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On my way home i recieved 2 texts from 2 different guys, both saying they wanted to fuck me.I was feeling so fucking dirty i asked if they wanted a 3sum...and they jumped at the i gave them the address to my new flat and hurried home. As soon as i got in i jumped in the shower, shaving my ass smooth infront of the mirror then pulled my matress into the front room,grabbed a nice toy,and proceeded to dildo my freshly shaven hole,watching the video id made earlier. Before i knew it, i got a text from one of the guys saying he was outside.Id left the door unlocked n wanted him to walk in and find me with legs spread,in my tiny black n blue panties (pulled to one side) fucking my arse nice and hard.The front door clicked and he walked in,instantly taking his clothes off,revealing his 8 inch dick,which he offered to me and i gladly began sucking and licking like the cock-hungry little slut i was,teasing it,messily dribbling spit all over it.I reached round with both hands and spread my cheeks as he took over sliding my toy in and out of my wet little hole with one hand, using the other to hold my head so he could thrust into my mouth,making me gag.Building up speed he began fucking my face,really giving it to me, and i didnt try to stop him.All i could think of was getting that hot throbbing dick of his deep inside me and the moment he took it from my mouth i begged him to fuck me..."Please fuck my ass" i gasped "i want it soo bad".He nodded, took out a condom,rolled it over his dick then lay down,inviting me to sit on it.So,with my back towards him,i squatted over it then slid my hungry little ass all the way down it,moaning loudly as he gripped my hips and began pounding in and out,using the full length with every thrust. "Oh my fucking god its big! fuck me harder" i begged,bouncing up and down to meet his thrusts.I was so carried away, i didnt even hear the other guy come in till i opened my eyes and saw him undressing. He wasted no time, pushing his thick cock between my lips,right to the hilt,holding it for a moment then began thrusting it back and forth while i sucked for all i was worth till it was rock hard n dripping with pre-cum."Now....get on all fours so i can fuck u doggystyle" he ordered,so i quickly slid off and got on my hands and knees as they swapped places. Before he took off the condom, the guy who was just fucking me made me suck his dick,so i could taste my ass.It felt so fucking dirty as i did as i was told,loving it.With both hands i spread my cheeks wide as the 2nd guy nudged his cock against my twitching asshole then slammed into me."OH FUCK, YES" i squealed as the other guy took off his condom and i engulfed it with my warm mouth,deepthroating him as the other built up speed,holding my hips as he pounded me.This carried on for about another ten minutes,both frantically spitroasting me till the guy i was sucking moaned he was about to cum..."I WANNA TASTE IT" i begged n he agreed,flipping me onto my back then exploding straight into my open mouth. "Swallow my cum you dirty little whore" he moaned, and i did as i was told,messily drinking his hot sticky SPUNK till his balls were totally empty. Then he quickly got dressed and left...leaving his cum all over my face as i tried to scoop it all into my mouth.All too soon,the other guy moaned,pulled out,and violently added his spunk to the first guys,making sure every last drop went onto my tongue and down my throat....And of course, i swallowed it hungrily, rolling it about in my mouth as he got dressed and left.... i pulled my legs back over my head and shot my load in about 30 seconds,straight into my mouth,swallowing it slowly,messily,deliberatly taking my time to taste it...mmmmm
Quickly i checked my phone,hopefully id caught everything on video..n i had..the vids are on my profile to prove it..hope u like them as much as i
Posted by analmaleslut 3 years ago
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