he is happy to provide. He has even taken to sl**ping with his face between the mounds.

One thing about Ghana, there are no bra fitting shops. Perfection is a shop with mature English women who fit you. It does not exist here.

Saturday morning I had Ken in tow as I looked for bra's in the few European stores we have with a decent selection. Of all things we run into Osei and Kristen on the main drag. Went to lunch. We had a quiet corner of the restaurant. Conversation was mainly about my condition. I pretty much blamed one of the 2 men for my losing the first and admitted to terribly missing good deep sex. Simple fact is that I can't have a cockhead lodged in my uterus and expect to carry. Oh how I miss it.

Ken adds on that he too misses his balls deep relief. Kristen reaches over, takes his hand and tells him "I can take care of that for you sweetie.". So nice to have friends willing to help!
That simple line set the stage for the whole weekend. We simply decided that after lunch we would go home with each others husbands.

I feel so at ease traveling back with Osei. He is the older wise man. And that slender 14 inch cock is a joy to have. I'll even go far enough to say I do love him. Not like Ken but in a way far more then liking a dear friend.

Back at my place I made him a bl**dy Mary, mine was a virgin. We then went to the shower.
Oh how I enjoyed lathering him up. I found Osei also preoccupied with huge boobs. They've never been so well washed! And there is nothing better than having a clean cock on my tongue!

Osei knew the rule that there would be no full penetration. We retired to the bedroom and we made love. This was epic foreplay, the oral teasing, kissing and cuddling went on for hours. Osei is a pussy eater, unlike my Ken. Osei brought me to levels of pleasure places which were new to me. Just laying back with pillows under my ass as he held my ass with his hands and tongued me was pure bliss. My nightfall the climax score was something like Andrea 50, Osei 0.

The mans cock was an endless semen drip. Every time I went down on him I tasted semen. Squeezing the shaft earned me a big drop of thick white cum. I know pre ejaculate drip well. This was not the normal clear fluid, this was thick white potent seed.

Osei has sworn he can only cum in a pussy. I've seen that to be true, in the past. I figured that I could take him to an oral orgasm this night. While in side by side 69 position I started to throat his cock as best I could, fast and hard. He starts moaning like he's in heaven, then he starts to laugh and shake a bit. It was like I was tickling a youngster. The faster I went the more laughing noise he made till eventually he is begging me to stop.

I then remembered something I saw online. I flipped on the bed so I was face up with my head hanging over the edge. This lined up my throat into a straight line. "Feed me that cock" I demanded. Osei stood, caressed my breasts and began to gently explore past the back of my throat. He was now in control and pumping my throat like it was a vagina. He would go well past where I could normally take him, stroke a bit, hold and pull out to allow me to breathe. After a while he tells me he can see his cock moving in my neck. I did not take all of him, he gets too thick towards the base for that. Did I take maybe 10 inches of cock down my throat? I think so and I loved every minute of it.

I can't say how long this throat fucking went on for. It seemed too short for me. He was so considerate that I would have happily served him pleasure for a much longer time. Osei announces "I've got to shoot soon." I'm thinking great and I'm eager to drink up and swallow every drop of his epic load. Heck, I'm looking forward to it. Osei then jumps on the bed, wrestles me around so I'm on top and says "I need pussy, take what you can.".

I was so wet that in one movement I had better than half of him filling me till he was knocking on the cervix. I bore down a little bit more, caressed his bald head in my palms, started to kiss him passionately and squeezed his cock with all I had.

With only once squeeze while our mouths were locked Osei moaned loudly and started to fill me with his seed. Waves of vaginal orgasm flowed over me. Only the lord knows how many streams he deposited. It felt so right and also felt like a hot water bottle had exploded inside me.

After we cooled down I rolled off and packed pillows under my ass holding it high. I kept as much of his seed inside me for as long as possible. Stuff was running out of me in volume exceeding many times those heavy cum shot videos I have tagged in my profile.

We ended up back in the shower after that, even after the shower I was still oozing his amazing load. Receiving oral sex was over for me but we did screw one more time before morning in that same fashion with me on top. I worked him for over an hour before earning a second seeding.

Such a gentleman, such a good person, such a good sex partner, such an amazing cock. I pretty much told him all that. I even told him that maybe my second c***d could be his. That earned me deep passionate kissing and him telling me he has always wanted a son. Osei has no c***dren at all. The problem is with Kristen. Maybe in 2015 I can do that. I find it to be a very comforting thought. Can I pop out a k** for man #2 while keeping man #1?

I learned from Ken that he had an equally rewarding time unloading in to Kristen, quite a few times and very satisfying I was told. Good for them!
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