Gay fantasy come true

I had always wanted to play with a cock other than mine. My fantasy led eventually to my being gangbanged. This is what happened.

One day talking to a male friend of mine about our wives sucking our cocks it was mentioned how it wouldn't matter who was sucking your cock really, male or female. Your right said my friend Ian, maybe we should try it for real one day. And we did. It started by chance with my calling at his house one evening. Unknown to me his wife was visiting their daughter who lived a few miles away and intended spending the night there. Ian didn't waste any time telling me to remove my clothes while he went to get some tissue paper. To clean up any mess of course. He was stark naked on his return with his cock sticking straight out as rigid as can be. 'All your clothes' he said as I was still wearing my shirt. He came to me and held me close, kissing me full on my lips while his hand went down fondling my rapidly hardening cock. His nakedness pressing against me was electrifying and I was on the point of an orgasm almost immediately. I hardly had time to moan before he was kneeling in front of me taking my cock into his warm wet and eager mouth. His lips closed tight on my throbbing shaft and his tongue was working the length of it. I couldn't hold back and told him so. He let my cock come out of his mouth and taking it in hand wanked me furiously until I shot my load into some of the tissue paper he had picked up with his other hand. I shot more cum than I had for ages, and my wife is an expert cocksucker, having had many years of practice. I was slightly embarrassed at what had just happened even though it had been a fantasy for years but I didn't have time to dwell on it for Ian was now standing up and pushing me down in front of him saying 'my turn now, get this cock in your mouth'. He took my head between his hands as he pushed his cock between my lips. My fantasy had come true and he was fucking my mouth with vigour. I knew he wouldn't be long in reaching an orgasm anymore than I was. His cock was throbbing constantly and he was moaning aloud. 'Can I cum in your mouth he shouted, I'm coming'. Not really wanting to swallow I pulled away as he shouted 'Oh Fuck' and his hot cum went onto my chest and belly, running down into my pubic hair. We played with each other for a good while longer, kissing and cuddling, pressing our naked bodies together our legs wrapped around one another. We cleaned up eventually and got dressed, both of us agreeing we had just had as good a sexual experience as any other we had ever had. Our first male to male encounter had proven to be a great success and we decided we would have more.

It was a few short weeks before the chance for another session came. Ian's wife was again going to their daughters house as would often happen in the coming weeks and months. The daughter needed a lot of help with her own c***dren. I had phoned Ian to let him know I was on my way. 'Just let yourself in and lock the door behind you if I don't answer ' he said. That's what I had to do and shouted his name as I entered. Receiving no answer and hearing sound upstairs I went up to find Ian taking a shower. I was sure he planned it to happen that way when he offered me the soap and asked me to wash his back ' seeing I was there '. I washed his back and found my fingers soaping his firm little arse. My middle finger found its way between his cheeks and I started finger fucking his hole. That's lovely said Ian I bet your cock up me would be nice too. His cock was hard I noticed. I dried him off and gave his cock plenty off attention in the process. Ian asked if I would like to go to bed with him but I was concerned his wife may return unexpectedly for some reason and notice the bed had been used etc. We went downstairs and I took off my clothes. ' You can fuck me if you want ' said Ian pointing to a jar of vaseline. Tissue lying next to it told me he had been preparing for this. I couldn't wait and bent him over the arm of the settee spreading his cheeks. Looking at his tight little hole had my cock throbbing again and I was shivering with excitement. Taking some vaseline I spread some around his hole working some up with my finger. Trembling I placed my cock at the entrance and pushed. Tight though it was my cock went in right up to my balls. I thought, Ian has either been fucked before or uses a dildo. But what a lovely feeling. Never having fucked arse before the pleasure was immense. His tight arse was gripping my cock as I started to fuck him and Ian was beginning to moan. He was over the settee arm with my cock deep into his hole. I moved my hands from his hips to his shoulders and let all my weight come down on him as I started to ride him. He was really moaning now and with his cock being pressed beneath him onto the settee arm he started to cum. This drove me wild hearing him shouting 'You are making me cum '. I was fucking him hard and fast and the pleasure was tremendous. So hard it was starting to hurt him but I couldn't stop.' Oh Ian ' I said
your tight arse hole must be the best fuck I have ever had. I pounded away at his hole feeling my cum building up and beginning to realise I was hurting him because he was shouting quite loud now that he was sore. I didn't let him up though and fucked him until I came. It flooded up his hole and I sank onto him squirting every last drop of my cum into him. I lay for a couple of minutes on top of him feeling and smelling our sweat and cum. Ian whimpered a little, understandable after such a pounding. Standing up my cock was now limp and covered with spunk. Ian wiped me with tissue saying although my cock hurt him a little he had loved the feeling of my cock entering his hole and the warm cum flooding into him. Of course we were going to continue with similar sessions. Having cleaned and dressed we held each other and kissed until our final long goodnight kiss.

