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The dirtyest anal sex i ever had

it all started when i went to the public toilets at work where i locked the cubicle door and read all the dirty stuff guys had written on the walls which got my cock hard. so i decided to leave my own bit of writing, this is what i wrote..


then i left and forgot about it. 2days later on my day off i was sat with my legs spread wide, panties pulled to 1side, watching my ass gape in the mirror as i took out my dildo. i'd been at it all night long an felt sooo fucking horny, watching my freshly shaven asshole take my big toy deeper n deeper as i fucked myself silly. suddenly my phone rang and a guy told me he wanted to fuck me after he'd read my "AD" in the toilets. so after a few questions he said he'd be round in 30mins and i encouraged him to hurry, telling him what i was doing with my toy. He couldn’t have rang at a better time, i was so horny and wanted to feel a real cock inside me. i hung up and realised i was hard as hell. Could i really sell my ass to a stranger like some cheap whore, just to get fucked?? it made me feel nasty n dirty....i fucking loved it!!! and to be honest, i'd have PAID HIM to come and give me a good fucking i was that horny. i took my big dildo(9 inches) and slid it in and out nice n fast, non-stop until i heard a knock at the door, making me snap out of the daze i was in. I looked out the window and it was definately him. When he saw me i waved for him to come in.I lay back and continued to fuck myself, eyes closed, even when he entered the room and stood next to me i carried on. I could feel him stood inches from me, probably checking out what he was paying for. Apart from the panties, that he requested i leave on, i was naked, legs wide apart with my ass propped up on a pillow like id done many times before. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. Immediately he handed me the money which i tucked away quickly. I sat up, my head level with his crotch and began to unbuckle his belt, eagerly helping him undress until he stood in his own panties in front of me with a slight bulge appearing. "how long do i get" he inquired and i told him he could stay all day if he wanted, not taking my eyes off the bulge. I licked my lips then said "Please may i suck your cock now?"
"YES" he replied and moved closer to me, allowing me to pull his panties to one side so that his cock sprung out and hung in front of me, millimetres from my mouth and i saw pre-cum oozing from it. Without using my hands, i opened up and wrapped my lips around it, taking it all into my mouth. This was the 1st cock id ever sucked but i knew how to do it, exactly the way i wanted my own cock sucking. Taking every inch down my throat, i felt it growing harder n larger by the second, throbbing as it grew to its full length, making me gag a little. He moved round so he could take over sliding the toy in and out of my hole. Still it throbbed n pulsated , getting even harder as i bobbed up n down his shaft, swirling my tong all over it .He was really giving it to me, using the full length of my big pink toy, which was at full speed, buzzing noisily. I moaned with every thrust, my mouth still full of cock and i wanted him to fuck me so bad and worried that i might make him cum right then by the way he was moaning. Finally he took it from my mouth and told me he was ready to fuck my tight asshole .And i was sooo ready for it.
The dildo came out of my bum with a popping sound and he brought it up for me to taste. I know its dirty but i wrapped my lips around it, licking n sucking it straight from my ass. He knelt between my legs and pressed his dick against me then slid it all the way up into my wet warm little ass, holding my hips to keep me impaled fully on his dick. I moaned and squirmed, loving the feeling of his hot cock inside me.
"Beg me to fuck you" he said.
"please fuck me, nice and hard. Give it to me baby" i replied and he began building up speed. As he fucked me , i thought about the situation, i was selling my ass to him, or anyone with a tenner, regardless of age or looks...hell i didn’t even know this guys name and here i was with his dick inside me, banging my ass like his life depended upon it, and omg it felt fucking good. My legs were wide apart and he pushed them back, allowing me to see his cock as it slid in and out of my wet hole. I was so turned on and my own dick oozed with sticky cum which dribbled messily down it. I reached down and scooped it up, sucking the warm liquid from my fingers.
"yes yes fuck me, harder, harder" i urged. i could tell he was gonna cum pretty soon and i told him exactly what i wanted him to do when he did.
