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Why I have used the N-word in my video's

I know a lot of people who watch my video's have been hearing the N-word a lot lately so I just want to make something perfectly clear so there is no confusion or ill will towards me. I am 100 degree's right the opposite of racist. That is correct. No African American or Latino American has ever done any wrong to me but some white rich assholes have done plenty wrong to me and I am talking about the Republican party of the United States. They don't give a damn about any of us unless we own a mega rich corporation and they are ruing this Nation to please the 1% filthy rich. They have sold us ou... Continue»
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Another moran asking stupid questions with my repl

Hi did Ko Ko's pussy smell and taste good?

Are you serious? have you not ever been with a woman? That is a fucked up deviant question. I am a busy important person and I don't have time to answer stupid moronic questions from a stupid desperate idiot. You want to know what it smelled and tasted like? Like a fucking pussy you idiot dumb fuck. Your blocked for the reason called stupidity. Oh and thanks for writing me fans comments are always appreciated especially stupid ones like yours you blocked fuck head.

14 hours ago

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A crazy message I received from some stupid woman

luckygyal here seeking for a master to serve him with all the rest of my life and i will obey him and also do what ever he will tell me,am very serious to serve with my Master

That is so sweet and touching. I got little tears running down my cheeks from a gut wrenching pain in my stomach from laughter. I am not sure what country your from but here in the United States slavery is i*****l and slavery was abolished towards the end of the American civil war by then President Abraham Lincoln. Your flag shows your from Spain in my opinion a Nation of low morals... Continue»
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True crazy story

Me and some friends were driving back home from a rock concert in Atlanta and we some how ended up on what used to be called Stewart Ave (Hooker Ave) we were trying to find I-75 so we realized we needed to turn around because we were lost and we pulled into this sleazy run down motel parking lot and out of no where came 7 or 8 black hookers wearing hardly nothing and they were all over my friends car like a magnet to metal. They were asking over and over of we wanted a quick date but we were tired and just wanted to find our way back home so I asked one of them how to get to I-75 and then they... Continue»
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My favorite videos I made that still crack me up

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My reply to some stupid cunt on here being rude(re

That's great we can work something out. Amazon gifts? Why not just cold hard cash? I can even pay you in Euro's currency. How much do you want to make and what are you willing to do? Right now all we have open is we need a female to do a sex video with one eyed Pete. He is a African American midget missing his right eye from a old work accident with the circus. He may be a midget but he is hung like a horse and right now he is in demand with our viewers or fans so to speak. Also you have to take it up the ass and give him a rim job(lick his little black ass)! So we got a ... Continue»
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A cam model you need to see

She looks like a model and is a nice person. Trust me she is the one you want to tip!!!
Skylove <----------- This beautiful lady is not only sexy as hell she is one of the coolest nicest women on here and if you guys want to tip someone who really appreciates it and don't patronize you behind your back after you tip then this beautiful young lady is the one to check out and tip her good guys because you will want her to stick around.
Muy Hermosa y linda-----> bla... Continue»
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Who was the first to add music to video?

? Me and a lot should know it. Now I don't mind people using my ideal because I take it as a sign of respect as long as they pay me homage by mentioning me on their profile information. So-->barefacecheek come on man show some respect. My porn is free because I believe in a porn free world and when I run for president that will be my platform" Free Porn". I probably will get knocked out of the race first but know this. You would have seen one damn sincere honest politician for once unlike the GOP!!!
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Having some emotional problems? Just ask me, I am

Remember this is very important. I am not a licensed Psychologist or Psychiatrist or Medical Doctor and I have not practiced social work in 4 Years so any friendly advice I may give you need to remember to always seek out and ask one of the professionals I mentioned above to verify if my opinion is correct for you and I can not talk about medication you will need to talk to a Psychiatrist or medical Doctor about that. What I do have is over 20 years of experience working side by side with several licensed Psychiatrist who always valued my opinion.

