pool table adventure lol

well many yrs ago i always wanted to have gd hard sex on a pool or cnooker table................but i must admit not in a pub full of ppl lol...anyway i worked in a couple of pubs and so 1 nite aftr locking up and leaving the certains undrawn i ravished my boyfriend ovr the pool table gt him to bend me over and give it to me doggy style was amazing fun, then he flipped me on my back wiv my legs up open wide in the air whilst he slowly slid his hard cock into my tight pussy he took his time so he cud watch himself slide in and out of my pussy............anywayz as we carried on this sexy motion, wiv me moaning wiv pleasure we heard a noise!!! as we both looked over we realized 2 friends were still in the pub they walked in our direction as they had to get to the door.......well bein in mid motion of lush sex we were not stopping for anything......so we all said a quik hello and goodbye like nothing was going on......our 2 friends let themselves out of the pub and we carried on to have even hotter sex because we had just been seen by our m8s was a huge turn on x
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