A few short weeks later our work shifts coincided at a time my wife was at work. I’ll come over mid morning Ian said inviting himself. He needed some sex he said and suggested pushing his cock up my virgin hole. He had me trembling thinking about it. On the day I had a couple of hours before Ian arrived and spent the time soaping my arse and washing so I wouldn’t be embarrassed by anything unpleasant. I worked some Vaseline into my hole just before he was due to arrive hoping he still wanted to fuck me. Being a nice summer day I was wearing only a light pair of shorts when he arrived with nothing underneath them or any other clothes for that matter. When I saw his car pull up outside my house I was shivering with anticipation and quickly opened the door. Immediately the door closed behind him his hands were all over me. ‘You look great with your suntan’ he said and kissed me long and hard. We walked into the living room and right in front of the mantelpiece he undid my shorts and they dropped to my feet. I was totally naked now and my cock was swelling .The blinds provided privacy being slightly angled. Ian undid his belt and dropped his own trousers saying ‘look how hard my cock is’ and telling me he would fuck the arse off me before leaving. Holding my hips he turned me around until my back was to him and using his feet spread my legs slightly apart. I was holding onto the mantelpiece as he stretched my cheeks apart and pushed a finger in my hole. ‘You have greased your arse ready for me you horny cunt’ he said and with that started to push his rigid dick into me. I was very very tight never having been fucked before but loved the feelings I got as he entered me. Ian moved his cock in and out with a slight side movement too and he was in up to his balls within a short time. The pleasure I was feeling was almost overpowering and I felt weak at the knees. He began to ride me slowly at first almost withdrawing his cock on the out strokes and making me moan when he shoved it back in. ‘Oh Ian, that’s heaven, fuck me fuck me please’ I said. He was gaining momentum now and grunting a little as his cock plunged into me. ‘I won’t be long’ he said. I knew he wouldn’t because through the now rapid pounding my arse was receiving I could feel his cock twitching. Holding my hips firmly his cocked shagged up my hole like a piston, faster and faster. I thought I would be knocked to the floor so rampant was his fucking. The pain and the pleasure were becoming unbearable when Ian shouted ‘I’m coming I’m coming’ and I felt his warm juice flood up inside me. He kept his cock fully in me for a long time allowing all his love juice to enter me. And love juice it was. I would do anything for Ian in return for more cock like that. ‘My God’ I thought what had I been missing. If only I had started such pleasure in my early teens. Ian withdrew and turned me to face him. ‘Was that ok’ he asked. Heaven I said and I want a lot more. ‘Greedy bitch’ said Ian pushing me down. I realised he wanted me in front of him on my knees and dutifully responded. ‘Lick the cum off my cock you horny bitch’ he said and pulling my head forward put his cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked him and could feel his cock hardening again and suddenly holding my head firm he shot a second load of his warm tasty cum into my mouth. Ian was sated now and pulled away to get dressed. ‘You can have a wank after I’ve gone’ he said knowing I was like a bitch in heat. When dressed he kissed me hard, stroked my cock softly and left saying ‘think of my cock when you play with yourself and I’ll fuck you again soon’. My cock was red raw when I finished wanking myself.

