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This story is completely fictional!

Hello everyone. My name is Johnny and I am your average, constantly horny, 18 year old high-school student who lives at home with his mom in a small New England town. I go to school during the day, work a part time job at my aunt"s candy store, and hang out with the same old friends almost every weekend. As you can already tell, my life is as exciting as watching paint dry. However, I do have a story to tell that’s filled with love, romance, and the greatest sex I have ever experienced. It"s the story of how I lost my virginity... to my mom!

Let me tell you about my mother. She"s in her mid-thirties, stands about 5"6"-5"7", long dark hair that reaches her mid-back, two of the most beautiful blue eyes, and a flawless face more adorable then most woman her age (or my age). She does not have the toothpick body of a "dime a dozen" swimsuit model which is good because that extra 10 or 15 pounds is found in her perky tits and in her gorgeous ass. She says she doesn’t want her butt to sag, so she does these special workouts for it that air on TV every morning. Whatever she does, it"s working. I know because it"s so much harder for me to not grab that ass every time I walk by her, working out.

It was my summer vacation before I started my senior year of high school. I was sick of being a virgin! My two best friends were also virgins, so our Saturdays consisted of video games, hanging out at the mall with other dateless locals, and when it got late enough there was scrambled porn on cable. Everyday I worried I would never get laid. I would never admit this to my friends out of fear of judgment, but, in the weirdest way, I wanted to fuck my mom. It wasn’t even just her body, which is so hot! It was all of her, the whole package! The way we could talk about anything, the way we could make each other laugh, even the fun we had together when we went out to a movie or a restaurant. I started thinking about her when I masturbated. I began to wonder if what I was feeling was love.

My mom & I live in a two-bedroom, one bath, cozy little townhouse together out in the "burbs. Because mom and I are the only ones who live in the house, I got to see her in various undergarments and nightgowns over the years. I always got turned on because it"s the closest I’ve ever come to seeing a naked woman in real life. Tonight, when she left the bathroom after her shower, she was only wearing a red silk robe with a single sash tied around the waist. That was all I needed to become completely horny and needing "release". I got up to close my bedroom door, but mom"s room was right across the hall and her door was open. I began thinking about taking in more of that sexy body before jerking off. I"d figure I would go in ask her something innocent so I can stare at her awhile longer. It seemed like a good plan.

I lightly knocked on the open door and walked in. "Hey mom, can I please talk to you..." When she turned around, my mouth almost hit the ground and I was unable to speak! The tie around her waist was undone and mom holding the fabric around her shoulders was all that was keeping the robe on! Wow, it was like something out of a painting. With her hair down, and a smile that could light a pitch-black room, she was nothing short of breathtaking. "Sure sweetie, come on in" she replied.

She looked at me and began to giggle. I tried desperately to make words, or any kind of sound for that matter, but it came out, "why you laugh, not funny." Great, now I sound like a dumbass! She pointed to the zipper part of my jeans and began to lightly giggle. I began thinking it was open and my underwear might be showing but when I looked down, I became mortified. My fly wasn’t down, but in my pants was the biggest erection I think I ever had. "Oh my god! Mom, I am sooo sorry. It"s got a mind of it"s own, I swear!" I couldn’t believe the first intelligent statement I had made was trying to explain away my boner.

She giggled again. "Now come on, sweetie. We are both adults & we both know that isn"t how it works. It"s been awhile since I’ve played with a real one, but a penis only gets hard when it"s ready to go. So when I saw your bulge, I knew you had sex on the brain. I am sorry, baby I did not mean to laugh. I was just taken by surprise" I opened my mouth to speak but she reached over and put her index finger over my lips. "Just relax, take a few more deep breaths, and lets go have a seat on the bed and we can talk about whatever you want." I sat on the very edge of her bed near the foot of the full-sized mattress while she climbed in, lying her back on her pillows and resting her legs near the foot of the bed, where I was seated. "Are you comfortable?" she asked.

I nodded my head, but of course I wasn’t! I was nervous, sweating, and I still had a raging boner that my mother"s sexy body wasn’t helping. My mom looked at me with her sweet blue eyes. I know she was waiting for me to say something, anything. So that"s exactly what I said, the first thing that came to my sex-driven mind. "Mom," I started,” I just want you to know that your bathrobe looks very nice. It"s because I am a virgin. I’m sure that if I wasn’t you wouldn’t have turned me on so much. If I had..." Oh no. What did I just do?! Did I just tell my own mother that she turned me on?!?! A new wave of horror washed over me. I looked up at her.

She smiled. OK, that was a good sign, right? I did not know what to think or do at that moment. I waited for her to say something. " Oh my goodness, sweetie! I had no Idea You were a virgin. I also had no idea you felt this way about me and how I dress around you. I do have to say that I am flattered you think this old woman is so hot."

"Mom, you"re not old. I think you"re perfect in every way. I think... NO you ARE still hotter then most of the women I know. I"ve known this since I hit puberty!"

