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Backyard Gina

Since Gina my MILF neighbor had my morning habits figured out I assumed she had seen me jack off more than once in my back yard or in my kitchen in back of my house. Actually I was watching her routine. She was out side on her back patio almost every morning and over our shared back fence I watched her and walked around my house nude and hard. She came outback in her bathrobe every morning with a big mug of coffee and sat or walked around. When she got me so horny I would stand in my sliding door and jack off and spurting cum all over my patio door. Today she came out on her patio with her morning coffee wearing a short kimono robe that showed off her hot sexy legs. She was tall and thin with perky small tits like a high school girl and I was imagining her sexy tits nude under the robe and her nipples getting hard and poking out. She sat on her patio furniture at the table and let the robe sag open and her tits were peeking out. I walked outside on my patio and stood drinking coffee nude under my robe and my hard cock stood straight out and throbbed. I looked at her and she was sliding down in her chair and her kimono was opening across her upper thighs. I turned sideways so my hard cock was in profile and then it poked out the gap in my robe. it throbbed and bounced and I turned back to face her. She loosened the sash tie of her robe and it parted open as she spread her legs wider until her tits were exposed and I could see she was nude underneath it. She untied the robe and let it fall open. She spread her legs wider showing her pussy and I jerked my cock in return. She was enjoying being exposed and watching me jerking. I stood there stroking my hard cock and got so horny I took off my robe and stood there nude. Then I jacked hard making my heavy balls slap my pumping fist and the popping sound could be heard across the neighborhood. I spurt lots of cum in the air that splatted on my patio. I shook it hard. We continued this ritual for weeks. I wanted her to give me a handjob but I knew it would be too hard to not go further and keep it from her husband and my wife. So one day I walked to the back fence and waited for her to come out. She saw me right away and strolled towards the fence with her coffee and her long sexy legs parting her kimono with every step. We exchanged good-mornings and I told her to untie her robe and let it fall open. She did and we stood facing each other, her open robe and me with my robe hanging open with my hard cock standing out. I told her I wanted her to feel my hard cock as my cum spurts out but would settle for her letting me cum on her . I stroked and she fingered herself until I was close to cumming and I told her to watch my cum spurt on her belly. I fired hard spurts towards her and the first few hit her sexy firm little tits and the next several spurts slapped onto her sexy flat belly. I kept jacking as we both watched my big load sliding down her belly and gathering on her pussy hair. Gina smeared my cum into her pubic hair and looked at her slimy fingers. I grabbed the base of my cock and began beating my heavy meat on my belly. She asked me if I wanted to come over tomorrow and jack off all over her nude body. I said yes. I had just found out that she was fucking her daughters soccer coach and she would not let out anything so I went over around the block and to her front door. I was wearing shorts and t-shirt and she opened her front door and stood before me nude. Wow. Her body was fantastic for having four k**s. Her tits didn't even sag. Her belly is smooth and flat. I stepped in and we went to her kitchen and made coffee. I told her how sexy her body is while I was looking at her hot nude ass and she told me to get nude. I stripped down and put my clothes on the kitchen counter. My cock was growing long and thick. gina handed me my coffee and turned around and backed up until her hot ass was touching my growing cock. I got fully hard as she rubbed her soft ass on it. We drank coffee and I stayed hard and she told me she would lay on the couch and watch me jack off on her. I jacked slowly then faster as she rubbed her nipples to rock hard bulletts. I was so horny I was leaking precum and she told me to cum all over her. I did. I shot ropes of cum on her belly, tits, and face. She rubbed it all over herself and thanked me.

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