Talking later to Ian, who I was sometimes now referring to as my lover he said he hoped I liked his cock in me. I did I said. He told me his near neighbor Jeff had offered to rub his back for him after he had mentioned he had a sore back. 'Maybe he fancies you ' I said. I had met Jeff on a couple of occasions with him living only doors away from Ian. He is single and never been married and was thought to be gay. Why don't you let him and see what happens I said. Ian drank with Jeff and went out with him on days out now and then and obviously new him well enough to know exactly what he was after. One night Ian had been in Jeff’s house having a beer when Jeff offered to rub his back again. Dressed only in summer shorts Ian agreed and lay face down on the floor. His back was massaged and eventually Jeff’s hands were working beneath the band of Ian’s shorts and rubbing the cheeks of his arse. Ian said he instinctively opened his legs slightly and within two seconds a finger was shoved up his arse hole. ‘Do you fuck’ Jeff said. If you are gentle I will said Ian to him. Jeff pulled off Ian’s shorts, took off his own trousers and spreading Ian’s legs mounted him. Face down on the floor Ian was fucked gently by Jeff and the motion was pushing Ian’s cock onto the carpet increasing his pleasure. Nearing his orgasm Jeff fucked harder and harder bringing Ian to orgasm as he shot his own warm wet cum deep into Ian.
That was the start of a long and continuing relationship in which Ian gets fucked weekly, sometimes twice a week with plenty of cock sucking also. Ian’s hole has experienced brush handles plus a few other dildo objects over the months. In fact Jeff has made Ian’s mancunt as well used as a hard line whore. Is Ian happy? Oh yes.

Many weeks had gone by without seeing Ian before I was again invited round. In that time he was well used by Jeff of course. Jeff was to be invited for a drink also. When the evening arrived the doorbell rang and Jeff came in taking note of the gay video being played on the T.V. We chatted while watching the movie commenting on some of the actions and cocks of the characters. Feeling slightly horny I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Getting my swelling cock out I began to slowly stroke my length wondering if Ian and Jeff were fucking each other by now. However the bathroom door opened and Ian came in. He came to me and kissed me and loosened and dropped my trousers to the floor taking hold of my cock at the same time. ‘You sexy cunt’ he said, sneaking upstairs for a wank without me. He was kissing me hard and pulling my rigid cock then knelt before me and took my whole length into his mouth. His lips felt lovely as they closed around my pulsing tool and he began to deep throat me. I held his head and started to fuck his mouth when Jeff walked into the bathroom. He stood watching and I noticed an enlarging bulge in his trousers. Ian pulled off my cock saying ‘I think we should all go to bed’ and walked toward the bedroom leading me by holding my cock. We were in bed naked within seconds but I found myself hesitating to get involved with Jeff, he being a stranger to me really. He did say I could suck his cock if I wanted to but my embarrassment held me back. So a little while later we went back downstairs to find the movie still running, the bedroom not having been a success. Still naked and beginning to show an interest in the movie again Ian moved between Jeff and I and started to suck our cocks one after the other. He brought us both to orgasm at the same time with hand jobs and we watched him wank himself afterwards for he was rampant by then. I left a little while later feeling I should have made more of the opportunity and gone down on Jeff’s lovely thick cock but sure that the two of them would continue, probably giving each other a good fuck.

The next time I called at Ian’s he was wearing his wife’s pink silk pyjama top. Nothing else. Feeling him against me wearing that made me as horny as hell and I was down on him sucking his cock as a whore would. I was beginning to feel like a whore and liking it. He shot his load into my mouth and I swallowed it eagerly. After kissing and fondling each other we dressed and sat talking. We had talked about taking a trip to Amsterdam on a North Sea ferry and Ian was booking the cabin. He had asked if Jeff could come and assured me there would be no sex on the trip. He knew I hadn’t been sure of involvement with Jeff. We agreed and Ian booked our cabin.