"cum in my mouth please, i wanna taste it" i begged as i slid off his cock, sucking it straight from my ass. He held my head still and i opened my mouth wide as he shot his spunk into it, wanking till his orgasm was over and every last drop was in my mouth As he stood up and dressed i played with it in my mouth before finally swallowing it. Then he left, leaving me alone with my dildo already stuck back in my asshole and the taste of his spunk still fresh in my mouth. I couldn't believe what a slut id just been for a total stranger and needless to say, i spent the next few hours fucking my ass with my dildo, hoping id get another phone call from some horny stranger, till i fell asl**p with my toy still inside me. When i woke i was unsure if it'd all been a dream, but then i spotted the money he'd paid me with, exactly where i left it. I took my toy out of my ass and sucked it. MMMM i couldn't wait to get fucked again
That was my first time and it wasn’t to be my last. In fact id be getting more cock sooner than i be continued.......

It was the day after my very first time n i was in the bath, shaving my hole, thinking about how much of a slut id been the previous day. Once my little hole was totally smooth i started to finger it, teasing it slowly, inserting 2 then 3 fingers knuckle deep. Suddenly my phone rang, so i answered ,without taking my fingers from my ass, and to my delight another guy told me he wanted to fuck me, the sooner the better. i took his address and quickly got dressed, jumping into a taxi and setting off within minutes. Pretty soon i was knocking on his door, feeling my cock start to stiffen. My heartbeat thudded in my chest as i waited excitedly for him to answer. The door opened and without saying a word he let me in and locked the door.I followed him upstairs to the bedroom in complete silence. "I really wannna feel your dick inside me" i thought, throbbing and hot.
"so, what do you wanna do"? he said, finally breaking the silence.
"I want you to use me like a dirty little slut" i replied, already getting undressed. When i was totally naked i jumped onto the bed and spread my legs wide. My own cock was so hard now as he knelt beside me, unzipping his jeans and pulling out his cock. Hungrily, i wrapped my lips around it and started to suck him off, swirling my tongue across of the head, feeling it growing harder and harder, taking more and more down my throat till my lips pressed against his crotch. Even without being fully hard i could tell it was much bigger than the last guys cock. He grabbed a handful of my hair and slowly began to fuck my mouth, pulling all the way out then pushing it right back in, till i gagged on it. "I hope he fucks my ass like this" i thought reaching down to finger my hole with two fingers, using the cum that oozed from my cock to lube myself up.
"you want this up your ass? Don’t you?" he asked and i nodded looking up at him, not wanting to take his dick from my mouth to reply. He pulled out and finished undressing while i lay on the bed, slowly fingering myself. I couldn't wait for him to fuck me with that big dick. I leaned up against the headboard as he knelt between my legs,rubbing his cock up and down my ass, spitting on it to get it nice and wet. I pulled my cheeks apart as he teased me with it, nudging the tip against my hole till it relaxed then pulling back. My ass was almost sucking him in, already willing to swallow his hot member, if only he'd let me. Taking hold of my legs and pinning them right back he finally pushed the head of his cock into me and i gasped with pleasure, my tight little fuck-hole squeezing his dick. It was so much bigger than the previous cock, every throbbing inch making me gasp as he eased it in.
"oh my fucking god, its big" i said when he finally slid all the way in, and at that moment i was totally his.
"I'll do anything and everything you want, and i mean absolutely ANYTHING, just please don’t take your cock out of my ass" i begged. If he'd have wanted to piss on me, id lap up every drop..
"im your slut" i panted as he began to fuck my arse, every thrust making my cock squirt spunk up my chest, cumming harder than id ever done b4 while impaled on his dick. Like id done the previous day, i scooped up my cum hungrily and swallowed as much s i could get in my mouth. I was in heaven, shamelessly begging him to fuck me harder, my own cum dribbling down my chin messily.
