Police Chief

Amy had earned a living on her back since she was just sixteen. It started when her dad's friend took her in his car and fucked her for the very first time. He then bought her things so she would not tell. Every time he fucked her she got a gift from him. The kinkier she let him get the better the gifts. She learned that her pussy and ass could make her a lot of money. She went from the nasty street whore to a high classed call girl. Now her clients did not pick her up in a car but came to her beautiful condo. Her male friends were very influential business or political men. They paid well for the service Amy provided that their wives would not think of doing for them. Her best client was the chief of police. He came at least twice a week and he loved to be controlled by Amy and get his ass ravaged.

Today Amy had him stripped naked in her special sex chair with his hands cuffed behind his back with his own official cuffs. She had his legs spread wide apart and strapped down so he could not move. The chair could either have him sitting or she could release it and have him on his back. To start with she had him sitting and she was in front of him naked with her tits just inches from his face. She had his nightstick in her hand and ran it over his nipples and down to his cock. She rubbed his hard cock with it and then brought it up to his mouth. She shoved it in his mouth and told him "Suck that like it is your cock. Lick it for me." As he licked and sucked on the stick she played with his nipples. She pulled the stick out of his mouth and told him "Stick out your tongue." As he stuck his tongue out, she licked it with her tongue then sucked it. She said "You want that tongue in my wet cunt don't you? You love to tongue fuck me and lick my juice out of my hole. Look how hard your cock is? You are begging for me to put it down my throat and suck your balls dry." Then as she sucked on his tongue she ran the stick over his cock and balls and to his ass. She then said "Want the stick in that horny ass?" She then pushed it up into his ass.

She was fucking his ass with the night stick as she grabbed his cock and began to jerk him. He was moaning and cum was leaking out his slit as she worked both his cock and ass over good. Then she told him "Stick out your tongue." With his tongue out she licked it again and sucked it as she kept ravaging his cock and ass. Then she shoved a nipple in his mouth and let him suck as she said to him "You like to suck my nipples just like you sucked your mommy. You are still a big tittie baby. A tittie baby that likes his ass fucked." She then lowered his chair till he was on his back. She left the stick in his ass and straddled his face. "Stick out your tongue." She then rubbed her cunt and clit over his tongue. Then she rubbed her pussy all over his face. "You like the smell of my pussy over your face don't you. Now start sucking my clit and then tongue my cunt. I want you to make me cum and cover that sweet face with cum." As he sucked and licked and then tongue fucked her she pulled the stick out of his ass and turned it and shoved the bigger end in him and began to fuck him hard. The harder she fucked his ass the further he shoved his tongue in her wet hole. After a while she had his face covered in cum.

Amy then slid down to his cock and pushed it in her cunt and began to rotate her hips and fucking him hard. She loved her time with the chief. He had a nice hard cock and could stay hard for a long long time. He also had huge balls and he loved her to rub and lick them. He was her sex slut and allowed her to do anything to his body. She had his cock all the way in her cunt and could feel her clit rubbing on him and she was cumming fast. She rode him hard and then reached back and pushed the stick further in his ass. She was humping his cock hard as she fucked his ass with the thick stick. She rode him till he filled her cunt with his thick cream. She then slid back to his face and straddled him pushing her wet cunt over his mouth and said "Stick that tongue in my cunt and clean me out. Suck the cum out of my wet hole. I want you to take every drop of our mixed cum. Then you can tongue fuck my ass with that long tongue. Tongue fuck my ass like you know how. You are the best ass eater." He tongued her cunt and cleaned her just before she moved her ass to his face and he licked all around her asshole then kissed it and shoved his tongue in her. She shouted "That's it. Tongue fuck my ass. Push it in deep and lick me good. Yes, eat my asshole like a good ass lover. Then I am going to let your cock inside my tight ass. But I have a special surprise first for you."

She let him tongue her ass for a while then she got off him and stroked his cock and balls. She got out some pink twine and bound his cock then his balls. Then she pulled the stick out of his ass and replaced it with a huge butt plug. Once she got the plug in his ass she began to pump it making it even bigger. She looked at him and said "How much do you want? I know you can take a lot. You love that ass stretched don't you?" She pumped it several more times then she pushed another button that made it vibrate and she heard the chief scream. She laughed and said "Yes, you like that don't you? I am going to give that ass a good fuck today. Once I get your cock in my ass I am going to turn up the speed and let it really fuck your asshole good and hard." She then mounted him and pushed his cock in her ass and shoved another vibrator in her cunt and as she rode his cock deep in her ass she turned both vibrators on high and both of them were moaning and fucking and wanting more. As the vibrators worked magic on the ass and cunt she grabbed his bound balls that were now rock hard and began to squeeze and rub them. She then felt him fill her ass with cum and told him "Keep that cock in my ass and fuck me hard. It is so hard when it is bound tight. I love to feel it in my ass and cunt. So fuck me hard."

They fucked for another hour and then she turned off the vibrators and released the pump in his ass. His ass was gaping wide and was well fucked. She knew what he liked and he loved his ass fucked and stretched. She had fisted his ass several times and he begged for more each time. She grabbed another thick long pink ass plug and pushed it in him. This one she left in him. She always sent him to work with a plug in his ass for the day. She was also going to leave his cock and balls bound. He could take them loose after work. She knew he loved to feel his cock and balls and ass bound and plugged after he left her. She then pulled him to a sitting position so he could feel the plug in his ass and she kissed his mouth then pushed him down to her tits and let him suck. He loved to suck like a baby. She rubbed his face and nipples and then his cock as he sucked on her big tits. She let him suck for a while then unbound his legs and next his hands. She stood him in front of the mirror so he could see his cock and balls bound in the pink twine. She lifted his cock to give him a better view of his bound balls. She kissed nipple and licked it then said to him "You look great chief. You got a good work out today. I really worked your ass over. When do you want to come back?"

He made an appointment for three days and grabbed her and tongue kissed her. He loved his time with Amy. She was beautiful and sexy and knew just what he wanted. He loved his ass fucked and had several male hook ups before he started coming to her. Now he could get tits, cunt and ass all in one place. She gave a guy just what he needs. She had the best tits and pussy. He had sent many officers and congressmen to her.
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