Confessions of an anal addict

Anal is all I think about and its all I want.

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the backside. For me its the ultimate sexual feature on the body. In fact its a thing of beauty and something that I would regard as art. What makes it so glorious is that hidden between these two mounds of perfectly formed flesh and muscle lies that small, dark, exquisitly beautifull backdoor love tunnel.

When I was in my teens I use to love wearing silk or smooth feeling underwear that I would buy a few sizes to small for me so that when I put them on they would fill up the crack between my cheeks and rub off my tight asshole. Eventually I gravitated toward playing with my asshole, trying to find things to stick in there such as carrots, bananas or anyting phallic shaped. I eventually started using buttplugs and dildos and my ass soon grew use to the regular pounding I would give it.

Toward my late teens I began to watch a lot of porn, all of which was anal themed. If it didnt have any anal sex in it then I was not interested. The sight of watching a shithole getting filled with hard cock drives me crazy. I love to watch small brown stars getting stretched and pumped full of throbbing dicks and then filled with loads of cum.

Eventually after a number of years of reguarly fucking my ass with dildos, and even fuck machines, I felt it was time for my ass to taste real cock and real cum. I posted a proposal on a number of forums that utlined how I wanted to meet up with someone for a strictly anal fucking session. I wanted my asshole to get fucked really hard for a long time in every position imagineable and I wanted my backdoor love pipe to be filled with hot semen.

After a number of responces I choose a suitable candidate who, from the pictures he posted had a good sized cock. We were to meet in a hotel where I had booked a room. I did not want to talk or converse with him in any way. I just wanted to get my ass fucked. We met in the lobby and made our way to the room. When we got there I went to the bathroom to prepare as he waited on te bed. I had shaved all my pubic hair and any hair from my ass crack earlier that day. I spread my cheeks to observe my clean little brown star in full view.

I then took a douche, lube and my dildo fom the bag. I had washed my ass earlier and I wanted douche it once more to make sure I was clean. Once that was done I lubed up my ass and then slowly pumped the didlo up my back**e for a few minutes to loosen ass muscles so that I could tke cock in there with ease.

Once I felt ready I stripped naked, opened the bathroom, got on all fours, and crawled to the end of the bed where I lay lay my upper torso across the bed and pull my ass cheeks apart and I simply said fuck me in my ass please. He qickly jumped to his feet and tore off his clothes and made his way to rear. He started moving his, by now, hard cock up and down my ass crack. Slowly he positioned his head at the entry point and began to push forward. My little brown crack began to open wide against the oncoming from and slowly envelope his throbbing shaft. Soon his head was in and he began to jerk back and forward with the tip of his dick moving in and out of my love pipe.

It felt amazing. My cock was rock hard by this stage but I didnt want to touch it. In fact my cock was not going to be touched at all for the whole session by him or me. I wanted all the focus to be on my asshole and nothing but my asshole. Total and complete anal devotion.

He pumped his head in and out for a minute or so and then thrusted forward in to me with full f***e. His cock drove all the way up my butt crack until i could feel his balls smack against my perineum. With my ass completely full I felt a rush surge from my asshole and up through my body. It felt like extacy. He began pumping harder and faster as i lay there with my head buried in the sheets crying out for more. I loved how my ass felt full with his cock all the way in and empty when it wasnt. This was perfect. I absolutly and completely loved to get fucked in my ass.

After a few minutes of non stop pumping he pulled out and then lay accross the bed. I got up on the bed and stood over him with my ass positioned above his hard shining cock, which was by now wet with lube. I crouched down, grabbed his dick, and gently sat my ass down on it. That moment as it slides in up my empty anal cavaty is so pleasureable I want to cry. He sees my rock hard cock and reaches out to touch it but I slap his hand away and say 'only my ass'. I bounce up and down on his hard cock tryng to fit as much as I can up there, bringing my rear up high and then smacking my ass down hard against his torso. After a few minutes I stop and just relax and sit on him feeling this lovely cock thobbing inside me.

He then gets up and throws me on my back. He gets off the bed and pulls my legs forward toward him. With my legs in th air I reach down to my ass and pull my cheeks apart. My asshole is now gaping. I begin to wink my brown star as he stares at it and I say 'please fill me up with cum'. He then slides his cock back in and starts to fuck my asshole as hard as he can. After a few minutes of continuous hard butt fucking I begin to feel his cock swell and grow bigger expanding my asspipe. It keeps swelling until I feel a rush of hot semen burst out his cock and deep in to my ass. As his cock is unloading his pushes it as deep as he possibly can in to my rectal love pipe. I never pass out from pleasure.

His cock jerks a few more times and then he slowly pulls out. I immediatly jump up grab the glass on the nearest table and squat down squirting out his rich creamy load in to the glass which fills nearly half way up. I looks beautiful, white and sticky. I empty the whole glass in to my mouth, swish it around and swallow.

I am by now completely hooked. Getting my assfucked was better than I had ever imagined. The only thing I can think of better than getting a hard cock pumped up my asshole and filling it with hot juicy cum is getting filled with multipile cocks and recieving multiple anal creampies.

To be continued

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