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A co-worker turns slut

My office got some new tallent in younger energetic people. One who had a desk in my office area was a thin petite blonde named Denielle. She was around 5 foot 1 inches tall and weighed maybe 105 pounds. Her face was cute but her most outstanding features were her tight muscular ass and her gravity defying perky boobs. She dressed mostly casually and conservatively and her hot little body was hidden. But she was working hard to get more clients and one cold winter day she showed up wearing a long, calf length knit dress. It was like a body suit, with full length sleeves and a high neckline and it was knitted loosely and clung to her body from neck, over tits, down waistline, over hips and snug down her thighs. When she walked it stretched tightly across her butt cheeks revealing no panty lines. I strained to see if her bra straps showed. I wore a business suit and had recently begun wearing boxer shorts, satin. My cock was heavy with bl**d and hanging down and growing as I watched her pass by several times. Then she came back inside from a smoke break out in the cold and she didn't take a coat. Denielle walked in the room with the biggest dark, hard nipples I have seen in a long time. My cock was throbbing and growing fully hard under my desk as she walked up to the desk next to mine. I felt pre cum leaking out of my cock. Her nipples were so turgid the knit dress was stretched thin and I could see the dark areolas the size of shot glass. My cock was standing straight up in my loose slacks and if I as much as touched it I would cum. Denielle looked at me as she talked to our workmate and I spent long seconds looking at her thighs and hips. Her nipples were so sexy with the dark areolas and the tips the size of .45 caliber bulletts. She could feel how hard they were and I was wishing she could feel how hard my cock was. I jacked off in my car at lunch. Later I found out she worked at a local night club to supplement her income. I assumed she was tending bar and overheard she was working the next friday night. I was there. Jeans and nice shirt. I didn't see her and had spent 2 hours there drinking slowly. I asked a waitress about her and she said she would be "On" in a few minutes. Holy fuck she was a stripper. She came out and I popped a boner. I moved closer and watched her gyrate and pump her hips and her legs were fantastic. her thigh muscles were well defined. Then she popped off her bra and her amazing tits fell free. They dropped only slightly and had a downslope on top. Her nipples didn't disappoint. Rock hard and sexy dark. She must be feeling so horny. Before she saw me there I went outside to my car and jacked off for five miutes then removed my boxers and put my jeans back on. My throbbing cock was snaked down my pants leg and I took a seat back in a booth on the wall. Her dance was over and she was working the room for lap dances. After getting one or two she came upon me and was happy to see me and sat down for a minute. i was staring at her tits and she noticed and asked me if I liked them. i told her her body was so fucking hot it made me rock hard. Denielle looked around the small round table at my crotch and smiled and said she was doing her job then. She asked if i wanted a dance and I said I would love it. She swayed up between my spread legs and gyrated her sexy body and my cock was throbbing. She turned around and began sliding her warm crotch up my thigh until she was on my throbbing cock. She pumped her hips and ground down hard and then got off and turned to face me and repeated it. Her sexy tits were six inches from my face and I could smell her skin. She ground my cock hard and slid down past my throbbing head and told me it felt fantastic then I felt bl**d rushing through my body and told her to look down. Denielle looked at my throbbibg bulge and I began pumping hot cum out in my pants. I pulsed hard ten or twelve times and cum soaked through my jeans. Denielle slid her hot pussy back over my leaking cock head and said she could feel the hot cum on her pussy. She ground in circles and drained me and stood up and intentionally knocked my drink over into my lap saoking my cock. It covered the cum stain. I paid her for the dance/dry fuck. At work Monday I went out for a smoke break with her and got hard. She told me she enjoyed jacking her pussy on my big cock. She looked around and backed up to me and reached behind herself and grabbed my cock through my pants and squeezed and stroked it for a few seconds. I told her I jacked off in my car at lunch and would love for her to come and watch and maybe lend a hand.

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