"do me doggystyle" i pleaded. So he took his cock out, telling me to turn over. I got myself on all fours and had a quick suck of his dick, then he knelt behind me while i pulled my cheeks apart, showing my freshly shaven hole. I wiped some spit on it and he rubbed his cock in it then pushed his swollen cock-head against my puckered hole, which clamped tightly around his shaft. This was the 2nd cock in my ass in the space of 24 hours. What a slut id become i thought as i pushed my hips back to meet every thrust, taking his full length with every single stroke…Suddenly his phone rang, which pissed me off a little because he answered. Then he spoke to me n I couldn’t believe my luck. “You want my mate to come join in ?” he asked “He’s got a big dick”
“mmm yes please” I managed to gasp.
“good slut” he replied, then promptly told his friend to come round quickly. When he hung up the phone he started slowly teasing me with his dick, pulling it right out to make my hole gape wide. I had reached back with both my hands and was pulling my cheeks apart, with my arse high in the air and my face flat against the mattress. I’ve never been so excited in my life and it made my own dick almostly instantly hard again. Every time he pulled right out of my ass, I begged him to put it back.. moaning like a dirty little whore until he slid it all back up, right up to the balls, holding it tightly against me.
“When he gets here, you’d better do exactly as your told” he demanded
“Don’t you dare embarrass me”
“ I will, I will” I replied. “I’ll do anything he wants, ANYTHING!”
“Good slut. In fact, if your lucky, you could have 2 cocks inside your tight little ass ALL day… you think you can handle that?” he asked, almost implying I wouldn’t have much choice in the matter anyway.
“Oh my god, id love that so much. I’ll be your dirty little fuck-toy for as long as you let me.. I want it long and deep all day, as hard as you can. I’ll be your anal slave to use and abuse however you want” I said in reply, meaning every single word.
“Perfect. He’ll be here soon” he said as he slowly began fucking me again with long deliberate thrusts, each one making me gasp with pleasure. I closed my eyes, totally lost in my own sexual exctasy. I’ve never felt so dirty in all my life as I squirmed on his pole, imagining all the nasty things I was about to do, moaning louder than ever now.
“Yes yes baby.. fuck me harder.. harder..mmm, don’t stop. I I fucking love your cock inside me, give it to me” I wailed. I lifted my face off the mattress with my hands so I could push my arse back to meet every thrust. I was so into it that I hardly noticed his friend had entered the room and was now watching from the foot of the bed, slowly removing his clothes.
“So this is the slut you told me about” he said.. startling me and making my cheeks clench tighter as I looked up in surprise.
“Yeah… he’ll do anything you tell him to, wont you slut?”
I managed to nod n whisper “Anything you want, anything at all”.
When he was finally naked my eyes widened at the size of his cock, the biggest id ever seen n really really thick, and I guessed it was only semi hard, making me wonder if I’d actually be able to take it up my smooth little hole.
“Ok, I want you to suck Dan’s cock straight from your arse, no hands, just your mouth. Show me how obedient you are and I might let you suck on mine when your done, would you like that?” he asked.
“Id love that so much” I gasped as Dan slid his cock from my hole in one go, before offering it me to suck on. I turned around to face it, making sure he had a good view of what I was doing, then opened my mouth wide, wrapping my lips around his throbbing helmet and swallowing as much of it as I possibly could. It was so big and hard now and made me gag as I f***ed my mouth right down on it, till my lips were pressed tightly against his balls. Dan held my head in place, groaning with pleasure as I ran my tongue around his shaft, tasting my ass on it. I’ll admit that I actually loved how it tasted, and when he finally let go of my head I kept it in place a while before working my way up to the tip of his dick where I ran my tongue all over it, covering it in spit before I engulfed it all once more.
“Taste good?” Dan enquired.
All I managed to do was look up at him n nod my head a little, not wanting to take it from my mouth to reply.
The new guy, (Jay as I later found out) had climbed onto the bed and was kneeling on the other side of my face, his huge dick just inches from my mouth.
