Elizabeth and her Toy Boy

My wife Elizabeth recently had quite a sexy experience. She has been asking me to let her have a sexy 'Fling'. With a younger man, in fact a younger man at least half her age.

Elizabeth is a great looking woman. (She is 49 years, young!) So that meant finding a young man not older than say, 24 or 25, but mostly likely Elizabeth was asking me to find her a young man who was around 19, maybe 20 years old. She had this idea in her head and she was determined that she wanted to try it out.

I agreed and so began looking for a likely candidate for my wife. Someone who would fit the profile of who she wanted for her sexy fun 'Fling'. So I set up a contact advert for her and then reviewed the various applicants who replied. It took about a week to narrow down a list of about five young men who fitted the general profile of whom we were looking for. Of the five of them, two were did not reply back after the first initial contact, ruling themselves out of the final pick. That left three, one was 24 and about as old as Elizabeth was wanting from her 'Toy Boy Fling'. The other two were younger 21 and 19 years old. So I arranged to meet up with each in turn at a local cafe. So we could give them a sort of interview for the sexy position of shagging my wife.

Over a pot of tea and biscuits each candidate came and we talked over the idea. The oldest, at 24 turned out to be the one I liked best, he was confident and seemed to have a good idea of what we were asking him to do for us. That is give Elizabeth a good and proper shagging and make her sexy 'Toy Boy Fling' fantasy come (cum!) true, while I would be watching and looking after Elizabeth and also perhaps join in.

Elizabeth of course wanted the youngest, the 19 year old one, because he was 19. But he was a bit thick and not the most talkative and just kept on smirking and giggling every time we mentioned the sex idea to him. The other one the 21 year old was my second choice. He had a good idea of what was being asked of him and seemed able and capable to perform. In fact he brought along a whole pack of photos of him shagging other older women, wives etc. That he had already shagged and let us see how he could perform for us and in front of a camera. He also wanted to set up a video camera and record the sex session for himself and offered to make us a free copy too. I thought he was a bit too 'Cock Cocky' by half and a cheeky bastard offering us a free copy of his video of him shagging my wife!

So we went with the 24 year old and also arranged a meeting with the 19 year old at a local hotel for the following Saturday.

Both lads turned up on time and we all went to the room we had rented for the Saturday and Sunday. In the room we all got cosy and made the introductions. Charlie the 24 year old, met me, Billy and Elizabeth, my wife and Keith was the 19 year old. I then told the lads that they could both have sex with Elizabeth. one at a time while we watched. Elizabeth stripped off her coat, dress and stood in the middle of the room wearing her sexy lingerie. Black seamed stockings, suspenders, lace panties and bra.

She had a sexy wicked smile on her face and she picked young Keith to fuck her first. She undressed him and then when he was naked with a fine stiff cock poking up. Elizabeth knelt down and began to suck his cock as he stood there in the middle of the bedroom. Charlie and I were watching and Elizabeth would turn her head and look at us with a twinkle in her eye as she sucked on Keith's 19 year old cock.

It turned out that Keith was actually a virgin and this was going to be his first time fucking a woman. His inexperience showed almost straight away. Elizabeth having to make all the running and teach him what to do and where his cock was suppose to go into her cunt. But once he got going he soon managed to get her going and gave her a right good shagging for several minutes before cumming and spunking across her belly and tits.

Next was Charlie's turn. He knew what he was about and soon had Elizabeth on her back with her stocking legs up in the air and waving about as he shagged my wife's cunt with his randy cock. He was riding her like and expert, riding her hard and fast then slowing down and letting her catch her breath then riding her hard and fast again making her orgasm then orgasm again by pressing his cock against her clitty and making her scream and yell out loud with each orgasm. Then as he let her rest for a minute got her to turn over and raise her backside up into the air. Charlie then got behind my wife and began to ride her from behind in the doggy style position. I love shagging her that way and Elizabeth was facing me as Charlie fuck her cunt with his cock. He also guess right that Elizabeth with a posh fuck wife and he slapped and spanked her bare posh backside as he was riding her. He also got Elizabeth to talk dirty out loud. Making her say she was a 'Dirty Fuck Bitch' also a 'Dirty Old Cow' and also my favourite 'Dirty Posh Shagging Whore'. Elizabeth said all this out loud and over and over again as Charlie gave her a good hard shagging on the bed while young Keith and I watched and wanked our cocks.

Charlie finally spunked his load over Elizabeth's back and bare backside. They both slumped forward together onto the bed and lay there getting their breath back. I got some drinks and handed them around. I then told Keith that it was back to his turn to fuck Elizabeth. He jumped at the his second chance. I got Elizabeth spread out on the bed and Keith climbed onto her and got his randy 19 year old cock right up her cunt and began to copy what Charlie had done just a few minutes before. Keith was a fast learner and soon he was having Elizabeth moaning and sighing as her next orgasm began to build inside her body. I could not resist standing by for much longer and I went over to the bed and offered my stiff cock for Elizabeth to suck on. She popped my cock into her mouth and looked me in the eye as she suck cock and was being fucked up her cunt by young Keith. She was loving the whole thing.

Within a few minutes Keith was making her orgasm and she pulled my cock out of her mouth. She yelled and screamed as young Keith fucked her stupid on the hotel bed. Charlie was now at the side of the bed and he pushed Keith off my wife and got on top of her and began to fuck her open cunt with his cock. This was turning into a 'Gang Bang'. Charlie soon was riding away at my wife's cunt for all he was worth and got her once more to have a second multiple orgasm as he shagged her with his cock. I stood by the bed watching the sex show and wanking my cock.