The sudden erectile dysfunction when you ge... Continue»
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Here is a blog post about me and my work from a pe

For someone to initially hate someone or something because a first impression or encounter was misinterpreted by another is normal but to have the character to not only admit they made a mistake but explain it with unique charisma and then to commend you for your work is maybe the best compliment I have ever received on here. It is obvious this individual is a very well educated young man but doesn't use his vast knowledge or intellect to be condescending or belittle others which I am assuming he doesn't and this is just his natural way of expressing his point of view to others. I lost the nam... Continue»
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you got to love this website

I have been on xhamster for a couple of years now and I think I read or see something funny and crazy as hell everytime I log on to my account. Right this moment I accepted a friend invitation from someone whose screen name is boyforoldermen and I am not Gay but I have nothing against them and think they should have the same rights as everyone else but what cracked me up was when I clicked on his profile because I check to make sure I am not accepting a friend request that is spam and there is a huge photo of the guy and he has to be almost 50 years old lol and he is a boy looking for older me... Continue»
Posted by amatuerdrandpimp 7 months ago

Another idiot who messaged me and I had to block.

do I know you at all? How did I know? Your mother told me in between breaks from licking my asshole
4 minutes ago
hey how do you know that i am motherfucker
Posted by amatuerdrandpimp 7 months ago

whats up with the dick photo's

I have said time and time again I will add anyone as a friend to watch my videos unless!! That is the key word unless you have just a photo of a cock for your main photo. Come on guys women are not stupid and they know most are fake. It is a free world and you can do as you please but if you send me a friend request take of the cock photo first. Men really don't want to see that shit. Thank you
Posted by amatuerdrandpimp 10 months ago

The most beautiful cam model I have ever seen on h

I swear she could be a top model why shes on here I don't know. Anyone affiliated with any modeling agency should check this lady out. I have never seen a woman that perfect.

SweetMegan4You's Room

If any of my fans are into cam women this one is the most beautiful I have seen on here no lie.

SensualLips18's Room -
Posted by amatuerdrandpimp 10 months ago

Explanation about why my videos are unlike anythin

Some people don't want comedy mixed in with porn but my comedy is different because it is dark and kinda warped but I got tired of the same kind of porn videos with hardly a script which I hated the 70's porn industry because they were porn stars trying to be real actors or show their what I call lack of talent in acting. My videos are nothing like those. Mine are sexy enough to make a dead man cum and make you laugh your ass off after you climax. A lot of people told me they watch them over again just for the humor in it.

Posted by amatuerdrandpimp 12 months ago

conversation with a Arab from Egypt who is fucked

One condition I want 6 Arab muslim virgins and make my master peice video called (white American pops 6 Arab sluts cherry's so how you like me now)?
8 minutes ago
can we c2c togther ..and make me see ur wife ..or ur gf ..and have fun togther all ..and i will do any thing for u ?!

Posted by amatuerdrandpimp 1 year ago

Why I joined xHamster

You know why I joined Xhamster and decided to up load my videos on here? Just look at the top of the page with their logo and read the words just porn no bullshit. That's why out of all the other sites I chose them as #1. Also I love the technical staff's smart ass comments because they remind me of somone? ME!!!!
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About the Reverend W.P. Horton

My arch enemy who is convinced I am doing the devils work and he is out to shut me down. Problem is he is a un diagnosed Schizophrenic and paranoid as hell. They have a song about him that goes to the tune of the Monkey's theme song.( Here he comes walking down the street and some say his sermons are the funniest around but it wasn't too funny when he said my favorite dog sparky was possed by the devil and convinced a****l control to put him down)
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Comments from my Fans!

When i grow up, i wanna be like you

your videos rock dude

Great footage man!

thanks for your kind of comments really thanks we loved

great videos and pictures BBW are great thanks for adding me.
welcum back buddy...:)
superb stuff btw
Sexy and hot video!! Thx!
Right on!!!

Yeah you are right man.Very lucky White guys!
Thanks for vid!

great stufff

I have never seen porn like yours before. I love it man you fucking rock.

Hey man great stuff!!!!
You are the fucking King baby!
Hello love your videos ;) how are you I'm Zoe

hey ma... Continue»
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private message conversation with slavic idiots wh

This is my conversation with a cam trio from some slavic Nation. Two dudes and a nasty chic. They messaged me to pick a fight and soon realised they picked the wrong guy!!

2 days ago
if u pay me 10000000 i not drink at least a coffe with that face

my reply:

oh so you carnival trash peices of shit want to play? Man you picked the wrong guy. I will come to your shity little country and whip both you faggots asses and then slap the shit out of that nasty cum bucket slut you two retards have to fuck for money. I have turned down 10 time... Continue»
Posted by amatuerdrandpimp 1 year ago