New f****y OF 3 Women


It started about 3 years ago I started with my Neice when she just turned 18 a senior at high school. I had a nasty devorice and gave my home to my ex-wife so I had to stay with my younger s****r and her daughter. My s****r was 34 and a wet dream and her daughter was even more of a wet dream. My s****r is 34d - 28 - 37 and my neice is 36dd - 27 - 36 they have beautiful tit"s and ass to die for. And they both are 5"5" and 5"6" and me 5"9" and work out cause I"m a lifegaurd and teach martial arts so I am well maintain body and a 9"L 2 1/2 T dick. My s****r Mahea and my neice U"i and me Jesse live on the island of Oahu and my s****r had to work on the island of Maui for the weekend. So she asked if I could watch U"i I said ok and so I dropped my s****r at the airport then went home. I got to the house and lounged around for about 2hours watching tv then decided to go for a swim in the pool then I laid out to catch some ray"s.

I must have fallen asl**p cause I woke to my neice and her freind Savanah swimming in the pool splashing around. "Oh hi uncle Jesse didn"t mean to wake you" my neice said and with that they both got out of the pool and behold they were in the skimpist bikini I ever saw. My neice was first and the way the bikini barely held her breast and not much of a bottom , and Savanah"s bikini was almost see threw being it was white and her arole was big and brown and her bush was bald from what i could tell. Savanah my not have big breast like U"i but nice nipples and a Puerto Rician Ass that was like J-Lo"s. Both girls was horsing around the pool when Savanah pushed U"i in the pool and by accident pulled off U"i "s bikini top.

"Wow" was all that came to mind then my neice came out and chased Savanah with out here top. Watching her beautiful tit"s bounced around till she grabbed Savanah"s top and pulled it off exsposing her 36b cups then both girls fell in the pool giggling. Then I heard my neice said "sorry uncle Jesse did we do that?" and I looked up and saw them both topless by me. I said "what for are you sorry for" she said for getting you hard and I looked down at my shorts and there was a big tent there.

I was embarrashed but with out missing a beat I said well with you girls frolicing around half naked what do you exspected. U"i then said it looks big and Savanah said "can we see it" U"i "s mouth dropped open and I said "only if U"i wants me too. Notthing came out of her mouth and Savanah said "see she want"s to see it too" , I openned my shorts and pulled it out and all I hears was OMG. "It"s so big" Savanah said then with out saying a word U"i grabbed a hold and started to stroke me it felt incredible. Then Savanah lowered her mouth on it while my neice stroked it I was in heaven seeing these two hot teenager going wild on my dick. I then said I want Savanah to suck my dick and U"i sit on my face , U"i said why I said you will love it just try it. With that she sat on my face and I imediatly licked her pussy from her ass to her clit and she jumped and said "oooh uncle" "oh my god it feels fucking fantastic" .

Then I flicked her clit and sent a shock wave threw her body and shuddered "I"m cumming" With that she flood my mouth with her necture. I then said "U"i you get first ride cause I want you to control how much and how fast you want my dick ok baby". Ok uncle and Savanah you sit on my face with that they switch possitions. Savanah lowered her pussy to my face and I swipped my tongue from her clit to her asshole she moaned "Oh god" then when I inserted my tongue in her ass she squilled. Then I felt my neice wet and tight pussy on my head squeezing it like a vise gripe. She squeezed more in as she was going down then I felt a barrier and then I knew that was her hyman I said "ok are you ready to a woman". She said yes and I told her to pull alittle out and slide down my dick fsat enough to break your cherry . And when you do go down and stop there to use to my dick with that I felt her slide up and then slide down and popped her cherry. She went almost all the way down she had almost 3in lefted togo and she laid there while i ate Savanah like a mad man. Then I heard U"i tell Savanah suck her nipples harder then she started to slide up and down on my dick slowly.

She started to moan and started to ride my like a bitch in heat by the time she was screaming " I"m cumming" Savanah was starting her multiple orgasms. And started to cum in my mouth and when U"i grounded her pussy all the way down and started to cum. She set me off on my biggest orgasm I ever had and it felt like I shot over a gallon in her and it felt like Savanah ccme as much as I did. We collasped with me in the middle with all 3 of us garping for a breath and Savanah said "you"re not finished yet , what about me?". I said "give me a few minutes , while you wait you both can suck on me" they were on my limp dick in seconds. And in about 5mins I was hard as a rock and I told Savanah that I wanted to look at her ass while I fucked her. She was on all fours in a second ok uncle beak my virginity too and I said "wow it"s my most luckyest day cause I get to break 2 cherries in one day".

Well uncle we want to feel you in our asses to so I guess you"ll be breaking 4 cherries today what you think about that said U"i. I said "that would be the best Christmas and birthday gift I will ever get for the next 10 Christmas". I slowly entered Savanah from behind and hit her hyman and said "are you ready for the me" Savanah said "yes" I took out about 2inches and then I slide in up to about 6 1/2 inches in and stopped to let her adjust to me. Wow she was alot more tighter then my neice. Then she said " I"m ready I want to see if you can get the whole thing in me" , I started to go faster and inch by inch in went in till I felt my balls hit her ass. Then I started to fuck her faster and harder she was maoning load "oh yes fuck me , it feels soooo fucking good oh yes fuck me ucle Jesse" She started to cunvulse and her whole body shook with her multibles and I shot another big load in her pussy.

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3 years ago
theres still 2 more cherries to tell about
4 years ago
Nice. I hope you got to fuck those two sluts a lot.