as time went on

as time went on our sex life became more kinky . She loved when we both wore pantyhose , my precum leaking through and her pussy juice leaking through as me rubbed together . Our legs intertwined a feeling she loved .We would do this till we couldn't stand it and rip the crotch open on both pairs . I would be atop of her and would drive my throbbing cock into her soaked pussy ' pushing her legs back so I could suck her toes through her pantyhose ' loving the taste and the smell of her sweaty hose. I would drive in faster , her maoning for me to fuck her harder as she rubbed her clit or held the vibrating bullet on her clit bring her orgasm after orgasm as her pussy swelled and and clenched and unclenched my cock to a point I couldn't hold off much longer. I would moan I was getting close and she would moan for me to cum for her to give her my hot cum . We were at a point that she would decide where she wanted my cum , in her pussy or outside if it , her mouth which she would snow ball me the two of us swapping my load back and forth in our mouths. Her big tits or feel which I was always made to lick clean which I never complained as I loved the taste of cum .

Then came the night that would change our sex life and me forever. we started out as usual the headed into a 69 with me on top as I had better access to her pussy and asshole this way .As she licked and sucked my cock through my hose I did the same to her pussy . I leaned back and with both hand tore hers pulling her legs back so I could drive my tongue deep in her asshole .I moved to her pussy pulling it open and tongue fucking her . She ripped my hose and took my cock in her mouth slapping my ass cheeks hard then grabbing them . Digging her nails in she let my cock out of her mouth and for the first time drove her tongue into my asshole.The feeling was amazing , my asshole loosening with each thrust of her tongue . I reached out and grabbed a dildo and shoved it in her pussy as I clenched my mouth on her clit . As I worked the dildo in and out of her cunt she slid one the two fingers into my asshole and began to finger fuck me . With her other hand she reached down and pulled the dildo out and turned it around so that it was like she had a cock . She told me to lick it and suck it . My mouth moved back and forth on the dildo tasting her pussy juice all over it . She thrust her hips up and down fucking my mouth all the while finger fucking me and telling me to suck her fucking cock like a bitch .She took her fingers out of my ass and pulled the dildo out of my mouth . She brought it up to my asshole rubbing the tip on my hole . I pushed my ass back moaning wanting her to fuck me with it . " Look at that ass grind , you want that cock fucking you like a little bitch. Don't you slut? " All I could do was moan yes and she jammed it all the way in . I gasped and jumped at the sudden pain and asked her to stop . She pulled it out and I let out a sigh of relief then she jammed it back in ."Stop whining and take it like the fucking bitch you are " . She drove it in over and over faster and faster . The pain subsided and was replaced by pleasure .She wrapped her mouth around my cock and began sucking so I went back it licking her clit . As she got closer to orgasm she sucked harder and drove the dildo in faster . I shoved 3 fingers in her cunt and she started to cum which pushed me over the edge and stream after stream filled her mouth as she shook in orgasm. She slid my cock out of her mouth and the dildo out of my ass . i climbed off her and she pushed me to my back . I figured she wanted to snowball but so I opened my mouth but she spit the cum in my face covering it in my load then leaned forward to kiss me . xxx
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1 year ago
mmmmm, I love snowball kisses -- so erotic!
2 years ago
More plz