“Now me” he demanded, grabbing my hair. I hardly had chance to take a breath before he had pulled my mouth off Dans cock and thrust his own cock into my warm wet mouth, making me stretch my lips wider than ever just to accommodate him. Not wanting to disappoint, I sucked hungrily as he rammed it deeper and deeper down my throat, only managing to get it half way. I struggled to take it, but offered no resistance as he continued to f***e more and more of it in. I’d never be able to take it all it’s just too damn big I thought. Finally he pulled it right out and I gasped for air, messily dribbling saliva all down his dick. After id lapped it all back up they swapped again, this time instructing me to just suck the tips as I took turns sucking them off. I did this without a single complaint, or even a word, for at least 15 minutes, never once using my hands to help until eventually Jay spoke.
“You think he deserves a bit of cock now Dan?”
“I dunno mate… what do you reckon slut?? You wanna feel his cock up your arse right now?” he asked.
“Please, i want it so fucking bad” I said, taking my mouth off his dick for just long enough to reply before resuming the blow-job.
Jay slid off the bed and lay on the floor, his massive hard-on pointing straight upwards.
“Ok bitch…. Sit on my cock while you suck him off” he commanded. Quick as a flash I squatted over it, never letting Dans dick leave my mouth and lowered my twitching ass-hole onto his pole. For a few seconds I felt it pressing against my hungry hole, feeling my muscles stretching as they gripped tightly to it. Then, finally they relaxed and allowed just the tip to penetrate me, swallowing the throbbing head in one go. I went fucking crazy when it slipped inside me.
“Oh my fucking god” I tried to scream, but the dick in my mouth muffled any sounds I tried to make.
“Ride my cock you little slut” he said. “Just the tip, nice and slow, enjoy feeling it stretch your little hole. But don’t you dare take any more until I decide to let you have it ok”
Quickly I did as I was told and began bouncing up and down on it in slow deliberate movements, never daring to take it deeper than I was allowed, all the while deepthroating the dick in my mouth and moaning like the dirty little whore I am. I was in heaven, loving having a cock in both my holes, doing all the work gladly, slowly building up speed, getting faster and faster, sucking harder and harder and feeling my own dick about to explode any second.
“Ride me faster bitch” Jay said.
“Suck me harder” said Dan. Happily I complied, doing both at frantic speed, sweat pouring off my young body until I couldn’t take it any more, and my twitching dick squirted my spunk all over my stomach in thick sticky jets, going everywhere.
“I think he likes it” Dan said mockingly, pulling right out of my mouth as if to give me time to answer.
“OH FUCK, OH FUCK, I love it, I love it, im cumming, don’t stop” I squealed, begging for more, cumming harder and longer than I’ve ever done before, without even laying a single finger on my dick to help it. It must have taken 2 or 3 minutes for my orgasm to die down and for my cock to soften n shrink, still oozing my juices messily down my thighs, onto my ass cheeks before finally dribbling onto Jays hard thick shaft. I swear there was more cum than I thought my balls could hold and as I caught my breath I asked if I could scoop some into my mouth to play with. Of course they said yes and I hungrily covered my fingers in it then wiped it onto my lips again and again, running my tongue across them to taste the lovely hot cum.. As I did this, Jay pulled out of me to watch me play with it n I messily dribbled it down my chin before catching it and pushing it back into my mouth. Eventually temptation got the better of me and I gargled it then let it slowly drip down my throat so I could taste every last drop. When it was all gone Jay told me to clean it off his shaft, using only my tongue which I happily did for him…after all, I wanted more of that huge cock in my ass and I woulda done whatever it took to get it. I looked up at him, spunk smeared all over my face and actually begged him to fuck me now.
“I wanna feel all of it up my bum” I pleaded…”will you fuck my arse hard and fast now please?” I asked unashamedly, climbing back onto the bed so I could spread my legs wide and show him my ass-hole. Propping my bum up on 2 pillows in my most familiar position, and pulling my cheeks apart, my legs as far back as I could, I urged him on.
