Me, my mom and my friends

Let me start this story by describing about my mom. Her name is Bhavya Reddy, was 36 at the time of this incident. You can say she was in her prime. She had full breasts which fit in tightly into a 38D bra. She had a pretty slim waist for those huge tankers and her ass bulged out so sexily from there, it always jiggles around whenever she walked around. I still wonder if that is natural or deliberate. She always managed to turn heads wherever she went and I don’t only mean the heads on the shoulders. She was pretty fair and my dad always said she had uncanny resemblance to actress Hema Malini in her looks. Well my mom just had a better smile, better boobs and way better ass. She was a normal housewife taking care of her f****y which included dad, me n Supriya, my elder s-ister, until that fateful day. My relationship with her and the way I looked at her completely changed in a matter of one night.
I was 16 at the time and was in my 10th year of school. I was growing pretty fast during that time and had a physique better that most of my classmates. And because of the same reason I mixed mostly with seniors during sports, playing football with the 18 and 19 year olds. I was friendly only with Amar and Asif from my class. Rest of my group included Ron, 18, Krish, 18, Tanveer, 19, Tasha, 18, Chaitra, 18, Prashy, 19. The rest of the guys were sometimes there and sometimes not. The fact that I had the hottest mom of the entire group was a very acknowledged fact and therefore we mostly ended up at my place playing video games or watching movies as pretext for the guys to stare at my mom whenever she walked around. I was initially upset over this and got irritated too. But it just became normal after few days and I stopped complaining and rather enjoyed the extra attention I got from the guys. Though my friends around were lusting after my mom and probably even jerking off in their bathrooms thinking of my mom I hadn’t thought anything sexual about her. Not much at least. As few months passed the girls seemed to understand why we hanged out at my place so much and started avoiding coming there, probably out of jealousy because no matter how juicy they were, they were no match to the raw womanhood that my mom was. By the time our midterm holidays started it was only the guys that were coming to my home and the girls would join only when we went out or hung around school.
This incident happened on the last day of my midterm holidays. The f****y had all gone on a tour to Dubai along with dad who was there on a business trip. We returned on the penultimate day of my vacations ending and dad n Supriya stayed there as dad had work and she had longer vacations since she was in college. So, it was me n my mom who returned home. As I had returned from Dubai, I had got gifts to all my friends from there. On receiving news that I was back all the guys rushed to see their favourite MILF after almost a month. They were desperate for a look and came home saying they couldn’t wait to see their gifts. So, there they were, all six of my friends at my home only for the sake of getting a glimpse at my mom’s cleavage, ass, face or any part of that heavenly body. Seeing them there that night I was actually amused why no one had ever tried anything on her. But then I thought they very well knew the risk in that. My mom was a pretty conservative Indian housewife. We were still unpacking when the guys came. They looked at the bags and my mom trying to put them in her room and started offering help. Tanveer was the first. He always had a brash attitude and went straight to mom, standing at 6 ft 3 in, in front of her 5 ft 6 in figure. He towered over her, pulled the bag she held in her hand and said, “Please let us do it.” One by one all the guys started picking whatever bag they could and went straight to mom’s bedroom. That is when it hit me that they did this all probably to see if they could get a look at her innerwear in her bedroom. They probably didn’t get any of it by the looks on their faces when they came back. Mom said, “Looks like you guys tired yourself out so much by lifting a bag each you forgot why you came here for.” Ron looked up to her and said “If only we could get what we came here for!” I was pretty shocked at his bold comment and so were most. Everyone looked at him asking him telepathically, “Dude! Did you just say that?”
