Well, its been about a year now since i first discovered the secret hidden pleasures of self-hypnosis and how i could use it to help myself reach new levels of sexual depravity. It began with me running the program two or three times a week, sitting in the dark, earphones in, staring intently at the hypnotic spiral taking up my full screen while the droning voice talked me through the hypno-script. Soon i found that i could customize this to cater to my own sordid sexual desires, namely ANAL SEX. I'd found a site where i could download hundreds of mp3 files that related to bum sex and soon had a personal playlist setup lasting over four hours and i found i was listening to it more and more frequently, pretty much every night. It covered many different aspects of anal, the overall effect being to encourage me to give in to the inner cravings i had about becoming a total anal whore! Slowly, without even noticing it at first, i was thinking more and more about taking it up the arse, every time my mind was idle i'd find i was i imagining myself letting guys fuck me, in really graphic detail, making my dick throb unbelievably hard. It didn't matter where i was, it just took over n once the thought was in my head there was only one way i could get it out, i had to have something up my ass, something thick, deep inside me, filling me up untill my dick was squirting uncontrolably and emptying my balls involantarily. Pretty soon i found i wasnt happy with the various things i used to fuck myself with and i was overcome with the urge to feel a real cock inside me. Resisting it only amplified the hunger and i began doing whatever i had to do to find a guy to fuck me, things i wouldn't have had the nerve to do before i started self-hypnosis, waiting in public toilet cubicles where i knew guys came to fuck, shamelessly begging strangers to use me! Over and over again it happened, night after night and pretty soon everyone knew i was a slut, calling me whenever they needed sex, and i never said NO. On the few occasions i wasnt on the end of some guys dick, i'd be calling them up, making sure my ass got fucked once EVERY night minimal. Some nights id be going to 3 or 4 different places, one after the other until i decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and arrange a gang-bang at a regular guys house. I invited every guy in my contact list(now totalling about 25) and gave them all a weeks notice in hope they'd all turn up. When the day arrived i was at the guys house way too early, fully shaved, panties on, with poppers and a dildo in my bag, pestering all my contacts, asking if they planned on coming, promising to do whatevere they wanted so long as they turned up. Once i was in the guys house we went straight up to the bedroom, where he'd already set up the web-cam to record the whole thing, on my request. I stripped down to the tiny, frilly, red thong i was wearing and climbed onto the kingsize bed. Since i was a good hour and half early, i lazily began sucking one guy off while his partner fiddled with the web-cam until it was recording from a good angle, then he joined us on the bed and i went to work on both of them with my mouth, switching back and forth between them to get them hard. Slowly, i teased both dick's with my mouth, taking their full lengths then using my tongue to lap at their balls then run it up the shaft, messily covering them in my spit, without using my hands at all. I was loved the slow, relaxed pace and took my time to cover every last inch of their cocks with my wet, eager tongue, lapping away lazily to get them fully hard. Both of them were sat upright against the headboard with me on all fours between them, arse in the air, bobbing my head up and down as i slowly sucked them off. As i was busy deepthroating one, the other pulled my tiny thong to one side and smeared some lube across my freshly shaven hole before slipping a decent sized toy right inside me. With my mouth full of cock i managed to gasp as my arse swallowed the toy, up to the hilt, before my thong was pulled over it, holding it firmly in place. With my hole full up, i began sucking harder and faster, quickly swapping between them, taking the full length, gagging, then switching, leaving a messy trail of saliva dangling from dick to dick. Soon they had me on my knees at the foot of the bed, hands behind my back as they took turns to fuck my mouth like a pussy, slamming their dicks in and out as i offered no resistance. About half an hour had passed before there was a knock at the door and one of them went to answer it, returning a few minutes later accompanied by 2 more guys who quickly stripped naked and stood infront of me. My lips were soon wrapped around one of their cocks while the other slowly slid the dildo out ouf my ass and replaced it with his nice hard cock. Groaning loudly, i let it enter me untill my hole had