k**napped and Tortured (cont)

Jean smiled at the look of fear in Davids eyes, she had seen it many times on her late husbands face when he knew she was going to punish him hard. She knew her bouncing and sitting on him was already causing him severe discomfort, in fact she was certain she could feel his backbone under the crushing she had already inflicted on his scrawny stomach.
"I am going to get off you now David and you are going to stand up and undress, trust me if you speak or try to get away you will betterly regret it"! She slowly got to her feet and smiled again as he remained, unable to summon the energy to rise as he got used to the relief of not having her 22 stones on top of him. His rest was short lived as she leaned over and hauled him to his feet by his hair. "I said stand up and get undressed - NOW" ! He started to protest as she held her grip on his hair, "You can't do thi....". His words were cut short as Jean thumped him hard in the stomach, "Oooooph", he exclaimed and twice again as she him twice more.
"David, either you undress or I will rip the clothes off you and then use you as a punchbag". With his hands shaking he did as he was told as she held him up by his hair and was soon standing naked in front of her, before she threw him back down onto the floor. Before he could react she stamped hard on his stomach and with a cry he curled up into a foetal ball on his side. Jean quickly moved and pushed him out flat on his stomach and knelt with one knee between his shoulder blades, effectively pinning him down. She grabbed his right arm and pulled it upwards against the shoulder joint. "Is this the arm you use to beat poor Marion David ? let's see how far it pulls back". Then putting all her weight on her knee she pulled hard and backwards on his arm and was instantly rewarded with a scream of pain from David. Undeterred she continued to increase the pressure and was soon rewarded with the feel of tendons snapping as david screamed in pain. Eventually she let his now useless arm drop to the floor and continued to kneel on him as his cries subsided to anguished sobs.
Shifting position she moved around and grabbed his other arm. "Here we go David, time to work on your left arm, I like my subject to be armless" and laughing at her own joke proceeded to render his left arm useless ignoring his screams as she twisted and pulled. Satisfied he was helpless she stood up and looked down at him lying facedown sobbing in pain. "Dear, dear David has the nasty big lady hurt you a lot" and she turned him over with her foot. She put her left foot on his throat and started to press, smiling as he soon started to gag. "Don't panic David that would be very easy, I need to carry on hurting you until you beg me to allow you to worship me, my s****rs and your poor long suffering wife. You are going to lick our pussies, our arses, our feet and love every hour you serve us and suffer for us".
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4 years ago
Back at you "dwarfslave" that lady should have bounced on you and made you lick her fanny and arse !!!
4 years ago
Hmmmm, a bit extreme for my taste but it would be good to think there are women out there who could punish bastards like him as they deserve.