Mom seemed to notice the silence and asked leaning against her bedroom door, “And what is that you came here for?” Tanveer suddenly spoke up saying “We actually thought you would have brought some Scotch from there and wanted to taste it.” I kind of knew where they were trying to take it but didn’t think mom would even get her foot in that path. She raised her eyebrows and said, “Listen to you young man. You have not even crossed teenage and you are friends with my son who is still 16 and you ask me to give you scotch! Did you guys really think I would give you?” Prashy then started pleading her, “Oh please Mrs. C”, they all called her that, “one small serve won’t hurt anyone and we shall not give the k**s. You can serve it yourself and we will not ask for more. We have for so long wanted to try this and don’t you think its better to be trying for the first time with an elder like you than going out to a pub and drinking senselessly without knowing how or how much? Please, this one time. And we won’t tell anyone. Will we boys?” He looked at the other guys and everyone nodded in unison, “We won’t utter a word to anyone. No one will know.” I was looking at my friends on one side and my mom on the other side. Everyone was standing now except me. I looked closely at mom wondering if she actually was going to let them have scotch. She looked at me and then at the group and said, “I still don’t think I should be giving you guys the drink. You are too young.” But it was obvious from her tone that she had started considering it as the stern tone she used just a minute back was nowhere to be heard. They all understood this and started pleading her more, especially Prashy with his flirtatious comments. She slowly gave up and smiled at them saying just one drink and the gets have to get inside Shiv’s room. Though I wasn’t planning on drinking with mom I felt a sudden sadness and displeasure coarse through my body. I looked at Amar and Asif and they were as heartbroken as me. I had the same expression as they had on their faces. So, was I having the same thoughts? I still didn’t know. I asked mom if she wanted to start right away or if I could first take out the presents I got for my friends, deliberately wanting to drag their frustration of spending time with her alone. But it backfired on me when she said, “Okay. I’ll let you guys sort out your gifts and I’ll change into something comfortable while you are at it.” I say backfired because when she says she’s getting comfortable just before sl**p she usually gets into a t shirt n shorts without any bra or panties. We all knew that and everyone had a huge smile on their faces when they said “Sure Mrs. C.”
We took about half hour checking the gifts there in the living room when my mom’s bedroom door opened. I was actually expecting her to wear her innerwear tonight at least but that was not to happen. We could see her huge boobs pushing through the almost sheer fabric of her t shirt and her thighs radiating a charm most women don’t in their faces. She came straight to us and asked the “small ones” to go into the room. Still with a sad face we three left picking up some stuff I had got and went into the room.
Asif and Amar decided to not close the door completely and listen to what goes on in the living room. I had nothing to do either and I stood with them, hiding behind the wall, with ears towards the door waiting to listen. It was mom who spoke first. She told the boys to clear the sofa so that everyone can sit there. They did so within a minute and Prashy told, “Mrs. C, its all set. Get the bottle now and sit with us.” I could hear the glasses tingling against each other followed by mom’s voice saying “Okay lets do it then. But remember boys, just one serve and then we pack up. Alright?” which was further followed by the unmistakable sound of scotch pouring into the glasses. I asked Asif where my mom was sitting. Him and Amar were peering through the crack in the door and he told me she was sitting on the couch in between Prashy and Tanveer while Ron and Krish sat on the single seaters opposite them. I had a very vivid imagination going on in my brain as to where tonight might lead, will my hot, innocent looking mom be turned into a MILF fucked by four of her son’s friends or will she stop her advances or will she get mad at them and ask them not to come to our home anymore. All the thoughts were running in my head when suddenly the train was interrupted by a loud cheers from the group. Tanveer said his usual sentence as they all clanked the glasses together, “Let the God keep the wolves in the hills and the women in the bed! Cheers!” everyone joined in with a cheers. Mom asked him “So, you think the women belong only in bed and nowhere else huh?”
“That wasn’t what I meant Mrs. C, I only said I wish there was a woman in my bed.” He had started down his path very early, even before they could take a sip of the drink and I was willing to watch just how far they would go. Asif was saying, “Look at her thighs man! They look so yummy and that lucky bastard Tanveer is rubbing his leg against hers deliberately! How I wish I was there sitting with her!” Amar said something about how right he was. I was picturing how Tanveer sitting next to my mom with his shorts would be rubbing his leg against hers in shorts too. Her skin always looked so soft and smooth and I found myself wanting to do it too. My cock gave a slight twitch and I knew I had started to think of mom not just in my mind but in my dick too.
“You mean a girl, don’t you? I’m sure you would prefer a fine young girl to an aged woman.”