swallowed it all...up to the balls and without thinking i began rocking back and forth on it, spreading my cheeks with my hands as i did it. Thrusting his hips upwards, he began fucking me, slowly, deliberately, ramming his full length in and out as i ground my hips down to meet every thrust. Meanwhile, the other guys had surrounded me and were taking it in turns to fuck my mouth 2 or 3 thrusts at a time, laughing at how eager i was to let them use me as their little fuck-toy. "You wanna suck the dick thats in your arse?" one asked and i nodded quickly, unable to speak with my mouth full of cock. I lifted my ass off his dick, holding my cheeks open as i did it, then turned round to face him, engulfing his cock straight from my hole, taking it as deep down my throat as i could. As he held my head pressed firmly against the base of his dick, i felt one of the other guys position himself between my legs and rub his cock-head up and down my crack before slipping it in. " i think he likes it" one of them said as my mouth was pulled off the dick i was sucking. " i do! I love it" i managed to pant, gasping for breath before taking it back down my throat, sucking it hard. My ass was in the air and my head was down to the floor as both my holes were being filled. The guy behind me was holding my hips as he pushed deeper and deeper until i felt his balls pressed against my cheeks. "mmmm, fuck my bum, fuck it hard" i pleaded when my mouth wasn't full of cock for a split second. As it was quickly filled back up i felt the guy behind me start to fuck me hard and fast, using the full length of his dick to make me squeal. Faster and faster he slammed it into me while i moaned like a little whore, taking his dick and clearly loving every inch of it. Soon i heard him moaning too and i knew what was about to happen. With a final few thrusts he started to cum, shooting it deep inside me until his balls were drained completly. Finally i'd allowed someone to cum inside me and it felt good! I squirmed on his cock as i felt it squirt inside me, hot and sticky juices filling me up. By now i was too turned on to even care that i'd just been fucked bare-back and taken a load up my ass. I simply wanted MORE! When he pulled out i rolled over and licked his soft sticky cock clean as the others watched, not caring what they thought of me. The guy who'd just cum moved over to the cam while i lay on the bed with my legs spread wide and when he zoomed in to focus on my hole for a second. I saw my freshly fucked hole on the screen, cum oozing slowly from it as i pulled my cheeks apart. One of the guys pulled me halfway down the bed and pushed a pillow underneath my ass, propping it up on display, showing it clearly to the camera. After a minute that felt like an hour, one of the remaining 3 guys knelt between my legs and started to rub his dick over my hole. Watching it on cam i could see it getting covered in the previous guys juices, lubing it up nicely. The other 2 guys had positioned themselves on either side of my head, each with one hand holding one of my wrists and using the other to offer their cocks up to my mouth. Sucking one, then the other, i used my mouth to get both fully hard, gagging as they thrust forwards to push it deep down my throat. At the same time, the guy between my legs was teasingly using the tip of his cock to open up my spunk-filled hole, holding my ankles and forcing them backwards. I felt my own dick throbbing and the guy who had cum placed an elastic band around it and my balls, wrapping it tightly untill the veins were bulging all along my shaft as the guy between my legs put his cock-head in, then out of my ass, making it squelch noisely as more cum dribbled from it. Finally, leaning right over me, he let it sink all the way into me. Hungrily, my wet hairless ass swallowed it up, all of it, and when i eventually managed to look down past my straining dick, i could clearly see his sticky balls pressed tight between my cheeks. "Do like taking all my cock?" he asked me. The 2 guys using my mouth stopped to allow me to answer and i replied immediately. "I love it, fuck me!" was my honest answer to which he eagerly obliged. As he began slowly shoving his dick back and forth, one of the others put the bottle of poppers under my nose and i inhaled deeply for as long as i could. Soon the hot, horny rushes were tingling across my body, making my mind spin and my ass muscles relax as they allowed easier access for the guy who was fucking me. His hard hot pole was soon sliding in and out of my welcoming hole with little little resistance. The bottle of poppers was now being held under my nose constantly and every intake of breath filled my body with sexual desire and my mind with dirtier and dirtier thoughts. With a cock filling my mouth i had little choice but to keep breathing in the fumes from the vial and every breath seemed to