How i became a sissy fuckslave pt1

How i became a sissy fuckslave.

It all started after a series of failed relationships led me alone.Having always been a closet crossdresser, i started dressing more and more often and posting pics and vids of me on a website called xhamster.In time, i started posting vids of me toying my sissy ass, and also gradually building up my fem wardrobe.

After several months and many pics and vids, i met a man who offered to train me online.This was mustually pleasurable to both of us and as time went by he started having me cam for him.Toying my ass while he watched always turned me on, and he gradually expanded his control over me, until eventually i waited anxiously for his commands.

Several months passed, and i had some vacation time coming to me.When i mentioned this to my Master, he suggested i pack my fem clothes and come visit him in california.i eagerly accepted his invite and began to make plans for my visit.i scheduled my flight, packed my clothing(one set of drab clothing the rest my fem clothes) and informed Sir of my flight schedule.

A couple weeks before my flight i received a detailed set of instructions from Master, dictating that for 10 days prior to me visiting him, i was not to shave my body, and for the 2 days prior i could consume all the fluids i wish but not to eat anything.His instructions stated that He would meet me at the airport, and He already had a couple of appointments made for me once i arrived.

Nervously i followed His instructions to the letter, wondering as i did so what He had in store for me.Upon arrivingat LAX, i retrieved my bag and began looking for my Master.His instructions had stated that He'd be holding a sign that read Mlfsw(short for MY little fuckslut whore).

i spotted Him a couple moments later, He was just as He's described and as his pics showed, a little over 6 ft tall, built nicely with large hands.He was dressed casually and i nervously approached Him and said"Hello Sir".

Sir looked at me, slowly looking me from top to bottom, then succintly stated "Follow Me and no speaking!"

Outside i loaded my back into the trunk after Sir pointed to it and stated"put your bag in there and get in the backseat".Once seated Sir got in and we were off.He looked into the rearview mirror as He spoke to me and said"your going to be waxed, and have a colonic today before we go to My house, once those 2 things are done you will get into the frontseat for the ride to My place and do as instructed, nod your head if you understand.i nodded nervousely, wondering if i'd gotten myself in over my head.

The first stop we made was at a body waxing place set off on a side street.Following Sir inside i heard him tell the man behind the counter that He wanted me to have the works, a full body waxing, to include my ass and crotch, and to just leave a small landing strip of hair.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! waxing hurt, the man doing it seemed to take pleasure in my pain as he smiled and went about waxing back,chest,arms,legs,ass and crotch all received his painful minstrations whether or not there was any hair there or not, more than once he said"Better safe than sorry).

Once he finished with me i was as smooth as a baby, there wasn't a hair on my body except for the landing strip above my sissy cock.leaning me back in a chair he applied a cream to my face and removed all the hair there too.

Back in the lobby, Sir paid the man and off we went to another nondescript building.where Sir informed yet another man that He wanted me "clean as a whistle" and to be thorough.The man led me inside and after instructing me to strip and bend over a table, began to insert what seemed like a mile of tubing into my ass.Eventually he turned on a maching and i could feel fluid filling me, he instructed me to relax and let the maching to it's work.Over the next hour i was filled and drained several times, each time the maching would pump fluid into me then suck it out, eventually the machine pumped air into me instead of fluid, and we were done.i felt lighter than i ever had, and the man stated"There your all clean now, I hope you have a great day"

Outside Sir pointed to the front passenger door and said"Get in slut" before getting in on his side.Sitting in front with Sir as we pulled onto the freeway He stated"We have a 30 minute drive ahead of us so why don't you lay over here and suck your Masters cock until we get where we're going, if I cum your to swallow every drop, understand?"
Nodding i lay across the seat, my head in His lap and slowly unzipped his blue jeans.Reaching in i pulled out his cock which was semi-hard and slowly licked around the head of it before taking it deep inside my mouth.i loved the taste and feel of it as i sucked, feeling it grow inside my mouth until i was almost chocking on it.Slowly i started sucking it deeper into me, fighting my gag reflex, wanting it all.For what seemed like a pleasant eternity i sucked, fondling his balls, feeling how full they were.After about 20 minutes i heard Him say"your suck a good slut, your Masters almost ready to cum and I want you to swallow every drop".

Sucking faster i gently squeezed his balls as he arched His hips slight and His hot jizz show into my mouth, filling it almost as fast as i could swallow.Shot after shot of his cream hit the back of my throat, it tasted so good i didn't want it to end, but eventually He relaxed and i felt his cock going soft in my mouth."Good slut" He said breathlessly, "suck every drop out and you may return My cock and close my zipper, we're almost home".