The date arrived and the three of us boarded the ship. We walked the deck and familiarised ourselves with the ship etc. Having set sail we indulged in a couple of drinks and chatted for a while before returning to our cabin to relax intending to return to the bar on the evening. I don’t know how long I had been asl**p when I awoke with a desire to visit the bathroom. Naked because of the heat I went and was about to climb back into my top bunk when Ian’s hand reached out from the lower bunk and felt for my cock. His hand moved softly over my pubic hair and touched my cock. Taking hold of my cock he pulled me down onto my knees. He put a hand behind my neck and pulled my head down. His rigid cock pushed past my lips and he worked my head up and down with his hands until I was deep throating his cock. ‘Suck you little whore, suck my hard cock’ he whispered as he pushed his cock deeper down my throat. He was moaning softly and moving his arse from side to side as he pushed even deeper into my mouth. A finger was pushed up my arse and I gripped it tightly with the cheeks of my arse until it began finger fucking me. I was being rapidly finger fucked when I felt Ian tense and he lifted up and emptied
his reservoir of cum into my mouth which I swallowed eagerly. He ejaculated such a large amount I was unable to swallow it all and it ran down his tool into his pubic hair. The finger was still buried up my arse working its magic when I heard Jeff say ‘my turn now bitch, you’re not leaving me out a second time’. I hadn’t realised until that moment but it was Jeff’s finger that had given my hole so much pleasure. I turned to see his big thick cock standing upright which he took hold of and stroked softly. ‘Come here bitch and suck me now’ said Jeff pulling me by my hair until his thick cock was fully in my mouth. I nearly choked at the size of it and my mouth was stretched wide open. Jeff didn’t need to be quiet as he fucked my mouth. ‘You little slut’ he said. ‘I don’t know where Ian found a tight little whore like you but I’m glad he did and I’m going to fuck you before this trip is over good and proper’. As I sucked his cock Ian had become hard again and approaching me from behind spread my cheeks and shoved deep into me with his rigid tool. This was the heaven I had always imagined but shied away from previously. I was impaled on two lovely hard cocks. ‘My God I thought I can’t get enough of this’. Every time Ian thrust into me I nearly choked on Jeff’s thick cock. They both were fucking me strongly now and my arse hole was tender and stretched. Jeff tensed and came with a huge spurt and I swallowed it all down. I had to or I would have choked as Ian came seconds later pounding my arse as he did so. I fell forward lying across Jeff’s belly and Ian collapsed on top of us. We stank of cum and sweat and my whole body ached with all the pounding it had received. After a while we returned to our original beds to rest some more before our planned evening drink.

A couple of hours later having showered and dressed the three of us headed for the bar for an evening drink. On entering Jeff stopped to talk to a couple of guys he obviously new while Ian and I headed for the bar. Jeff’s drink lay untouched because he was still talking to his friends when Ian and I ordered another round. Looking across to where Jeff and his friends were standing I noticed the three of them were looking at me and smiling. Jeff left them and came across to get his drink. We chatted a while and made small talk about the holiday etc. before we decided to call it a night and head for the cabin. ’Catch you later’ a voice said as we departed. It was one of Jeff’s friends speaking. Jeff raised his hand in acknowledgment.