make me want it more and more. If my mouth hadn't been full i'd have been urging the guy to give it to me harder, to fuck me deeper and faster with his big dick. Even though i'd have loved to tell him just how badly i wanted it, i was even more glad that i had not 1, but 2 dicks to suck on while my ass was being penetrated. God i felt so lucky! After a few minutes they decided to swap around, much to my delight, and the guy in my ass slowly pulled out and knelt near my head to offer his cum-covered cock for me to suck. Before i was allowed to taste it though, the 4th guy had zoomed the camera to get the perfect view of me about to suck the cum from a cock fresh out of my ass. "Wanna taste it?" he teased and i nodded without closing my mouth until he finally rested it on my tongue and let me lick the cum from his dick. I ran my tongue from the tip to his balls, letting the cum gather in my mouth until i had it all. Only then did i wrap my lips around it and suck on it as he f***ed it all down my throat, holding my face pressed against his crotch. Finally he pulled right out and i shamelessly let the camera focus on the thick spunky mess i swirled around my mouth with my tongue. "Swallow it then tell us what you want slut" said one of the guys, so i gulped it all down, licked my lips and spoke loudly so the cam would hear me. "I want some more cock up my ass and some more in my mouth please" i begged, needing to feel both my holes full of cock once again. The reply seemed to be what they wanted to hear, much to my relief, and i was told to lift myself up while one guy lay beneath me with my back to him. Resting my hands on either side of him and leaning right back, i lifted my bum so he could aim his dick upwards and let me lower myself onto it. As it slipped inside me, he held my hips to give himself control of how deep hid cock went and i was left to grind up and down on only half of it, but god it felt big, so thick and hot as it pulsated and throbbed inside me. Using his hands to cup my ass-cheeks and spread them wide he was soon dominating the pace, making me squat up on down on him really slowly. Even though i was desperate to slam my ass hard and fast down the full length of his shaft, i did exactly as he asked like a good little whore. Soon i was gasping with pleasure as he made me work harder and harder,grinding up and down on his pole as i struggled not to push myself all the way down it. With the bottle of poppers once again being constantly held under my nose and the hot intense rushes running through me, focusing my thoughts on solely getting all his cock inside me, i was soon begging him to let me have it all. When i felt myself about to cum, i simply had to feel every last inch up my ass and i'd have done absolutely ANYTHING to get it. "If you put it all in so i can cum on your cock, i'll swallow every last drop of my spunk" i promised and he seemed to like the idea and agreed. Letting go of my ass he finally told me i could have it all so long as i swallowed my cum. "Thank you" i managed to gasp before sliding all the way down his huge cock, moaning uncontrollably as i did it. "Oh fuck im gonna cum" i screamed, slamming myself urgently up and down, riding him hard and fast as my orgasm approached. "Please may i cum on your cock? I wanna taste it so bad" i begged, as he began to thrust his hips upwards in time. "Ok slut, cum with my cock in your ass" he replied, fucking me harder and faster until i couldn't stop myself. Just as i gasped the words "Im cumming", he pushed it all the way inside me, holding me there while my body tensed and my cock began to twitch. I felt someone slipping a small drinking glass over my dick, just in time to catch the first sticky spurts of sperm that exploded from my dick. Moaning and screaming like a dirty little slut, i quickly shot my thick sticky load directly into the glass, all the while feeling the cock burried deep inside me thrusting slightly, using about an inch to fuck me deeply. As my orgasm slowly passed and my softening dick squeezed the last drops from it, i looked down and saw my fresh load collecting in a glass, more than i've ever cum before. "Did you enjoy that?" one of the guys asked and in between gasping for breath i managed to reply i loved it. "I thought so, now... what do you wanna do next?" he asked, knowing already what i'd answer. "Please may i swallow my cum???" i asked. "I wanna taste it so bad". And with my hole still full of cock and the webcam zoomed fully in on my face, someone slowly tipped the glass full of cum into my open mouth while i drank every last bit hungrily, even licking the glass when it was all gone. As i finally caught my breath i looked around and found i hadn't even noticed the new guy slipping into the room, who was in the process of undressing until once more there were 4 naked guys to use me, one of which already had his cock