We rested for a while after that. Having drinks, then I got Elizabeth up onto her knees again and got young Keith to fuck her from behind in the doggy style position, with Charlie at the other end getting Elizabeth to suck his cock. I then explained to the lads how I wanted them both to work together and get Elizabeth to double fuck & suck them rhythmically as a kinky three-some-wife-fuckers. They both agreed to do it and soon they were fucking Elizabeth up her cunt and in her mouth at both ends simultaneously. Her bra was off and Elizabeth's full tits were swinging to and fro as she moved herself back and forward between the two cocks, one in her cunt and the other in her mouth. I stood close by and looked into her eyes and saw a sexy twinkle in her eyes as Elizabeth worked herself fucking and sucking the lads cocks in and out of herself. I took her bra and pulled her arms round her back and tied them with the loops of the bra straps. This left Elizabeth now helpless and in our total control. I was taking the lead, but Charlie and young Keith were now also enjoying the feeling of control over Elizabeth and her sexual vices.

I was now enjoying having Elizabeth in this position. She was now beyond caring what sort of sex we might do with her. The more she fucked and shagged that Saturday in the hotel room the more kinky she was becoming and lost all sense of respect or regard for her reputation as a wife, woman or even as a person. I told young Keith to get a old of Elizabeth's hips and to keep on riding her cunt with his cock. I then told Charlie to grab a hand full of Elizabeth's hair and to keep on fucking her face.

I then began to smack and spank Elizabeth's bare backside and telling her she was a 'Dirty Little Whore' and 'Dirty Fucking Tart' and 'Dirty Shagging Slut'. Elizabeth loves being called dirty names when she is having kinky sex. It makes her feel like she is no longer responsible for what ever happens to her and she has no responsibility for her behaviour no matter how kinky or bad she is. The lads were now riding Elizabeth in a steady regular fashion and she was now letting us have her completely. She knew that she was going to get a lot more sex and she also knew that it was going to be a lot more kinky and dirty. I got young Keith to also join in in spanking Elizabeth's bare bum as he kept on fucking her cunt with his cock. I decided to teach him how to really fuck a woman. Charlie already seemed to know what to do and he slapped and smacked Elizabeth as he kept on fucking her face in and out of her open mouth with his cock.

Elizabeth's body was now being used by all three of us. Her bare backside was going a bright rosé pink colour from the smacking and spanking of her bum cheeks from young Keith. I was pulling on her nipples and her tits, Charlie was smacking her now also making her cheeks rosé pink and Elizabeth was moaning and whining as we took our pleasure from her sexually stimulated feminine body. She was now lost to normal respect and was now our very own sexual play thing. She knew this and let it happen, she was now experiencing the feeling of losing control of her body to

Elizabeth was now whimpering and moaning as the two lads kept up a steady sexual rhythm and a verbal & physical abuse of her body and person. She was moaning as Keith rammed his cock hard and deep up her cunt, and whimpered when she was spanked and smacked. Charlie kept up tell her what a slut and a tart she was. 'Come on Slut, Suck Cock' and 'Taste my cock Tart'
Elizabeth was used for sex in any way that the two boys could now make her obey their kinky desires. I watched and offered suggestions as they both fucked and shagged Elizabeth in that hotel room. Elizabeth was getting her sexy 'Fling' with two younger men instead of just one.

Her sexy 'Fling' had turned out to be a good deal more that just a quick fuck and a shag. For the rest of that Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening Elizabeth was used for sex, and more sex. The three of us triple fucked her with cock in her cunt, mouth and up her arse, making her 'Airtight!' with cock. Young Keith got a sex education from Charlie and I as we showed him how to use a woman. He followed our lead and copied every sex position we showed him. Elizabeth was his very own educational sex doll, she was willing and wanting his young virgin cock any and every way she could take it.

She have several orgasms and tasted cum from both lads cocks, I also made her swallow as well as tasting their cum. She also got cum pumped into her bun hole from first Charlie and then young Keith.

Elizabeth was exhausted and quite literally shagged senseless. She could only moan not speak and crawl into the bathroom not walk with the fucking and shagging we gave her. She crawled up onto the bed and collapsed there and past-out sometime around midnight. She was a little bruised, red and sore from the sexual treatment she had received from the three of us. But she was also sexually satisfied.

I counted the times that we fucked and shagged her during that Saturday in the hotel room. Young Keith shagged her 12 times and Charlie 14 times and I managed 7 times. That makes 33 times Elizabeth got cock in her cunt and up her bum with all three of us. Add the same again for cock sucking and you get a total of 66 times Elizabeth had cock in her mouth, cunt and bum during the Saturday afternoon and evening. Her sexy 'Fling' turned out a bit different from what she originally imagined it would, but true to form she loved the experience of being used by the two young men and enjoyed the feeling of their virile cocks riding her and making her orgasm over and over. Next time though she want to have another woman to share the experience because she thinks that she might not be able to handle two young lads all on her own.

I then let the lads out and arranged to keep in touch with them I had an idea that I might want to have several more kinky sex sessions with them and Elizabeth. Also I might want them to join in with some of our sexy swinging friends for having other naughty sexy housewives get a good seeing too. We would like to hear your comments about Elizabeth's erotic adventures and any suggestions you may have for her.

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