Gently i sucked him clean, and replaced his cock in his pants and zipped him shut.As i sat up in the passenger seat Looking around i saw we were basically in the country, the houses few and far between.Soon we pulled into the drive of a nice but modest home, and pulled into the garage.

Sir said"get the bag and follow Me inside". Grabbing my bag i quickly followed Sir inside the house and down a hallway, as we walked i looked around, the house was well kept,clean and airy.In the Master bedroom He stopped and turned, looking at me and said Strip now, and place your hands behind your back.

Setting down my bag i did as instructed.Sir walked around me, his work hardened hand gently running across my nipples, belly, ass and finally He grasped me by the neck, squeezing slightly."For the next few days your Mine, your here for MY pleasure not yours.Now I've bought a couple items I want you to put on, then your to get your Ballet boots from the bag and put them on, understand slut?

After nodding that i understood,Sir led me over by the bed where a latex catsuit, corset, and latex hood were laid out.i quickly got dressed with Sir's help, donning first the catsuit, then the corset, Sir cinched the corset so tight i could barely breathe.After Sir helped me into teh hood, he took a wide leather collar and attached it around my neck."There" He said"now your all mine"

Opening my suitcase i quickly donned and laced up my Ballet boots, Sir watching me the whole time.i couldn't walk so well in the boots but Sir just laughed and said"Don't worry slut, you won't be walking much"!

leading me over to the bed, He placed me at the foot of it and tied each ankle to a corner post.The foot board was high enough that when He pushed me forward gently it hit me about waist level and He bent me over it, and after pulling my hands behind my back and cuffing my hands together, my head on the mattress, he stood back. i could hear Him opening and closing drawers, and what sounded like a door.After a little while He returned and kneeling next to me f***ed a large ball gag into my mouth and hooking the strap behind my head.

As i lay there helpless he appeared in my line of sight, holding a leather paddle."Slut He said, I'm going to warm your ass up a little with this just to show you I'm in charge"

Moving around behind me He rubbed my ass,His hand felt so good on my skin, then suddenly WHACK!!!!!!!! the first blow landed,OMG it hurt so bad, and as i moaned against the gag he kept on swatting me, my ass on fire!Swat after swat followed, until i thought i'd pass out, eventually He stopped and i felt His hand once again gently caressing my battered ass.

Althogh his touch hurt it also felt good, and as my sobs slowly ebbed, i felt something cool being spread on my ass cheeks, could feel it running down my crack, then His hand gently rubbing the cool fluid across my cheeks and then His fingers sliding up to and into my ass. First He inserted one, then two, then three fingers inside me, pushing them in, twisting them then i felt something else, something bulbous and from the feel of it rather large.

RELAX! said Sir, this isn't the largest toy I have and I have every intention of using them all on you over the next day or so, your hole will be stretched and I will fist you Slut, but this ones just to loosen you up a little before I fuck you.

i felt the head of the dildo push against my hole, opening it, stretching it, it was definately larger than my biggest toy but not by a whole lot, and eventually i felt the head of it "pop" in."Good slut" Sir said before pushing it deeper into me, twisting it, pulling it almost all the way out then sliding it deeper into me, each time He did this He got the dildo a little deeper into me, finally He started ramming it in and out of my ass, my pleasure quickly turned to pain as he ravaged my ass with the toy,.

Eventually i felt Him pull the toy all the way out of me, my ass gaping and empty, then Sir stood up behind me and i felt his hot cock slide into me.After being loosened up by the toy, Sir was able to ram His cock all the way into me with once thrust, as He grabbed my hips, He began fucking me hard and deep, r****g my ass.For an hour Sir fucked me, Swatting me as he rammed into me, eventually He came deep inside me, filling me with his cum.As He pulled out i felt him f***e a large plug into me, trapping His seed inside."There now your My bitch" is all he said before walking out of the room.

As i lay there, my ass hurting, helpless i couldn't help but wonder what was next.

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someone do this to stevie hehehe
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Nice... there's nothing like giving in to someone else's will
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Exciting story
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hot story
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I just blew a load all over myself reading this story, hot as fuck
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sounds like an awesome experience
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this first part of your story is making my cock drip.
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you are so lucky to find someone to enjoy.
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mmmmmmmm the idea of being plugged full of cum is so hot!
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great on to part 2 thanks
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very good...
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Great story! Reminds me of a sissy slut I once knew. I loved stretching her out and fucking her.