Lesson Learned Pt 2

“On your knees, you d***k bitch,” the cop said. Kelly immediately obeyed. She would never cheat on her husband, but if letting this brute **** her meant she wouldn’t go to jail then it was worth it. He just stood there while she reached up and unzipped his trousers. Kelly tried not to think about what she was doing as she pulled his cock free and slipped it into her mouth.

The officer’s penis was thicker than her husband’s. It tasted of sweat and grime, but Kelly wasn’t in a position to complain. She slobbered over it and began to pump it with her hand as she bobbed her mouth on it. As she licked, teased and sucked, the officer carefully removed his utility belt and put it on the roof of her car. Kelly slid her hand to her pussy as she continued trying to give the best blowjob of her life. If he was satisfied, she would stay out of jail. Her finger curled between her labia. Somehow, there was an erotic excitement to all this.

When the officer’s cock was fully hard, he reached down and pulled her up by her hair. When she stood, he lifted her up, pressed her against the car door, and pushed into her. Kelly let out a soft moan as he drove into her. His hands moved to grip under her knees and he began to fuck her roughly. He rammed into her so hard her entire body bounced with each thrust. She could hear cars passing by them but with her back to the road she couldn’t see anything. All she could do was to hang on while the man pummeled her.

The rough treatment stirred a passion in Kelly she never knew she had. His fingers dug into her thighs and the door bruised her back, but before long she was riding him as hard as he was fucking her. Their bodies attacked each other in furious passion until she yielded to the pleasure and had one of the most intense orgasms of her life.

The officer just pulled out of her, turned her around and put her over the trunk of the car. She felt a searing pain as he slapped her ass hard, and then another as he left a matching hand print on her other cheek. Then his thumbs pulled her cheeks apart and Kelly felt pressure against her anus. Before she could beg him not to do what she knew he intended, he gave a hard shove. A sharp stab of pain shot though Kelly’s ass as the officer pushed almost half way in with one thrust. Then he pulled back slowly, gripped her hair and yanked her head back as he drove forward.

Although her husband had always wanted to try anal sex, Kelly had always refused. To her it was dirty, degrading, unnatural, and as far as she had heard, painful. The officer was certainly proving all of that. He pinned her down with one hand, gripped her hair tightly with the other and pounded her as just as hard as he could. Kelly thought her ass was going to tear from the size of the invading cock, and as far as she knew it had. She whimpered as the man continued. The car beneath her was cold and unyielding. It offered little cushion against the fury of the assault. The brutal pummeling seemed to go on for well over an hour. When the man was finally ready to cum he pulled her off the trunk of the car, pushed her to her knees, shoved his cock in her mouth and released a torrent of cum. Then he stood up, re-fastened his jeans and put his utility belt back around his waist.

Kelly was tired and sore, but happy to not be going to jail. “There’s a Denny’s at the edge of town,” the officer said. “Stop and have a cup of coffee before you drive any further. Tell them it’s on Officer Duncan.” With that, the man walked back to his bike and thundered off into the distance. Kelly finished dressing and moments later was back on the road, heading for town.

Although she was nearly home, she stopped at the restaurant as she was told. She ordered a cup of coffee; black with two sugars; and told the waitress that it was supposed to be on Officer Duncan. The waitress only smiled knowingly. Others in the diner chuckled and whispered to each other. Kelly thought she was being the butt of a joke, so she asked the waitress to explain.

“Officer Duncan was killed by a d***k driver about 15 years ago,” the waitress said. The woman who hit him was wealthy and had a good lawyer. They blamed the accident on the fog, not her drinking. The woman got away with it. Ever since then Officer Duncan has dished out his own punishment to women who drink and drive.”

Kelly felt a chill run up her spine. The waitress just smiled and said, “Enjoy your coffee. It’s on the house.” She gave out a hearty laugh, turned away and walked back to the counter.
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