It was half past 11 on a Friday morning and I was just getting out of the shower. I’d spent the last half hour shaving my genitals totally smooth and I looked down at my hairless dick n balls admiring the job I’d done. I’d taken real care around my hole, in preparation for what was in store for me later that day, well, at least I hoped. See, for years I’d fantasised about it, and today I was determined to actually make it happen. It had become some-what of an obsession and I wanted it so bad. I was so excited, for today I was about to let a total stranger use me as his sex-toy, being totally submissive, letting him do whatever he wanted. My own dick already throbbed at just the thought of it. I’d lost count of how many nights I’d spent alone, just me, a tub of Vaseline and my 10 inch toy, buried deep inside me, imagining it was a real dick. Often I’d spend all night at it, before I’d even consider touching my dick and I really hoped that today I’d actually get it up the bum. If I had to, I’d beg for it, I needed to feel a real hot dick inside me for the very 1st time. I’d done something kinda naughty earlier, going into town to the local bus-station toilets, leaving my phone number and a message… TOTAL ANAL SLUT NEEDS FUCKING TODAY. I lay on my bed, spreading my legs and scooped up some lube, rubbing it onto my hole with my middle finger, feeling it about to slip inside when I got a text message which made my heart skip a beat. It read….I’ll be in the end cubicle at 12.30 today, come suck me off. It wasn’t what I’d been hoping for, but it was a start.
Later that day, at exactly 12.30, I slipped into the end cubicle and locked it behind me, squeezing past the guy who was waiting for me. Without saying a word I slipped off my shoes and pants, revealing the lacy blue french knickers I had on. Looking up at him I mouthed the words “I want you to fuck me please” he replied “not today, suck me off”. Sitting on the toilet seat, I leaned back and pulled my panties to one side, sliding 2 fingers up my arse while I began sucking my 1st ever cock. Ten minutes later, he pulled out of my mouth and squirted his cum into my mouth, wanking furiously while I tried to swallow it all, still with 2 fingers knuckle deep in my arse. Then, he just zipped up and left, leaving me alone, quickly pulling up my pants before cautiously leaving the public toilets.
On the way home I watched the video id recorded on my phone, loving the way I had teased his dick with my tongue before deepthroating him, nice and slow, using just my mouth, no hands as he had told me to. All it took was a few minutes before he gripped my hair and f***efully began fucking my face. I offered little resistance, allowing him to slide it all down my throat, taking the lot with every thrust. All too soon he pulled right out and spunked right into my open mouth, messily splattering my lips and cheeks with his juices. When he’d done I hungrily scooped it off my face into my mouth, showing it to the camera as he zoomed in for a better view. Slowly and deliberately I swallowed his cum, till every drop was gone.
I was halfway home when my phone rang and answered. The conversation lasted only a few minutes and when I hung up I had already arranged for another guy to pick me up and take me back to his place so he could fuck me, and he wasn’t far from where I was at. Nervously I waited for him and was soon jumping into his car with the biggest hard-on I’d ever had. We arrived at his place in minutes and quickly made our way up to the bedroom, where I stripped naked and lay on the bed, propping a pillow under my arse and spreading my legs wide, showing him my smooth little hole. He smiled as he took off his clothes, revealing a BIG thick cock, the kind I’d dreamed about. Then he knelt between my legs and moved his face up to my exposed bum. I couldn’t take it any longer and I spoke for the 1st time “please lick my hole” I begged, desperate to feel his wet tongue probing my ass. He didn’t need asking twice and began lapping at it urgently, getting it nice and wet, teasing me with his tongue. I was moaning softly as it pushed up inside me, exploring my hungry little fuck-hole eagerly, slipping further into me till it couldn’t reach any further. My moans were