How i became a sissy fuckslave pt2

Sometime later, i'm not really how much later since i seem to have dozed off, Sir came back in and woke me up by swatting my ass hard"Wake up slut".

Sir unlocked my cuffs, and my ankle restraints and said"Down the hall, second door on the right is the bathroom, go there, remove the corset, catsuit, boots and hood, remove the plug and clean it and yourself up.When your done I want you to put the corset on, and hood as well as the boots and then go to the room across from the bathroom.Don't worry about cinching up the corset, I'll do that when you get in the room.If you have to pee, your to sit or squat to do so, a girlyboi like you doesn't deserve to stand like a real man, understand?"

Nodding, i went down the hall, slowly and not a bit unsteadily in my ballet boots.Inside teh bathroom i did as instructed, the cool air on my skin after being encased in the latex was refreshing.Removing the plug was a challenge, it being so big that i eventually had to push hard as i pulled with my hand, and finally with a "Pop" it was the shower i squatted and pee'd, sighing in pleasure as my bladder emptied.Quickly i washed me and the toy, and stepped out of the shower.

After drying off, i dressed as Sir had instructed, the hood,boots,and corset, and with toy in hand staggered out the door and into the room indicated by Sir.Inside was a Dungeon, or torture chamber, there was a leather sling hanging from the ceiling,as well as a padded bench, a huge X frame was mounted to one wall, and the ceiling had several rings in it some with pullies attached, some open.Opposite the X frame was what looked like an old fashioned Stock, one large hole where the head went, a smaller one on each side for wrists.

"Get in that" Sir said and pointed to the stock.After laying my neck and wrists in the proper spaced Sir came over and closed the upper half of teh stock, effectively trapping me in place.Kneeling down he fastened each ankle to a rink in the floor, my legs were now kept more than shoulder width apart.

Sir moved around behind me, and i could hear Him moving something up behind me.Soon i felt teh head of a large dildo pressing up against my hole, far larger than the plug was and definatly bigger than my fuckhole was.

"This is my own creation" Sir said."it's basically a hydraulic jack mounted on a stand allowing me to position it anyway I want.I can gradually increase the length by pumping this handle, which as you can feel will push this dildo into your worthless hole.Now the dildo I've chosen is called teh Black destroyer, it's 14 inches long and 9 inches around and you will take it all bitch."

Moving around beside me Sir attached a set of clover leaf nipple clamps to my tits, hanging 2 small lead weights from the chain, painfully pulling my nips down.Reaching between my legs he attached a leather ball stretched that also seperated them with a leather strap.The stretcher had a small metal ring hooked to it which Sir used to hang a rather heavy lead weight from.

"Good" Sir said,"Now we can get started".So saying He then began to pump the handle on teh jack, the dildo gradually pushed into me, at first it was just a little uncomfortable but very quickly it became painfull.i could feel it pushing into me, my hole painfully distended and suddenly the head popped in.Sir continued pumping the handle, i could feel the dildo deep inside me suddenly hit some resistance.

Moaning as Sir f***ed the dildo into me, my nips burning, my lil balls painfully stretched i felt totally helpless and found it to be arousing and even pleasurable.

Eventually Sir had f***ed the entire dildo into me, my hole stretched wider than it ever had been before.Once in He stored teh handle and moved around in front of me.Taking His cock in his hand He said"Open up slut, time to teach you to throat a cock."

Licking my lips i opened my mouth wide and Sir shoved his cock deep inside my mouth, ramming it hard into the back of my throat causing me to gag and choke on it."Choke on it bitch!" Sir said, and pulling back rammed it back into me.He f***ed his cock down my throat, choking me with it, and suddenly i realised i couldn't breathe!!!!!!!!

Sir stopped with His cock buried in my throat, effectively cutting off my air supply, i could hear him chuckle as i began to squirm, trying to breathe.Things started getting hazy, spots appeared in my eyes as my air supply ran out.Eventually i could feel myself passing out but just as i reached that point Sir pulled his cock out and i was able to inhale cool air..

YEssss" Sir said, breathe bitch! My cocks going right back in so you better breathe fast! So saying he grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth and throat roughly, each thrust of his hips caused the weights on my nips and balls to swing back and forth, pulling, tugging and painfully stretching.

After what seemed like an eternity Sir came hard in my mouth, i was surprised at the amount of cum He shot into me considering He'd already came twice that day."swallow cunt" is all he said as he shot loads into me.

Swallowing quickly,Sir stayed inside me until His cock had went limp, pulling out of my mouth He went behind me and suddenly rolled the stand straight back from my body, causing the dildo to painfully pull out of me, leaving my hole gaping open to the cool air.

Good" Sir said, your almost ready for Me to fist you whore, I'll be back in a bit so be ready because I intend to not only fist you but punch fist you." So saying He walked out of the room, closingthe door behind him, leaving me to contemplate what was coming.

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12 months ago
me too ehhhehehe
1 year ago
Wow. I prefer pleasure to pain but this is still hot
1 year ago
2 years ago
loved to be used be a cock slut for men
2 years ago
Thjis was just incredible going to wash up after thatone
2 years ago
These are great stories, cant wait to hear the end!
3 years ago
10 orgasms and on to part 3 thanks
3 years ago
Wow i got so hot had to jack off my little cocklet but i came very hard thanks
3 years ago
Fantastic story
3 years ago
What a very fortunate sissy fuckslave you are to be able to serve a Master with such skill...
3 years ago
It's so exciting but that has got to hurt thanks
3 years ago
3 years ago
Can't wait to read pt 3.
3 years ago
man it was very good but i want now how it ends
3 years ago
very hot story