Redefining the statement(Once you go black you nev

I was at a party and accidentally met this short blonde haired attractive woman and I say accidentally because I found out later all of her life she had only been with black men but I new a friend of hers from my old job and after the party a few of us ended up at her apartment and as a lot of people know I have a warped dark sense of humor well come to find out the lady in question had one also and we stayed up all night laughing. Well two days later I get a call from my co-worker/friend and she tells me she was shocked but it was true her friend(blonde whom had only been with black men) liked me and wanted to know if I was dating anyone and I was but hey trim is trim so I lied and said no. We talked on the phone and she asked me to come over to her apartment where she was alone because her two k**s were spending the night with her Mother. So I did. One thing you need to know this girl was beautiful and sexy as hell but she had one flaw(A bad attitude)so I go to her place and then her attitude comes out about why she had only dated black men and this woman whom I later found out was what is referred to on here as a squirter which means she can climax out of her vagina. Now this is rare but because the woman I was dating at the time was the first squirter I had been with but we always called them gushers so I was familiar with this. Well she told me she really liked me but she had heard that all white men have average penis size and are not good lovers which I won't lie my penis is average. I never measured it but guessing I would say size 6.5-7 inches. Then she told me about her last baby's daddy who was living with another white woman and they had a baby together. Well come to find out I knew him well from my old job where he worked also and from that job I slept with a white girl he was talking to and he hated me. Well this lady told me he was the best sex she hard ever had and did not think I could satisfy her the way he did and she would still let this guy come over anytime day or night he wanted to and have sex with him and she even through in the part about his penis being big. Well anyone who knows me knows #1 she should have not went down that road with me and #2 that would make me turn loose my warped humor twisted side whom I have to lock up inside me because he usually gets me in trouble so I decided I would show this bitch a thing or two and told her I suffered from rectile dysfuntion which was a lie but I wanted to tell her this until after we were both naked on her sofa and kissing right before you normally start sexual intercourse and this girl was hot and had on a black silk negligée when we started and nice perky breast with the nipples with a dark brown ring around them which is rare also and I only saw once on a girl I met whom worked at a local Ryans restaurant. So lets just say she was sexy as hell and I was not sure I could pull off the erectile dysfunction bit so I had to think of old ladies in wheel chairs and colostomy bags in a nursing home to pull it off and it worked when she saw that I was not hard and thought I had erectile dysfunction you should have seen her face because she was mad as hell and even turned her back on me. So then I decided I had put it off long enough and became fully erect but she did not know this because her back was turned to me so I got up behind her and slapped my erect cock on the back of her superficial head and I guess she knew what thumped her lol because she turned around with a shocked look and said you lying muther fucker you got me good with that one. Then I said well am I going to have to beat off myself or what? She then lowered he head down and put her soft smoothed skin had on my cock and started to rub all over it. Then she did what I prefer better than sex she put her little smart ass mouth on my cock and went half way down and then used her tongue all up and down my shaft while taking her right hand and started caressing my balls. Now normally it would not take me long before I exploded in her mouth which I would have done just because she had said earlier she did not like that but I had just started taking a new medication and no it was not Viagra but it was for depression/anxiety because of my stressful job at the time and I was also taking another medication which was a antibiotic for a ear infection I had that was almost cleared up but little did I know these two medications combined had a certain side effect on some people which would make it almost impossible to climax but you stayed erect as long as you were aroused. I think you see where this is going. Now remember she was a squirter so she could not fake an orgasm. She had also told me she had never been fucked in the ass and didn't let men do that which was a mistake on her part because if you tell me no and that I can't do something I will do it just to show you I can unless it is something i*****l or bad. So I waited till after she had orgasimed 4 times and we were fucking like crazy all over her apartment and we even got into the shower where I let her set on my face which I don't usually let a woman do but in the shower is different because you can wash that snatch and asshole soapy clean. I think she orgasimed on me but the shower was running thank goodness and it washed it away from my mouth that was focused on her pretty asshole with my tongue inside it. Then we get on her