“Please fuck my bum, baby. Give it to me hard”
Dan nodded at Jay, then pinned my legs behind my head, his own dick within reach of my tongue, and as I lapped at it, Jay edged closer to me, positioning himself to slide inside me. Teasingly he began pushing the end of his dick in and out of my hole, watching it gape and enjoying my gasps of pleasure as I anticipated receiving his full length. Every time he pulled out I moaned for him to put it back, but he continued to tease me for a while, loving being in control. My hole squelched with every thrust he made, lubed up by my own hot sperm, and with every push I expected to feel him slip inside. I was sure id be able to take it by now, maybe not the full length but at least ¾ of I hoped. Dan was busy thrusting his hips back n forth, fucking my face, holding my head steady as he did it while I lapped at him with my tongue, messy strands of spunk and spit dribbling down my chin. I was trying my best to get them back in my mouth using only my tongue, concentrating hard and moaning noisily over and over. Eventually he pushed the whole length down my throat and began slowly and steadily fucking my throat, building up speed until he was pounding my mouth just like it was a pussy, his balls banging against my chin faster and faster. I felt so fucking filthy, letting myself be used like this, relaxing my neck muscles to allow deeper penetration. I was so lost in this feeling that I almost choked as I felt Jays monster slide right inside me, pushing harder until his balls pressed against my arse. I felt my ass muscles squeezing tightly round his throbbing hot pole as he impaled me with all his length, grunting loudly as he held it in position. Instictively I tried to gasp but the dick in my mouth prevented me doing so. All I could do was lie back and let the 2 of them use me like a whore while Jay began to pound my hungry hole harder and harder, every stroke getting faster and faster. OH FUCK I loved it so much, I simply couldn’t get enough of it. Much to my surprise I felt my own dick stiffening again, literally minutes after id cum for the 2nd time. Over and over the 2 of them frantically fucked both my holes, encouraging each other to keep it up. Dan was groaning and saying he was about to cum all over my face pretty soon and I heard Jay agreeing, saying they should both shoot their loads into my open mouth at the same time.. If I could have spoken , id have told them both how much I wanted to taste their hot sticky spunky, but im guessing they already knew id love it … Faster and faster they fucked me, harder and harder, then before I knew it, Jay had pulled out of my ass and his cock was over my mouth, just as Dan took out his cock and squirted his load right onto my tongue in thick hot creamy strands again and again as his dick pulsed. He moaned loudly and I desperately tried to catch it all… but there was fucking loads of it, spilling out over my cheeks and chin. Then, just as suddenly, Jay began to cum too, with his cock pressed against my tongue. Jet after jet of sperm shot into my open hungry mouth as they both emptied their entire loads, warning me I wasn’t to swallow any of it until they had both finished.. and believe me when I say there was more than my mouth could hold, it absolutely filled me up, covering my lips, chin and cheeks in sticky juice. Eventually after about 5 minutes, when they had both squeezed every last drop out, they sat back and said I was allowed to swallow it.. mmm I couldn’t wait. I swirled it around with my tongue, blowing messy spunk-bubbles before I finally gulped it down like the little cum-eating anal-slut id become, drinking it all greedily in about 4 or 5 mouthfuls as I played with my own cock n fingered my wet freshly fucked little hole (which by now, was far from little). As they used their fingers to get the last bits of spunk into my mouth, I came for the 3rd and final time…hard but not with nearly as much cum as the 1st 2 times. I lay back.. totally exhausted, they flung me my clothes and bundled me out of the front door, locking it behind me, leaving me out on the front street, naked, clutching my clothes, face splattered with jizz for all the passers by to see… The looks I got were awful, disgusted faces staring at me as I frantically tried to get dressed, realising half way through that I didn’t have my pants, just the slutty little French knickers I’d had on when I arrived. I had to go the whole way home dressed like that, with people sneering as I ran by with just paties and a t-shirt on…but if im honest….it was worth every last second of it.. hehe.

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1 year ago
hot story, love to read more!
2 years ago
Oh fuck what a hard on inspiring story!
2 years ago
wow hot stuff x
2 years ago
It was fucking horny!