getting louder and louder as I pulled my cheeks apart for easier access.. Oh my fucking god it felt so good! Eventually he looked up at me and spoke for the 1st time “you want to feel my cock in your arse?” he asked, knowing full well what my answer would be. “Oh fuck, yes please, I want it so bad babe, give it to me like the dirty little slut I am” I begged in reply, suprising myself with how dirty I was acting.. The truth was though, I’d have done anything to feel it slide right up me at that moment, and I mean ANYTHING! I could tell he was dying to find out how tight I was and he quickly offered me his cock to suck, telling me to get it wet before he put it in me. I wrapped my lips around it hungrily taking it into my mouth, forcing it deeper and deeper, feeling it swelling to full hardness as my tongue swirled around the tip. God it was even bigger than I 1st thought and I couldn’t help gagging slightly when he pushed it right down my throat, holding my head as he did it. I looked up at the camera as my lips pressed firmly against the base. He held it there for a few seconds, obviously enjoying being in total control. When he finally pulled it out I gasped for breath, dribbling long strands of saliva down his cock before running my tongue up and down the length of it . “If you want me to fuck you, beg for my cock” he said, keeping the camera focused on me, ready for my reply. “Please put your in me, I want it so bad, tease my hole with your big dick” I pleaded, desperate beyond words by now, rubbing my smooth cheeks with my fingers. “ok you little slut, spread em nice and wide for me” he demanded. Obiediently i complied as he knelt between my thighs, holding his cock with one hand and the camera in the other. I rubbed a little spit onto it till i was wet n ready for him, then he pressed it against my arse-hole, nudging the tip in, never letting it disappear inside me, which he could tell I wanted so badly wanted. “Give it to me” I panted, bucking my hips, trying to get more of it in me. “You want more don’t you?” he teased, pulling right out. “I can tell your little hole does, I bet it gets lots of action doesn’t it?”. “Not really, ive never been brave enough to let anyone fuck it before” I replied, slightly embarrassed . “Can I have more please”? I said needing that cock deep in me. My hole was gaping a little as it tried to swallow his throbbing cock-head. ”Am i your first?” he asked, waiting for my reply. ”Yeah, I’ve sucked cock before, but your gonna be the 1st to fuck me” I replied. “Who’s dick did you suck earlier?” he inquired. “Just some strangers, in the public toilets” I answered, feelin a little embarrassed as the words left my mouth. He seemed to like it though and he smiled as he grabbed my legs and pinned them back towards to my head. ”Did you like it? Sucking a strangers cock”? he asked. “I loved it” I answered, freely admitting to it. His dick was now pressed against the entrance to my ass. “ I loved it when he spunked onto my tongue, I held it in my mouth till he let me to swallow it”. I almost blushed as I said it, but honestly at the time, id have swallow much more. “I bet you think im such a whore don’t you? but I just cant help it” I said avoiding making eye contact. It made me feel so dirty , hearing what I was saying.. even though it was the truth. “Yeah, you are a whore and I like it babe, and after ive fucked you nice and hard, would you like my hot spunk in your mouth aswell?” he asked. Without looking at him I nodded n replied “Yes please, I’d love to taste some more cum, after you’ve used my ass”. “Hmm, if you work hard enough for it, maybe I’ll let you”. So i pulled my ass wide apart, presenting it to him, giving him a better look at it. “I want your cock inside me please, fucking me hard” I said and I edged onto the tip. “You want more, don’t you, you little whore?” I looked him straight in the eyes n replied “yes, I want it all”. Then, without warning, he pulled right out then slammed the whole length right up me, till I felt his balls pressing on my ass-cheeks. I went absolutely mental, moaning loudly. My cock twitched uncontrolably n without even touching it, I began squirting my load, all over my belly in hot, thick sticky strands, 4 or 5 long squirts in total.