bedroom floor and I look up and see a bottle of baby oil setting on a desk in her bedroom and when I mentioned it she was so turned on she jumped at the ideal so she laid down flat on the floor with towels under her to not mess up the carpet and we decided I would rob it all over her first and then she would me so I got her to lye face down and ass up and rubbed it all over her especially the asshole which I had special plans for that she was unaware off and I laid on top of her and stuck my tongue in her ear and then whispered I am going to fuck you now and in a squeaky excited tone of voice she said oh yes baby so I made her arch her but up to give me easy access and you know most people do it nice and slow to minimize the pain and get them used to it but I just opened her butt cheeks by the way she had a perfect ass not too big and not too small but just right and I took good aim and just slammed my hard erect cock right into her asshole and her whole body shook and she screamed so loud her neighbors probably heard because it shocked her and the pain must have been intense. She moved out from under me rolled over holding her stomach and at first I thought she was going to cry so I did the old sorry baby I accidentally went into the wrong hole. She by that time had lost that bitchy attitude and had that look, you know when I woman thinks she's in love and she took her hand and softly rubbed the side of my face and said it is ok baby. Well I do have a conscience and started to feel bad and when she said she had never let a guy do that but was willing to try with me. I felt bad and lied again by saying no baby it was really an accident. I decided then she had been paid back for her bitchy attitude enough and we proceeded to keep having sex and this is no lie we started at 8 pm and did it all night till 8am but we took short breaks to catch our breaths and drink fluids and during the night I had opened her refrigerator and was standing in her kitchen naked drinking a small bottle of juice when she walked in and had that look on her face you know that look when I woman is really turned on and I swear this is true she climaxed standing 5 feet from me with out me even touching her and I looked down and my dick was like a flag pole standing at attention. She told me that had never happened to her before. She left a wet spot right their in the floor. When we decided to stop completely she said she could hardly walk and was walking around like a bowl legged person because her legs and arms were sore. Right before I left she told me she had never experienced anything like that and I thought to myself about her earlier statement about her baby's Dad and how good he was and big he was. And I grinned as I left Now I have been known to do hit and runs which means fuck a girl once and not call her back but this woman was too sexy. Now I didn't want to date her seriously or even think of marriage on down the road but I did want to have sex with her a few more times before I moved on. So I did and one night she was giving me oral sex and the damn phone kept ringing and she said to let it ring but she had her answering machine off and the caller was relentless. So I picked up and answered the phone and it was the black guy we have been talking about and in a tough mean voice he asked to speak to her and she looked at me and shook her head no so I said well she can't come to the phone because she was busy at the moment. He asked what she was so damn busy doing and I didn't lie I said blowing me. Well this really made him angry and now remember I knew him and he knew me but where I knew it was him on the phone he didn't know who I was but he could tell I was white and said who are you cracker muther fucker and I said I am the same white cracker than fucked so and so and I said the name of where we both worked and the phone got silent and he hung up. What I did not know was she thought she was in love with me and had stopped letting this guy come over when he felt like it and screw her and stopped taking his phone calls which I had never asked her to do so she would not think we were seriously dating. This is a true story and if she didn't hate my guts now for stopping seeing her I would let her confirm it. So think we could take that phrase once you go black you never go back both ways as in meaning sometimes you don't go back to black and last I heard she didn't and is married to a white man but there is no racism involved here because I have been with my share of black women and once a black guy from another school who I guess was trying to pick a fight because the high school I went to was almost all white because only 2 black f****y's lived in the area so we got stereotyped as all racist which was not true for the majority of students like me. So the black guy from a almost all black school who set beside me at a technical school where they mixed different schools together told me in a provoking way he loved white women and fucked as many as he could and my reply shocked him I said I know what you mean because if I was black I would be fucking every little white daddy's girl bitch I could get my hands on and hell laughed so hard he fell out of his seat and we became friends and are still friends to this day. No disrespect to black women I was just giving him a taste of his own medicine lol. Everything I have written is 100% true.
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