hot and cold

Hot and Cold

It was an exhilarating experience , which I this I still could experience previously unknown females on the beach, this sudden sensual desire takes me still under the spell ... and it was also without prior warning ... it happened, and it was beautiful ... until we were surprised by this sudden monsoon rain and we quickly fled to my room because it is the shortest way to the resort ...

After we celebrated a shared shower , we could still not one another can , this beguiling fragrance of her went out took my breath away , we kissed in the shower, affectionate , eager as we wanted to absorb us , by sympathy alone could not be speak more , it was as if two people have met that were created for each other almost ..

Now we were after this never-ending shower both affectionate embrace in bed, it was hot in the room , and our heated bodies still to small tiny beads of sweat on our bodies , our hands touch, caress each other , very gently only , but as if always small lightning speed through the body, so very exudes this feeling of tenderness .... I always kiss her wonderfully shaped lips , our tongues play , sometimes gentle and passionate again , any idea suddenly comes as me her bright blue eyes to me smugly smiling at her , it was a dark shirt on the bed next to me , and I had a crazy idea , I took the shirt and tear it into three parts, she looks at me a bit puzzled , I 'll take the one part , put it gently over her head , and whisper in her ear , I have a surprise if it makes you what , if I connect her eyes , her gentle smile told me everything ..

So I placed it over her eyes , the torn part of the shirt , I tie it around gently , her hands groping for me , felt my body , I removed myself short, and came back with the surprise that she could not see .. I am. took the an ice cube in your mouth and the other two in each hand , approached me with her ​​mouth and she felt only a slight twitch these cool cubes on her lips , it slides right between our lips , under hot kisses we had a small thirst for adventure and sensual play at the same time , then I slide very carefully with the other ice cubes from her neck, she touched only briefly , again a slight twitching of her body , but her body was hot and it was always pleasant to feel her this cool ice, I slipped finger with it . across her breasts , a slight moan escaped her lips , circled over their upturned stiff nipples, and our kisses became more restless , zerließ the ice in our mouth

I took the ice in the hollow of his hand and slid repeatedly over her breasts , her body twitching with excitement and sensuality, she pressed her pelvis against me , I lay between her thighs , my pleasure rod was getting harder , she pressed against me, her passion the water the ice was getting more and ran over her breasts , her belly , to the pool , the cube in his mouth had gone , which did not bother our kisses ... I felt her love grotto close to my love stick , my mouth approached to her nipples , lick with his tongue in circles around her, always alternating , slightly porous at each , rub it gently with the wet finger her plump breasts, she 'll tenderly between his teeth very gently nibble at them , her moans intensified always more , the press of her pelvis is stronger, suddenly she whispers in my ear . Come my love I want to feel your strength in me , pushing my hard love scepter

gently against her soft lips of the cave quite easily I move, the scepter examines the entrance of her lips , I can feel how light will take me in her moist love nest , slowly my hard shaft slips him her pussy until it is absorbed completely by her, my sucking on her nipples gets stronger, I move still very gently, glide back something from her cave , and am moving again deep inside her , our rhythm slowly begins to change, she puts her legs over my hips , my long ongoing impacts of the scepter they start to push a little harder , her pelvis , her muscles are getting stronger towards me , she moves with the head up to me on the ear , whispered to me , please ...... I want to feel even more tightly , a slight clap at each stroke is heard, we are in the ecstasy of love , it's like a little battle of lust , our moans louder , shrill cries emanate from her mouth , my speed increased , more and more , her heels on me want me show , it's like a volcano before the eruption is my scepter now moves almost mad .... it loud screams coming from her mouth .. jjaaaa shock to you ... I want to fly me to you ..... and just before the explosion .... a redemptive cry comes almost simultaneously from two mouths ..... shakes her whole body is shaken by this earthquake of orgasm, my hot lava pours into her hot pussy , such a desire is yet , we are still moving on, I press myself firmly against her legs hold me tight and we embrace like two drowning .... long do we keep ourselves firmly without words only the pulse of our hearts we hear . . to meet our eyes .... and we smile at us ...

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