Random Sinful Thought

It is in the arms of intense passion, whoever it may be, I often think about the naughty things I would want to do to u. Not in the sense of "dirty" but more like erotic. It is well known that I have a desire for you, that I crave you . . . and that I have this need to want you. And with that being said:

“We are in your kitchen making a nice quiet dinner. Occasionally, I move behind you like I am grabbing something in front of you. But really, I am gently pressing against you so you can feel the thickness of my cock. I don't do it for too long, but long enough for you to realize what is pressed against you. After hearing about it from my descriptive words that I text you and seeing it from the picture I sent you, to have it pressed against you . . . it makes your mind fill with various thoughts of what you would want to do with it. But you also think about that one night in which I stood behind you and started to kiss only your neck and shoulder. How it felt to have my warm lips pressed against your flesh. Lastly, how I was making you feel when my mouth started to explore more of your body.

Dinner is complete and ready to be enjoyed. We sit at the table but you choose to sit opposite of me. Though it does seem a bit innocent, during dinner you muster enough courage to take your foot and place it right in my lap underneath the table. You can slowly feel me growing against your foot. Then just for a moment, you realize what you are doing and slowly begin to pull away. But before you do, you feel my hand grab your foot and move it back to where it was. It was bold for you to make a move like that until the shyness inside you took over. And for some strange reason, this is an incredible turn on for you. The idea of someone walking in on us at any moment, they would only see us having a nice dinner. Not knowing that you were gently stroking my cock with your foot.

As we are almost done with dinner, I insist on putting the dishes into the sink. Once the table is cleared, I can't take it anymore. You have caused me to desire you even more. Call it wild instinct or simply pure lust. I stand up and walk towards you, and kiss you with such intensity and passion, that you knee trembles a little. No one has kissed you with such wanting and needing behind their kiss. You are then asked to stand up and you comply for some strange reason. Almost like you are in a trance. I gently sit down in your seat and have you climb onto my lap.

Yes, you are sitting there. Feeling my hardness rubbing against you. You try your best not to lose all sense of control but you slowly start to rock back and forth against me. All the while our lips lock, again in another passionate kiss. You can feel the presence of lust surrounding you, as my hand caresses your arms . . . your shoulders . . . your neck. And then, you can feel my breathe against your ear. You can hear me asking questions . . . do you feel good?? Do you want more??? Do you crave my . . . (To be continued)
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