Our First Meeting

Well when we agree to it we arrange to meet at a cafe or coffee bar somewhere convenient to you. No doubt there will be a slight feeling of awkwardness because I've never done this before. However we will chat a bit and decide that we get on so we agree to go back to your place.

Back at your house you invite me in and no doubt you will politely offer me a drink or something. I reply that I'd prefer the "something" but suggest that we have a dance. You put on some music and we dance around your lounge. It will be smoochy sort of music so we can dance close together and innocently start to feel each other’s bodies.

As I feel you relax I gently nuzzle against your neck and let my hands run up and down your back and down to your bum. A gentle squeeze will result in you pushing yourself against me, and I take this as a green light to be a bit more adventurous. Now I can take the opportunity to slide one hand up towards your beautiful breasts whilst the other caresses the small of your back. I brush against your breast and feel the warmth through your blouse. I lean back to look at your reaction and move to kiss you full on the lips, a gentle touch at first to see how you respond then more strongly when you kiss me back. That's the signal to take things quite a bit further and I undo the top button on your blouse. As you don't object the others are soon undone and I slip it off your shoulders. You start to unfasten my shirt as I unhook your bra. Soon we are both naked from the waist up and you lead me upstairs to your bedroom....

So now we're in your room and you sit on the bed. I'm standing in front of you and you run your hands over the bulge in my trousers. As you start to undo my belt I reach down and cup your breasts in my hands. I love the feel of your soft skin as you lower my trousers and now rub my hard cock through my pants. I back off a bit and gently push you back on the bed. I unzip your jeans and you raise your bum so I can pull them off. I kneel down and start kissing your legs, gradually moving up your thigh onto your belly and up to your boobs. They will get a lot attention until your nice brown nipples are standing firm.
As my lips explore your breasts and suck on those nipples my hand slides gradually down your belly and slowly inside your pants. Now my fingers are sliding over your clean shaven pussy and I can feel how warm you are. I slide my hand around the band of your pants slowly easing them down and you raise your legs and bum so I can slide them off. As you lower your legs my hand slides up your thigh and you part them slightly so I can slide between them.

With one finger on each side I gently part your pussy lips and you feel the air reach you. My middle finger gives the lightest of touches inside and I feel you shudder slightly with anticipation. But then I leave your pussy alone and concentrate on massaging you all over. The kissing and massaging will continue for quite a while before I move back to your pussy with my hand. As before just the lightest of touches leaves you wanting more. By now you've released my rock hard cock from my pants and we are both totally naked and entwined together.

So now I can feel the sexual tension building up and I can feel you getting quite wet. I slip a finger inside your pussy and search out your g spot, it doesn't take long and your back arches as you start to thrust against my hand. But I'm not going to let you have too much of that just yet as I pull back a bit and seek out your clit. I tease and squeeze it until I can sense you nearing orgasm. But I don't want you to come just yet so I slip my finger back into you to play more with that sensitive area just inside the front of your pussy. As I work away I feel that warm flush of your first orgasm and allow your juices to soak my fingers. I bring them out and offer them to you to suck; I'll suck them clean as well before moving back to your clit. All the teasing and tweaking brings to your second orgasm and so its back inside to bring you to the height of ecstasy again.

Now it’s time to let my tongue explore between your legs and more orgasms will follow as I suck and nibble your clit and probe inside you with my tongue I like the fact that you are so smooth and clean shaven and adore eating you out.

By now your orgasms are getting stronger and as I move to position myself on top of you the throbbing head of my rock hard cock nudges against your hot wet pussy lips I nudge forward a little and let the head just part those lips. You try to thrust against my member but I pull away teasing you with the end of my cock. I nudge you again and again pull away. This continues until I finally thrust my cock deep and hard inside you. Oh what a wonderful feeling of hot wet pussy gripping my hard cock.

So what feelings run around inside you ...???
It's your turn to tell so please carry on with this little scene from your point of view. I want to know in detail what you think.

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2 years ago
That's great, I will add to it just as soon as I'm finished with the one I'm on at the mo. X