the jack off booth

The ride home from his place was a turn on , all the way home on the Go train his cum was running out of my asshole and soaking the panties I had on , I couldn't wait for tomorrow . The next day on the way to work I hit one of the porn shops on Church street in the gay area of the city which I worked in . It was in the bottom of the building and had private viewing booths in the back where you put in a quarter and choose what to watch. I had been there many times and guys would hang outside the booths looking for a invitation to come in , all you had to do was leave the door ajar.I never had out of fear but today the fear was gone replaced by the need of cock. It didn't take long before I had some company . He was a inch taller then my 5'11" and looked to be of Indian descent . He pulled me in and started to kiss me sucking on my tongue . I moand and reached for the bulge in his pants I worked his cock free and dropped to my knees taking in the sight of his thick 8 inches . I licked the tip tasting his precum and dove in taking as much as I could in my wet mouth . I used my hand to play with his hairy balls . He was moaning so I looked up to see him watching me as I sucked his cock . This turned me on even more.He pulled me to my feet for another kiss and reached for my cock . He knew he had a bottom when he undid my pants to reveal my panties and pantyhose . He pulled them to my ankles and started to suck my cock . He was like a vacuum no one till this day has ever sucked me that hard. He moved his hands to my ass and with his fingers began to rub my asshole , I moaned and pushed back against his fingers as he slid one into me . This was all I needed I was soon begging him to fuck me. " that feels so good baby I need a cock in me so bad" he stood up slid on a condom and turned me around so that my hands were on the wall ind my ass sticking out. he rubbed his cock between my cheeks " is this what you want " he asked I moaned "please fuck me" . with that he pushed his cock into me in one motion. It hurt but it didn't take long for me to loosen up and to become pleasure. once he was free to move faster he started to slam into me causing his hips to make a slapping sound every time he hit my ass cheeks . " I let out a groan and urged him on " that's it fuck me faster god your cock feels so good" he reached around and grabbed my cock , he didn't even get a chance to jack me just his hand wrapped around my dick caused my to cum . it shoot out of me hitting the wall as my asshole convulsed urging him to cum . he moaned and drove it in deep one last time. I could feel him throb and the condom expand with his fluid . he waited a bit and pulled out I slumped on the the seat and just sat there as he zipped up and gave me his number then left me with panties around my ankles and a throbbing asshole
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