“OH FUCK” was all I could manage to utter as my orgasm took over. I squirmed in pleasure as he held it tightly against me, feeling it throbbing while my ass clamped tightly around it. He wasn’t even thrusting it in n out, just holding me, impaled upon it. “You like that don’t you ?” he asked teasingly. I just nodded as he began scooping up my cum n feeding it to me. Hungrily i sucked his fingers clean. Making sure not to miss a drop, he wiped the last of it onto my tongue. ”Don’t swallow it yet.. play with it for a bit first” he told me. I did as I was told, swirling my tongue over my lips n messily letting it dribble down my chin, blowing spunky little bubbles as he watched, all the while telling me I was a dirty little cum-swallowing whore. All I could do was nod in agreement. Thats exactly what I was. A dirty little whore with a mouthful of my own cum and a big throbbing cock in my ass. “Fuck me with your big dick please?” I pleaded, hoping he’d rise to the bait n pound me hard n fast. “If you want it, then you should do all the work” he said, and I happily agreed. He wouldn’t have to even break a sweat I thought. “ok ride me, but u better suck on it first, no using your hands, just your mouth” he demanded as he took it out of my ass unexpectedly, forcing me to gasp a little. Quick as I could, I turned over n took his cock in my mouth, no hands, wrapping my lips around it and engulfing as much as I could. He let out a quiet groan as I moved my lips up n down his shaft, pausing at the tip to run my tongue all over it then taking it all once more. Finally he agreed to let me ride him, n damn I was so ready for it. He lay on his back, his big cock pointing upwards and I squatted over it, facing him then lowered myself onto him, slowly taking it inch by inch till his whole cock in me and my ass cheeks pressed against his balls. I leaned back a little n rested my hands on the bed, allowing him a good view of his cock stretching my hole. Slowly I started to bounce on his pole, all the way up then back down again every time, gradually building up speed, my moans getting louder n louder. My hole squelched as I began slamming it faster n faster down his dick, every stroke making me shudder with pleasure. “you’re loving that aren’t you?” he asked, knowing full well I was in absolute ecstasy, Impaled on his cock, bouncing frantically as I felt myself getting closer to cumming for the 2nd time.
“yeh, Im gonna cum hard on your cock soon” I managed to gasp in between my groans of pleasure. I could feel my cock getting ready to explode as I began bouncing as fast as I could manage. “you want me to make you cum? All u have to do is ask me. Tell me what you want babe, and I’ll make you cum” he said, grabbing either side of my hips.
“oh baby, I want you to make me cum on your big cock, Im so close, please, fuck my arse and make me cum” I begged, sweat dripping off me by now. “good little whore” he said as he gripped my waist tighter and began to slam his cock up to meet my thrusts. Harder and faster, all the way in with every stoke, pounding my ass-hole like id dreamed about for years. Within seconds I couldn’t stop myself screaming as I felt myself start to cum…… “yes! Yes! Fuck me, don’t stop, don’t stop, Im gonna cum, mmmmmm” I managed to wail, as my cock exploded and my spunk squirted from it in thick jets, going absolutely everywhere. I closed my eyes, lost in my own pleasure as he continued to pound my ass relentlessly, his cock never missing a stroke. Ive never cum so hard in my whole life, my whole body shuddering and my dick twitching uncontrollably, still spewing my juice, which I knew I’d be tasting as soon as finished cumming. “Turn round and face me as you ride me, I wanna see how much your lovin it” he asked, so I slid off his dick, sucked it quickly, then sat back on it, pulling my cheeks apart with both hands. I ground my ass down onto it, taking more and more into my wet little fuck-hole as he held my waist firmly, making sure I was still the one doing all the work as he watched me. I was only too happy to do it and I was riding him slowly but firmly now, both hands still spreading my cheeks nice and wide as he started feeding me the cum that covered his fingers, sucking each digit clean. “You love the taste of cum don’t you?” he asked. “Yes, I wanna taste yours now. I want your cum in my mouth so I can play with it, can I have it please?” I begged, riding him faster and harder, building up a frantic pace now, slamming my ass up n down his thick pole as fast as I could. The sweat was pouring off me as I worked harder and harder trying to make him cum, getting closer and closer to my reward with every second.
“Don’t stop baby, im close” he moaned, thrusting his hips up and pulling me down at the same time. “Give it to me baby, please cum in my mouth” I pleaded. “Lie down quickly, im gonna cum” he gasped and I slid my ass off his pole n knelt down, opening my mouth wide as he wanked his dick millimetres from my tongue. Fingering myself frantically, I begged for his load and he began squirting his hot sticky load into my mouth, moaning loudly as he shot his load. he made sure every last drop went straight in. When he’d almost done I took his throbbing cock-head into my mouth and gently sucked it, milking his dick till it went soft in my mouth. When he finally pulled it out I opened up, showing his spunk to him, my mouth almost half full. Then, as promised, I swirled my tongue around, coating my lips with his creamy juices, blowing sticky spunky bubbles with it, gargling with it while he watched. I hadnt let any at all go down my throat yet n I was desperate to swallow some
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so fucking hot! I'd love to have an eager little anal slut like you.... But I'd want to cumm deep up inside your hole and leave you dripping