wen out and just cant wait to b fuked!!

many times ive been out and about, in the pubs and clubs, we all know wat its like wen u get the sexual urge to b fuked rite there and then, well i can proudly say i have fuked in most of the pub toilets in my town...............due to the fact wen the urge cums on and its too strong its a case of drag ur boyfriend to the nearest toilet cubicle get his trousers undone and his cock in ur mouth give him a very enjoyable lush slow and sensual sucking until he is fit to blow............he pulls u up by ur hair bends u over the toilet, lifts ur skirt pulls down ur panties hard like he is almost going to rip them off and thrusts his cock hard into ur pussy....they r sum of the best quickies ive ever had.....again trying to b quiet has sumtimes been a problem, so i advise u tend to do it in the pubs wen they have loud music on .............lots of fun!!! x
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