Showing off

So for those of you that know me and what I like to get up to, know that I like to dress in sexy lingerie, heels and skimpy outfits.

I was doing just that earlier today, just driving around some of the quiet spots that I frequent with my camera. I deceided to go somewhere new, a small industrial estate right on the edge of a country village.

I was parked up, right out of the way when a van came past and unnerved me a little so I decided to move. On my way down to this little spot I had passed an oldish man just getting out of his car to take his dog a walk, well as I slowly drove past him he may have got a glimpse of a stocking top? Parked again I got out for a smoke, started the camera and had a little stroll about my car. I could see the old man, and that he had noticed me and was making his way along the edge of a field towards me. I quite like the idea of people eyeing me from a distance. This was a first for me, I would have normally bolted by this point, but it felt so good, I stuck around, posing for the camera and smoking when it came to me that I should drive past him and give him a proper eyeful.

I was wearing knee high 6" heeled boots, black fishnet stockings, white see thru lacey panties, a light blue lace bra with a small tartan miniskirt a tight blue sleeveless top and a leather jacket.

I took the jacket off as I got into my car, my heart started racing as I drove closer to where he was stood. I pulled my top up over my tits to reveal my bra and he really saw me as I passed him, wow, the adreneline was coursing through my veins, felt amazing. I'm not sure quite what posessed me to do what I did next, really out of character.

I stopped the car at the side of the road about 100 meters away from him and got out. I slowly walked around the back of my car pulled my top up again and began to massage my tits, I took a few steps in his direction and then turned away pulling my skirt up around my waist and wiggled my butt all the way back to the car door. I bent over and grabbed a cigarette and lit it. As I turned back to him he was still there, watching. I walked around the back of the car again and posed whilst I smoked my cigarette, covered myself back up and walked in his direction.

He turned and walked off with his dog in a bit of aa hurry, he had obviously seen more than enough! I slowly returned to my car and drove off. My only regret is that I didn't have the foresight to put the camera on the roof of the car and record it for you all to see.

I am currently uploading a video of what happened a short while after, I was so horny after that experience I had to stop and have a wank. the video will be up in a few days and is called "crossdresser wanking in the countryside" hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Andi x
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1 month ago

8 months ago
send me a pm and matbe we can arrange something
1 year ago
Great Story I want to hold your camera for you and film you
1 year ago
I wish I was him... but I would not have walked away..i would have walked towards you...mmmm
1 year ago
Awesome, I would have stayed and had a lot of fun.
1 year ago
great story,wudn't have walked away
2 years ago
very nicely described. I'd love to hear of any other experiences
2 years ago
Ooooh fuck the things i wouldve done to you had i been the one to see you outside showing off in your lingerie =D
2 years ago
I would love to find you undressed in heels in a secluded spot where we could have fun that satisfied you fully.
2 years ago
what a great event,wish i was watching,id have sum fun
2 years ago
nice story very erotic if i dont say so myself, i wonder if the man with the dog was tempted to stick around..!! Mmmm i know if it had been walking my dogs i would have been more then tempted to stick around and see how far you we're prepared to go??

i wonder what you was thinking about afterwards when you was all horny and excited at your close encounter with a stranger
2 years ago
youre so hot... :-)
3 years ago
mmm wish i had been there x
3 years ago
very nice wish i had been there
3 years ago
Must Fav this one!
3 years ago
It was! I might go back there again to try and find him!
3 years ago
Exciting, isn't it?