Destroy my rectum

Assdaddy was whoring me out as a fisting slut, so we could by toys with the money gained from my asshole.

"Hurry up and cleanout, the lunchtime clients will be coming in and hour, and I need to prep your rectum for the 3 that are coming today" AD said.

We had started this about a month ago, and I had been fisted out about 3 times a day, we had a good client base built, and my asshole had been fisted so manytimes, it never gets a chance to return to normal. Today would be no exceptions, 2 nooners and a 4pm session was scheduled, not to mention AD, taking adavantage of the blown out asshole ring, whenever he desires.

"You know we can double the money for the fistings if they could double fist you everyday. That would mean new limits for your ass chute, we would have to work on that. We've got your asshole in great condition: Very little prep work needed, my hand slides right to the wrist with ease and large dongs sink right in. After 10 minutes into the sessions, you lose all control of your anal ring muscle, perfect for getting rough, plus your comming from fistings, no jacking needed." AD said

"Yes, my asshole is really large and open, Love it!. Would love to open up for double fistings" I said.

"Ok, were are going to need some equipment to do it. But enough, Up into the sling, I need to prep the rectum, the guys will be here soon., Lets start off with the chocolate pounder dong" AD said.

"Ok" I climbed up into the fisting sling, and AD greased up the CP.

"Nice shaved loose asshole, here it comes 3 inches wide and 10 inch long right up the chute" he said. With firm pressure, the monster head split the ring as he powered the whole thing up my chute in one swift push.

I cried out "ohh my ring" as pain shot right through the anal ring muscle, from the sudden expansion.

"its ok, a little pain thru the ring, is ok, shows that we are breaking down the ring msucle even more" AD Said.

"yes AD, the pain, its gone, continue reaming" I said.

With slow but very long strokes he worked the entire rectum chute, increasing speed, i could feel the asshole muscle give out

"There it goes, the asshole let loose, nail it" Annoucning as my asshole muscle lost all control, Trigggering the start of powerfucking my chute for a solid 10 minutes, then a pull out, and AD slide his whole hand in with ease, closed his fist and punched fisted my asshole a few times.

"perfect your ready for the guys now, just relax for a bit, and let me go talk to them about doublefisting and how much there willing to pay.

As AD left the sling area, I looked in the mirror to catch a glimpse of my hannging loose asshole twitching, I had never been this loose and open before. I pushed a little and the rectum prolapsed forming a rather nice rosebud. Overhearing AD talking to client

"The fee for Double fisting is exactly two times that of normal fisting sessions, and I will need a week to train his rectum to meet your needs" AD said.

"I will pay, and I will save my money and return in one week, he better be ready" He said.

"His rectum will be trained and non closing for your arrival" AD said, and he left.

AD was thinking to himself, If I can get the chute stretched out to double fist width, and pound it a couple hours everyday for a week, that just may do it. If i can pund real fast, the muscle will wear out faster...I have an idea, off to Lowes Do it yourself store.

And of Part 1, Part 2 Double fist training

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