Back in the cabin the heat was almost unbearable and the three of us couldn’t wait to get back in shorts. I headed for another shower to help cool down. I came out of the shower to find Ian down in front of Jeff with a mouthful of cock. ‘He’s getting it hard for you’ Jeff said and with that pulled out of his mouth and swung his cock toward me. ‘Come here my little whore and get on your hands and knees’ said Jeff. I dutifully did as I was told and Jeff shoved his hard cock into my mouth. Within seconds I could feel Ian against my buttocks spreading my cheeks to accommodate his cock and with an enthusiastic push was deep in my arsehole. I was being double fucked once again. ‘You dirty little slut’ said Ian as I felt a warm flood of cum wash my hole. Jeff wanted to cum up my arse also and told Ian to change places with him. Ian put his wet cum dripping cock into my mouth as Jeff mounted me with a grunt, saying ‘your not going to be able to walk after the fucking your going to get tonight you bitch’. He started thrusting deep into my tender hole. He was riding me with a passion and slamming against my cheeks which were beginning to feel a little painful by now. ‘Take it you dirty bitch’ said Ian, ‘there’s plenty cock waiting for you on this trip’. Ian was encouraging Jeff urging him on and holding my mouth tight onto his own cock. Someone who had taken my virginity and I thought was my lover was happy to see me used by another cock, but I didn’t mind. I was getting used to the soreness of my anus and the growing pleasure was taking over. Harder and harder Jeff’s cock hammered into me until I was moaning with pleasure. He finally came with a loud shout and pushed me so hard Ian’s cock came out of my mouth as I fell to the floor with Jeff still buried in me jerking and shuddering. Another huge load of cum had poured into my tight hole. Jeff climbed off me when he had fully drained his balls of cum but Ian was quick to mount me before I could move. ‘I have some more for you bitch’ he said and fucked into my arse. Panting and horny after watching Jeff ride me he was in frenzy as he began fucking me, Jeff’s spunk running down the sides of Ian’s cock as he fucked. ‘You feel just like a little girl’s cunt, all warm, wet and tight said Ian. He rode me hard until his love juice mixed with Jeff's and slowly stood up. I lay face down for a while until I recovered. It was quite a heavy fucking I had just taken. ‘We can’t fuck him very well down there’ I heard a voice say. Startled I turned my head to see Jeff’s two friends looking me up and down and watching the cum running from my arse. ‘Delicious’ one said, ‘I want some of that’. They had entered the cabin while Ian was fucking me. Four pairs of hands were lifting me up from the floor. ‘Lift him like he’s in a sling’ said one and I was held by Ian and Jeff each side by an arm and a leg with my legs pulled apart. Jeff’s friends stripped and raising my head caught my breath at the size of their cocks. ‘My god I can’t take monsters like that they are enormous.’ They were huge cocks, heavily veined with massive balls hanging below. I started to struggle but Ian and Jeff held me firm as one of them moved between my legs. Pushing a finger up my hole he said I was lubricated enough with cum and spread my cheeks wide. He pushed hard at my tight hole and again and again to gain entrance until eventually he began to break in. I screamed with the pain but he continued until buried deep in me. ‘What a tight fuck you are ‘he said ‘I’m going to fuck the arse off you bitch’ and he started shoving deep into me. I was stretched more than I could ever have believed possible by his big horse dick and I could feel his huge balls swinging against my arse as he punished my trembling hole.’ I’m going to open up your mancunt like a real whores’ he said as his saliva ran down his chin. Grunting like a pig he fucked like a madman with a new toy. I was his new toy and he was making the most of it. He shot into me, the f***e of his orgasm was tremendous and his cum squirted past his thick dick and dripped onto the floor. He finally pulled out of me only for his friend to take his turn. His cock was the thickest of all and I felt as if I would be split in two. ‘There is nothing like bare backing a new bit of arse’ he said as he entered me. The pain was immense and I nearly fainted as he fucked his huge tool into me. His entrance was made easier by all the spunk in and around my arsehole. Ian and Jeff held me in this position slung between them as he shafted his monster machine into me. In and out his great piston pounded away at my raw hole making all kinds of suction noises while Ian and Jeff urged him on. ‘Go on fuck the bitch hard’ said Ian ‘shag the cunt until he can’t walk’. ‘Yeah’ said Jeff looking at this huge piston ramming into me. When he ejaculated Ian and Jeff could barely hold me so powerful was his explosion of cum. He reached over and gripping my shoulders pulled me even further onto his cock and I felt the wad of cum hit me inside. He screamed with his own pleasure as I did myself with the pain of his shagging and was limp when I was lowered off his cock and onto the floor. I had just been ****d by two of the biggest cocks around, of that I was sure. ‘What a fuck that was’ said Jeff who’s own cock had became erect while watching me being debauched. I was lying on my back trembling from my experience when Jeff knelt between my legs, and lifting my legs up shoved his cock up my dripping arse. He was sweating and panting and began riding my arse with a passion, eager to shoot his load into me as his friends had just done. Ian sat over my face and looking at Jeff lowered his hole over my mouth. ‘Tongue my arse hole for me you slut’ he said and sat full on my face. Hardly able to breathe my tongue began licking Ian’s arse. He leaned forward and kissed Jeff who continued fucking me and they were still kissing when Jeff shuddered hard and shot his load into me. My tonguing of Ian’s arse hole had done a good job and I felt Ian’s cum running from his cock onto my chest. With Ian still on my face and Jeff’s cock up my arse the two embraced for a while, then climbed off me sated. They were exhausted and said so. ’What, so soon’ said Jeff’s two friends, we are just getting started. ‘I’m worn out’ said Jeff, indicating he wanted to lie down and rest, perhaps have an hour or two sl**p.
‘Me also’ said Ian. ‘Ok’ said the two friends ‘we can take him back to our cabin for a while’ ‘Oh my god I don’t think I can take any more’ I thought. ‘Pull your shorts on, we are just a few cabins away’ one said. It was just expected I was going to lie down for them as and when they wanted from now. I had been truly broken in and was theirs for the taking whenever they felt like fucking me.

