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Following the success i had the last time i left
my phone number in a public toilets i decided
id do it again, this time in bright blue paint pen
on the back of all 5 cubicle doors,simply saying
"ANAL SLUT". I left and walked around town
and it only took about 20mins before i got my
1st reply...."meet me in the last cubicle..i want
u to suck me off". Quickly i hurried back and
found the door unlocked so i walked in,locked
the door,took off my jeans and sat on the
toilet seat,spreading my legs as the guy
unzipped his pants and fished out his COCK.
I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around
it,handing him my phone n telling him to record
it.Hungrily i went to work on his hardening dick,
taking it all in my mouth,feeling it throbbing as
it grew. Sucking him messily without using my
hands i started taking it all,almost gagging,loving
every second.Soon he was gripping my hair,
thrusting rapidly in and out,telling me he was
about to cum. He grabbed his cock and i tilted
my head back,opening my mouth wide and
sticking out my tongue.....i didnt wanna waste
a single drop of cum.Within seconds he was
squirting straight into my open mouth and i
finally got to taste his HOT STICKY SPUNK,
but only after id rolled it around my mouth and
used my fingers to scoop every last drop into
my mouth.Eventually, after id played with it a
little,i let it drip slowly down my throat,tasting
his sperm.As he zipped up i whispered "thanks"
then he was gone..5mins later i left the cubicle
and set off home...but it wasnt over just yet..
in fact,it was just getting started.

Posted by analmaleslut 3 years ago
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2 years ago