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Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my photos. I'm just a bi female from Ohio. I've been on this site for awhile so I have made a FAQ. So please read, and if you feel we can be friends, feel free to send a request, or a message.
I also update my friends list regularly, and have no problem deleting people.


1) Do I cam, or will I watch your cam?
No I will not. Why you ask? Because I can join the cam section of this webpage, or any other webpage for porn and get paid for guys and girls to watch me. Your not special enough just to get me all alone. And watching a guy jack off is not exciting. Honestly I have no idea how anyone gets off watching someone go up and down and up and down.

2) Do I have other photos to share?
As well as another NO! I post all photos I have up on here, unless you want the boring photos from my travels, where I am fully clothed.

3) Will I meet offline?
This is not a straight no, or yes answer. I have meet people offline before. It was not for sex. We had lunch, chatted, and went our separate ways.

4) I have a boyfriend. No I will not cheat on him. And yes he knows I have a webpage like this.

5)If your going to message me, please don't just tell me you like my body. That's why they have comment buttons, and that's when you should use the comment button. If you want to actually talk, then please feel free to message me.

6) Yahoo name is Baby11965. If you message me on there, please tell me who you are from this website. I post on another website, and I like to know which site you found me on.


Since you have made it this far. Sit back, enjoy my page, photos, or awesome convos we could have.

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2 days ago
1 month ago
Was good talk back sometimes ?
2 months ago
i enjoyed looking at you pics
2 months ago
Would like to help you :)
2 months ago
I could have helped!
3 months ago
haha makes sense. I try not to jam my dick too hard down a chick's throat mainly bc i dont want to get puked on. lol
3 months ago
I guess I am just an odd ball.. I have a gag reflex and sometimes if the guy is being to forceful and jams his dick down my throat I will throw up..
3 months ago
Lol.. wow!!
3 months ago
3 months ago
One morning, I woke up and had morning sex with my girlfriend, cumming in her ass as I finished. But then she realized that she was scheduled to work an extra shift that morning, so we scurried as we got ready to take her to work.
I had told her that i was going to pick up this new girl for us to play with that day. Since she was supposed to be off work, originally.
So I dropped her off and went to go pick up this new girl. Back at our house, she started to give me a blow job, and hurled!
"It tastes Ike ass!"
Oh yeah, sorry about that, it is actually ass that you taste.
I took quick shower, changed, and let her restart her job..
My girlfriend died laughing hen she heard.
3 months ago
oh, hell no!
3 months ago
Thanks for the add. Feel free to hit me up any time.
4 months ago
Your welcome! Its a bit rainy over on in my part. Don't be a stranger now!
4 months ago
Thanks for accepting my request. Hope all is well in your part of Ohio!
4 months ago
Thanks for the add
4 months ago
hi my name is Suzanne, if you read my profile you know what type of woman I am. even though I'm in my sixties, still a very wet pussy. currently have three girlfriends. ages ranging from 27 years old to 42 years old. one of my favorite pastimes mutually masturbate with other lesbians bisexual women. if you are interested please message me. sincerely Suzanne
4 months ago
Don't be bored! I agree it gets boring on here at times though.
4 months ago
love the page
4 months ago
lol just yell at them til they leave!
4 months ago
Wish I were your roommate...I'd take care of that for you!!! ;)
4 months ago
Yay! :)
4 months ago
I didn't make the cut :(
4 months ago
lov to pay with you some how - keep me on that list
4 months ago
Don't delete me :)
4 months ago
see your doing a little fall cleaning up your friends list. nothing worst than having limp dick or dry pussy friends.
4 months ago
r u gonna delete me sweetie?
5 months ago
I play with my self after sex all the time
5 months ago
Very thick
5 months ago
hi,i love your sexy tits so bad.
5 months ago
I do!! Jerking off after sex is amazing, sometimes you just need to cum twice :)

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