I had been reamed so thoroughly I couldn’t walk easily. My shorts were soaked in everyone’s cum by the time we reached their cabin. I had taken so much spunk it flooded out of me when I stood up. ‘Come on in bitch’ said one and took hold of me kissing me hard and pushing my shorts down. His partner pulled the shorts away and kneeling down behind me pushed my legs apart and started licking cum from my arse and thighs. The other stopped kissing, and kneeling before me took my cock into his mouth. For all the pain I was feeling, the effect of their tongues started to have an effect and my cock slowly hardened. ‘Look at this horny bitch’ one said, ‘he’s going to get some real fucking before he leaves here’. I shivered on hearing that. Had I not already been well fucked? How much more could I take? My orgasm came suddenly and I shot my load into the mouth of my kneeling new friend. He swallowed it down not seeming to mind. I was pleased he didn’t seem to mind or get angry at receiving a mouthful of my cum. ‘Now it’s your turn’ he said. His friend stopped licking cum off me and sat on the end of the bed his cock sticking up like a telegraph pole. ‘Get you tight arse on my cock you slut’ he said, and pulled me astride him. Pushing me down by my shoulders I slowly sank onto his huge cock. I was once again impaled on his monster cock and he lifted and pushed up to be sure he got maximum penetration. His friend approached pointing his hard cock toward my mouth. ‘Open wide bitch’ he said and shoved his hard tool into my mouth. He began fucking vigorously pushing hard to the back of my throat. The cock in my arse hole was moving in rhythm and appeared to be swelling in size. My mouth filled with warm cum as the enormous cock exploded and I swallowed it all down to stop from choking. The cock I was sitting on was pounding at my tender behind and I felt it was going to split me in two. Suddenly he stopped and turned me to face him. Once again pulled onto his huge cock he kissed me hard, his tongue searching my mouth for his friends cum while his hands ran up my back to my shoulders. Pulling me down hard by my shoulders he pumped rapidly into me and I felt his orgasm coming as the head of his cock was swelling rapidly. He held me tight as he shot his massive load of cum into me again. I was awash with so much cum it flooded out of me soaking his stomach and thighs and running onto the bedclothes. He fell back onto the bed with his cock still in me, saying ‘get off my cock and lick it clean you dirty little slut’. Kneeling before him I began my task and licked the length of his still hard rod, as his love juice dripped from my arse hole. His friend started to rub my soaking hole with his hand and proceeded to rub the spunk all over my body. Having licked the cock clean I was stood up and the two of them continued spreading their cum over my trembling body. I was weak at the knees from all the rough treatment I had received since coming aboard the ferry and wondered if it would ever end, but it wasn’t about to just yet. ‘Get him on the table on his back’ said one and I was pushed onto the table with my legs being thrown over his shoulders. His cock was rock hard as he ****d into my sore hole again. ‘Do these guys ever go soft’ I thought to myself as his pounding increased and the table creaked with the weight of us both. He took hold of my flaccid dick pulling so tight on it I cried out with the pain. ‘Shut your mouth you little cunt’ he said, we’ll do what we want with you’ and continued fucking me like an a****l. His friend was encouraging him to fuck harder and harder. He came with a loud