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busty waitress

At the cafe where I had breakfast and coffee the waitress Rene always talked to me and I looked down her uniform dress at her very heavy tits and she let me. After weeks of teasing I asked her out. She wore nice tight jeans that showed off her long thin legs and her big boobs were high and thrust out in a bra under her tucked in blouse which was unbuttoned enough to show the deep cleavage between them. We kissed and groped in the car and in the movie theater I felt her thigh and rubbed her pussy some feeling the wet heat build up. Rene felt my cock in my jeans and rubbed it feeling it grow and throb. As soon as we were back in my car she was reaching down my pants and I was unbuttoning her jeans. I slid my hand down to the moist panties and pulled them up hard forcing her pussy lips apart. Rene was unzipping my jeans and pulling my hard cock out. I was ready to cum already. She jacked me softly and I got two fingers up inside her hot pussy. I pushed my pants down and let her begin sucking my cock and I opened her blouse and unsnapped her bra. Rene's tits fell out into my hands and they were bigger than I thought. Her nipples were very fat and long, half my thumb, and the areolas were the size of a tea cup. My cock was throbbing in her wet warm mouth and I was finger fucking her deep and hard. She fell back in the car seat and bucked her hips driving onto my fingers and orgasmed and I rolled over on my side towards her and she jacked my cock fast to a huge cum. I spurt thick loads all over her fantastic tits coating them with thick cum. When I rolled back into my seat we looked at each other and she smeared my cum all over her tits and nipples making them shiny. Then Rene leaned over and sucked me clean and kept sucking until I was rock hard again. We drove off and she had her blouse open with her big tits out and my cum was drying on them. I stayed hard watching her tits swaying with the motion of my car and jumping with road bumps. We got on the highway and she leaned towards me and her tits fell out then she began slowly jerking me. Her tits were swaying as she jerked and I was so hard driving past other cars and hoping some young guys would see in and see her tits. I asked rene to take off her jeans and mine. We had fun driving half nude and got to a mall parking lot to get frisky again. With no pants Rene could spread her legs wide and she reclined my seat and stradled me. Her pussy was boiling hot and slippery. She impaled herself on my rock hard cock and ground on it. Her massive floppy tits were slapping around and she got humping up and down slapping her ass into my lap loudly. I told her I was going to cum and she told me to fill her up and her pussy was gripping my shaft tightly and I exploded deep inside her shooting forever. I felt deep spasms, rapid, 15 or more. I felt my cum pouring out of her pussy as she continued to slide up and down. Rene was spent like me and raised up off my cock and it slapped onto my belly and she planted her soaking pussy on the shaft and curled her hips sliding her pussy all over it. The cum was everywhere and smelled strong.

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