“We don’t think so Mrs. C. We all think a lady would be far better than a young girl from school. She wouldn’t know what to do and what not to.” Prashy chipped in. “so, you want your lady to know what to do? That’s not a very attractive quality getleman!” I heard mom say. Krish for the first time spoke and said, “Oh! We know what to do Mrs. C, its just that we don’t want someone whom we will have to teach!” “Good lord! What is wrong with me? I shouldn’t be having this conversation with you boys. Its your wish whom you desire.” Ron said, “Why would you say that Mrs. C? You are the coolest mom of all our moms. We feel comfortable talking to you and that’s why we told you this. That’s why we spend so much time here. We all like you and we want to be able to talk anything we would want to with you. Please?” “Your glass is empty too. Why don’t you fill one up and relax?” I heard Prashy say and more scotch was being poured into her glass. Asif said, “Fuck! Look at him dude. He put his hands around her. I can’t wait to see what happens.” I now somehow managed to find a small crack for myself to watch as just listening wasn’t doing much. I could see Tanveer, Prashy and mom sitting opposite to us and both the hunks were slowly trying to push into her leaving quite some space on their either sides. Tanveer’s shorts had rode up high and his entire thigh was touching mom’s. Prashy had his hand around her and had rested on her shoulders. I saw that it was only mom who was drinking and the rest of the guys had hardly taken couple sips from theirs. And they also were making her drink more and more. Within half an hour she had downed quite some scotch and I could see she was feeling the buzz because she was leaning more and more into Prashy and his hands were coming more and more close to her boobs. It all happened as if in slow motion for me. Prashy slowly took his hand closer and casually rested his palm on mom’s right breast. She was surprised a little, I could say, but settled very quickly and continued talking as if nothing wrong was happening. Prashy looked towards Tanveer and winked. Tanveer understood what that meant and put his hand casually on her thighs. She didn’t react now either. I could see that Prashy could see us peeking through the door and making eye contact with me he snuggled in closer to her and cupped her breast pressing it f***efully in a way showing his authority over her. Mom actually gave out a slow moan and looked up at him, smiled and said, “I think its time you guys left. I’m not sure I can control myself if you guys stay here longer.” Prashy went close to her face and asked “What wont you be able to control Mrs. C?” Tanveer put his hand out on display for everyone and said, “Mrs. C is probably talking about this flood that building up down here!” and gave a wicked smile looking at her. And that is when it dawned on all of us that he had already got his fingers wet and the wetness was actually caused by my mom’s pussy! I couldn’t believe she was so wet and she had actually let this boy finger her in front of others and with her son only a few feet away! It was clear she was mighty turned on and the guys knew it. They had proof and they wanted to make full use of this situation. She was almost acting slutty sitting in between so many boys, her son’s friends, getting her pussy fingered by one and boobs pressed by another and not showing any sign of resistance. It was not like she was too d***k. She was well within her senses but was too horny. I had never seen her like this. Prashy now put his hand inside her t shirt and mauled her boobs and turned her face to his. He again looked back at me and winked and I dunno if she saw it and ignored or had her eyes closed but she didn’t react to that either. He dove into her face and started kissing her like an a****l on heat. He almost fell over her kissing her and trying to push her t shirt above her boobs and pressing them at the same time. Tanveer leaned a bit back letting her lie on him and joined his hands with Prashy’s in mauling her. Krish and Ron weren’t to be left behind and they came near the couch kneeled and started rubbing and kissing her thighs. This went on for about couple minutes with all of them trying to get their hands on every part of her body and treating her like a total street whore when I suddenly saw signs of struggle from her side. I thought maybe she was having second thoughts and I had to go help her. Even before I could open the door wide and get out of my room I heard her say “I think we should shift to my room, else Shiv might hear or see something.” And I stood dead in my tracks. She now totally wanted to fuck these four boys and not only that she was ready to take them to her bed, her marital bed. I was angry but still wasn’t sure if the anger was cuz she was getting fucked or cuz she didn’t want me seeing. I wanted to see!
To be continued.

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