deep inside me and was fucking me softly. Even though i probably should be getting used to having my ass full of dick by this point, it still felt soo fucking good and i couldn't help moaning softly. "Did you see me cum on his cock?" i asked the newcomer. He nodded and told me he loved how i swallowed my own cum straight afterwards. I'd been swallowing my own spunk every time i had sex, or masturbated alone i told him truthfully. I realized that the new guy was one of the men i'd only had one encounter with(sucking him off in a back-street until he came). The whole thing had lasted a matter of minutes at most and i could tell by the look in his eyes that he was excited about being able to fuck me. "How much cum have you had so far?" he enquired with his eyes fixed on the cock in my ass. "I've got one load up my arse i've just swallowed my own.... but i'm dying for some more" i answered. As i spoke he was already moving towards my head and his cock was in my mouth the minute i finished the sentance, already fully hard. "Oh yes, i wanna cum up your bum too" he groaned as i sucked him hard. "Can i do it? he asked, taking it from my mouth. "Now?" i asked in suprise n he nodded quickly. The guy fucking me quickly grabbed my cheeks and pulled me backwards, spreading my hole for him. Without a word the new guy slammed his dick into me, gave a few deep hard thrusts, then groaned as his cum joined the first guys in my ass. As soon as he'd done he dressed and left and it turned me on the way he simply used me to get off then dumped his cum in me, which was now dribbling messily from my ass-hole. "Who's next?" i asked cockily. 2 down 3 to go i thought to myself as one of the remaining three came over and rolled me onto my side, holding my leg up and lying behind me, slapping his dick a few time on my sloppy little pussy then thrusting it into my welcoming ass. "Mmm" i moaned loudly in response to his dick slipping up my arse so suddenly and i pulled my cheeks apart so he could see himself entering me from behind. Placing his free hand on my shoulder to hold me still, he started to fuck me, really good, nice and hard and as fast as he could. Yes, yes. yes! i gasped as i encouraged him to keep fucking me like this. "Give it to me, fuck my ass!" i begged, feeling my cock begin to stiffen again "Please dont stop, its so good, i love it" i cried as he silently pounded my cum filled hole, his balls slapping against my cheeks loudly. With every deep thrust, my own dick grew harder and harder. Five minutes later it was fully hard and twitching as he continued to relentlessly shag me like his life depended upon it. I'd honestly never been fucked like that by anyone before and my screams got louder and louder as i begged him not to stop, letting him know how much i was loving it. To shut me up. a cock was put in my mouth and i sucked it as fast as i could, trying to match the pace that my bum was being fucked. Even with a mouthful of dick i was making so much noise without even knowing it, sliding my lips messily up and down faster and faster. Then, with one last burst of energy, the guy banging my arse increased his speed for about 10 seconds before pulling out, pushing me flat on my back, and shooting his massive thick load all over my face before i had time to wrap my lips around him, my mouth already full of another guys cock. His spunk splashed all over my cheeks n chin, splattering all over the shaft of the dick in my mouth and running down it messily onto my lips. By the time he'd done cumming, my face was covered in it but i resisted the temptation to wipe it off and kept my lips firmly wrapped around the cock in my mouth. One of the others came round and grabbed my ankles, pulling them back over my head, leaving my arse spread wide and facing the ceiling. The two of them swapped, leaving the guy who's dick i was sucking to hold my legs apart and over my head. This left the first guy free to approach me any way he liked. Doubled over this, i could almost suck my own dick as it hung right in front of my face, and with a little help to push my legs further back i could actually lick the tip of my own dick...and when the guy who was about to fuck me crouched over to put his cock in, his body weight gave me the few inches i needed to get my lips around it. Taking turns, i sucked the guys dick then my own, and i heard someone laughing at me in disgust when i had my dick in my mouth. "I bet you'd love to shoot your cum into your own mouth, wouldn't you?" i heard someone say and as soon as i could reply i asked if i was allowed to do it then felt myself starting to cum anyways. This time it wasn't shooting out, it just oozed from my cock in thick white strands that stretched unbroken between my dick and my mouth. With every pulse of my dick, another sticky blob trickled onto my tongue

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