moan nearly knocking both of us off the table. I was nearly in tears by now saying I couldn’t take anymore but they just promised plenty more to come before the voyage was over. When he was sated he got off me and his friend turned me over face down and buried he dick deep in my arse. The two of them must be insatiable because I was being ridden yet again by cock that had never stopped or softened for several hours. ‘Look at him ride that arse’ I heard a voice say. ‘Is he a good fuck’? Who could be talking I thought but promptly lost my train of thought as the huge hard piston in my arse began to pick up speed, slamming into me .By the time he came I was just like a rag doll, and bruised and sore all over. With a shout he pulled out of my hole and shot his load over my back, moaning as it spurted from his rock hard cock. He milked his cock onto my back spreading his cum around with his hands. I was soaking wet and smelling like a whore. I lay across the table unable to move, exhausted and literally fucked almost to destruction. Two pairs of hands took hold of me and began to lift me off the table. As I was turned around I saw a stranger standing with a huge bulge in his trousers and a grin on his face. He had just watched me being ****d. This was the man whose voice I had heard. The man who had just fucked me said ‘do you want to play with our little tart Pete’. ‘You bet’ said the new guy and began removing his clothes. He had entered the cabin when I was being brutally fucked and had enjoyed watching the event. Now he was rampant at the thought of a piece of fresh meat to shove his cock into. Sitting on the chair his cock stood up like a monument. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen or ever imagined the veins thick and pulsing bl**d to the huge head. ‘Lift him onto me Pete said, and lifting me above this monster of a cock the two lowered me down. I screamed with pain shouting ‘stop stop please I can’t take it’ and tears started running down my cheeks. I was lifted again and lowered back onto the bl**d swollen head but this time Pete pulled me down by my hips and his giant tool tore into me. I was crying and whimpering with the pain and pleading with them to stop but to no avail. I was lifted up and down like this for nearly twenty minutes while Pete grunted and called me his little whore, pulling at my nipples and scratching at my back. ‘Your mancunt will be sore for weeks after I’m finished with you’ he said. ‘Lift the cunt faster, I’m going to cum’ he said to his friends. They bounced me up and down rapidly now and I could feel his cock swelling ready to cum. ‘Ohhhhhhhhh you slut’ Pete shouted and exploded into me jamming his cock in so deep I felt he would split my hole so badly I wouldn’t be able to walk again. He was shaking me around stretching my hole wide and calling me his dirty little whore. After he had finished I was made to lick the juice off his cock while the other two took turns fucking me again and again from behind like an a****l. Their orgasms were as powerful as ever. At last the fucking stopped and I was left lying on the floor crying with the pain they had enjoyed giving me. I was covered with their cum, and my arse felt so unbelievably stretched. ‘We will have a good time on the return journey’ one said to Pete. ‘I’m looking forward to it’ said Pete who was now dressed and saying I’ll see you later, left the cabin. ‘Jeff and Ian will be wondering where you are’ one said. Get your shorts on and get back to your cabin, we will see you later. I was let out of the cabin but was sure it wasn’t going to be the last time I would be here.

I could barely walk into my cabin and Ian got up and helped me onto the bed. ‘Are you alright’ he said. I must have looked dreadful because he showed a lot of concern. After all he had been the first but had taken my virginity in a tender and loving way. I thought of him as my lover. He lay down next to me his arm around me holding me protectively, asking what had happened. Lying on our sides I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck. I began to recount the recent events and Ian caressed my aching body as I did. As I described the sordid last couple of hours I felt Ian’s breath becoming stronger and realised his hard prick was pressing against my arse. My story of the recent events had turned him on. ‘Oh no Ian please I can’t take anymore’ I said. ‘I’ll be gentle’ he said and his cock slid into my hole. He was very gentle and moved his cock slowly until his orgasm. He held me tight and let his cum run into me and I fell asl**p with his cock still inside of me.

When we awoke Jeff was smiling. He looked me up and down studying my ravaged body. He kissed me and said ‘you look as though you have been well and truly fucked you lucky boy’ and went off to the shower. Ian came to me and held me close to him. ’Are you alright’ he asked stroking my body. ‘I’ll kiss you all better later but let’s get showered now before the ship docks’. I had totally forgotten time and realised we were arriving at our destination.

Our stay in Amsterdam was short and we enjoyed the typical tourist sights. A sex show was a must of course. I rejoined the ship for the return journey home with a great feeling of trepidation. Would I have to experience the same brutal sex treatment as on my outward voyage? I wanted gentle caring sex with my lover Ian, not to be used by everyone like a whore. It wasn’t long before I realised I was destined to be just that. They were to use and abuse me all ways on our journey home. We left port on our return journey and we three promptly fell asl**p on reaching our cabin.

I awoke after a couple of hours and headed for the shower. I came out of the shower to find five naked men with rigid cocks waiting for me. I was pulled to my knees and told to service all their cocks with my mouth. One by one they entered my mouth and my lips and tongue did their work. I felt their throbbing penises and their balls slapping against me as they fucked into my mouth. Holding my head firmly they came into my mouth one after another, forcing me to swallow huge amounts of cum. Then the real ordeal started. They placed me on my hands and knees and pushed my head to the floor. They mounted me in turn and fucked my still tender arsehole showing no mercy. They were applauding each in turn after penetration and the harder and more brutal I was ridden, the louder the shouting. I was on the point of collapse when the last one finally came having endured nearly two hours of solid cock in my arse. They didn’t tire and I was instructed to put my tongue into each of their arseholes in turn and lick the love juice off their cocks all of which remained hard and ready for more. They were liked a****ls and insatiable. One by one they took me again and again in every position imaginable. I had to sit on Petes cock again and suck Jeff’s cock while taking other cocks in each hand. Totally soaked in cum and devoid of any notion of time or place I lay down for, bent over for, sat on and knelt before cock throughout the night. The cheeks of my arse had been pulled apart violently, my balls squeezed until I cried out in pain, my cock nearly ripped off me and my throat fucked and lubricated with cum. Finally left useless on the cabin floor it was Ian again who helped me to my bed. He had played an equal part in my gangbanging but was once again showing tenderness. He held me close once again as his hard cock entered me but he moved softly in my battered hole. His gentle rhythm was soothing compared with what I had just endured and I felt him shake gently as his lovely warm cum poured into me. ‘You have found your true place in life’ he said quietly.

From my first man to man experience with Ian I had come a long way and had taken cock on a massive scale. I think now constantly of cock of all shapes and sizes. Naked bodies with their cocks erect waiting for me to suck them while fondling their huge swinging balls. Of being fingered and fucked in different ways by many people in different places. Of being gangbanged and covered with cum. Of having all manner of objects shoved into my arsehole. Of having wet, cum dripping holes sitting on my face. I want to be fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked. I want to be everyone’s whore so they can do with me whatever they want. I truly can’t get enough cock now.

This is my true story.
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6 months ago
mmmm I can agree with your total whore direction ... I remember back in the day when aids and Viagra were not around and I had found a bbc who stayed hard after his cum..
1 year ago
I'm so hard I'm about to cum! Although I have never felt any real pain from getting fucked, there are so many things in your story that I can relate to. I love it when I get to do it with guys I trust enough to bareback with and they cum while their cock is deep in my ass! I love to cum while a guy is in me and feel that wonderful sensation of my ring clamping down on a hard cock! I have had a friend spending the night take Viagra and stay hard and inside me and fallen asleep with him, his cum and hard cock still inside me laying on our sides! SOOOOO GOOD!!!! I love that sideways pressure on my ring while on top, his cock all the way in me to the base and grinding my ass around on it! Also, like you, I wish that I had known the joy of gay sex when I was a Teen, I would probably never have had sex with a woman. Last, but not least, I recently had sex for the first time with more than one guy at a time. I had three friends over at the same time and they all came inside me bareback more than once! What PLEASURE, and also get to suck cock and swallow cum while getting fucked! It would be soooo easy to go over the edge and become a total WHORE!
3 years ago
Awesome story! Wish I could get in on something like this!
4 years ago
Wow,he was truley buggered!
4 years ago
that was a great story. i'd love to play your second