She leaned in and gave me a hug. "Thank you, baby. That was the most beautiful compliment I have received since your father passed away. Just knowing that there is a handsome man in my life who thinks that highly of me makes me want to ask you this very serious question. Are you ready for me to ask?"

I had no Idea what to expect. "Yes mom, I"m ready."

"As you know, I haven"t been with a man in close to a decade. I"m alone to, Johnny. I need to be fucked properly, and playing with myself night after night isn"t cutting it! I have needs that a dildo cant give me. Do you understand so far?

I was hornier then I had ever been thinking about mom masturbating, but I was still a bit confused. "What do you mean"?"

Mom leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “do me the honor of giving up your virginity... to me!"

I almost came in my pants right then and there. "Are you serious? You think that you and I should have ... have... sex!"

She answered my inquiry by letting her arms down to her sides. Her robe seemed to cascade off her gorgeous body. The first things I was greeted to were mom"s erect nipples perched on her bountiful tits. My gaze was locked on her chest as she began to sit up again and, ever so gently bringing a hand to my cheek, pulled me closer for our first kiss. This is great, my mom wants me almost as badly as I want her!

In no time at all, my shirt and pants had made it to the floor along with mom"s robe. We continued to kiss, however I was now staring directly at her bush. It was a thing of beauty. She clearly shaved her legs and some of the sides of it off, but underneath that bush was what I wanted most in this world, My mom"s tight-from-neglect pussy. Because I had no fucking clue what I was doing, I rubbed my left hand up and down my mom"s right tit while my right fumbled at her crotch. I looked back up at her with a face that clearly expressed "what do I do now" and hoped she would be kind enough to teach me.

She looked at me and smiled. "Do you feel this little lumpy part between the lips of my vagina? As she asked her hand was gently grazing the top of mine, moving it over the telltale lump she was describing. I nodded once. "That"s the most sensitive spot on my entire body. Be gentle and rub your fingers back and forth, like this." She only showed me once or twice, then she threw both arms, and her head, back. A loud, high-pitched moan broke the awkward silence in the room and filled it with the pleasurable sound of love and lust. "That"s it, baby doll. Just like that, do it just like that..." I was on the top of the world! I was noticeably nervous, trembling and shaking despite my mom trying to comfort me through this process. However, I was feeling very good and having a wonderful time. Soon after, I wanted more...

I pulled myself up the bed so I could look her in the eye. "I want to give you head," I calmly but sternly whispered to her. I don"t exactly know what came over me at that exact second, but I felt a newfound sense of courage as I began to kiss her neck, tits, stomach, and worked all the way down to her throbbing clit. From what I had learned from the few pornos I had seen, I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go and rubbed it up and down her dripping wet slit and hoped for the best. I was rewarded with mom screaming loudly and shouting, "Don"t stop, oh my fucking god this feels so fucking good." I was doing something right. Just a few min. of my tongue lashing, my mother"s pussy erupted in my open mouth. I lifted my head from between mom"s legs so she could watch as I swallowed her cum in one gulp.

That was apparently all she could take. I must have done better than I had thought because the next thing I remember was being grabbed by the shoulders and pulled on top of mom"s naked and waiting body. Her alabaster skin glistened with sweat and was soft to the touch. Her hand rubbed the back of my head and then pulled me close to her. "I want you, baby. I want to feel you inside of me!" I know it"s said often, but I almost lost it right then and there. I could feel my erection begin to rub up against my mom"s wet vaginal lips. I continued this motion for what seemed like forever as I desperately tried to find mom"s fuck hole. When it came down to it, my virginity showed and mom reached down between us with one hand and used it to guide my raging hard on into her. The first stroke inside her made both of us moan in ecstasy. I pushed the entire length of my cock into her and held it there for a few seconds as our eyes met. She smiled, kissed me long and passionately, then whispered in my ear, "You are no longer a virgin you dirty little boy!"

I began to rhythmically rock back and forth between my hot ass mother"s legs while she writhed and grinded her body underneath mine. Her loud moans of both pain and pleasure filled the room as I pounded her neglected pussy. I grabbed the back of her legs to gain some extra leverage which I then used to thrust into her even harder then I was before. Between her gasps for air she would yell how good it felt and that she was going to cum again. I responded by telling her that I was also getting very close to exploding. She responded by wrapping her legs around mine so I couldn’t move and shouting, "cum in me!!!" One min. later, I did as I was told and emptied my balls inside my mother"s waiting pussy. As I finished, I could feel mom"s pussy walls contract and expand over and over. She through her head back and let her mouth drop open as she came.

We both laid in that position until my erection went away and I slowly fell out of mom"s pussy. We then pulled the covers over our naked bodies and wrapped our arms around each other. We laid in bed, naked and in each others firm grasp, until the sun started to rise in the eastern sky. As the first light of the new day began to bath our bodies, we looked into each others eyes. "What would you like to do first," I asked, "take a shower together, or make love?"

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2 years ago
Beautifull story.
3 years ago
Fantastic story. Every young man should lose his virginity to an older woman. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago