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Co-workers hot young wife

I had first seen this girl working in the local pet shop and I bought a lot of fish. She had a fantastically hot body. Her legs were sculptured and chisled like a goddess. Tight muscles, high tight, tiny butt cheeks, Rock hard calves, small firm tits and even well muscled arms. Her face was common but her name was exotic, Sari. She always wore shorts that showed off her hot legs. The Kakhi colored safari looking style with a waist band at her hips and leg openings loose and cuffed up. I soon found out she was married to a young lad in my company who was a dumb ass. I was sure to go to the pet shop wearing my loose shorts with boxers so my cock could grow when I see her. I found out where they lived and drove by and saw her outside and stopped to say hi. Next time I drove by she was out in front working on an old pick-up truck wearing a bikini top. I almost went in the ditch. The little house was a mile or two out in the country and I decided to come back by an hour later. I went home and changed into loose shorts of thin material and no underwear. Also I wore a button down hawaiian shirt opened half way. When I came back by she was still out there in her bikini top and I knew her husband was out of town for a week and I confidently pulled into her dirt drive. My cock was half hard and hanging down heavy as I got out and walked towards the truck. I said hi and started asking about her project and she came around the front and to my shock she had taken off her shorts and was in a bikini bottom, french cut. Her legs and hips were so sexy and as she walked towards me her muscles flexed. My cock was flexing in my baggy shorts and I wanted to put my hand in my pocket and adjust it. Sari didnt look right at my cock bulge but she knew she had me turned on. We chatted for a minute or two and she asked me if i wanted a cold drink and I accepted. She paused, then turned and walked to the front step and went in as I watched her body carve out each step. when she came back out I realized in my stupidity I missed out on an opportunity to go in. Maybe she was inviting me in. My cock head was rubbing my shorts and driving me wild. Sari sat on the steps and she was eye level with my cock. She finally broke the ice by asking me if I was always that hard. I sheepishly laughed and told her it was her beautiful body making me hard. Sari asked me to show it to her. I looked around and since I was standing beside a shrub I told her it would get so hard I wouldnt be able to get it back in my pants. I opened my shorts and they dropped to my ankles and my cock grew longer and stood straight up and Sari said she liked it. I stood there and began stroking and Sari talked about how she sees hard cock bulges all the time at her night job. I stroked and asked her where that was and she said at the Bunny Club, a local strip joint. My cock immediately swelled even fatter. Sari said she was a bar tender not a dancer, but still I knew that she wore a sexy bunny outfit. I told her I needed to cum and she said she expected me to and I felt the rush in the base of my cock. I arched my hips towards her. She said she would do it for me, and her hand was around my shaft in an instant I was beyond control and let her feel my shaft and head and the surging in the base until I flooded her forearm with cum spurts. She was surprised and she stroked me for several minutes after my cum was out and it felt fantastic. She told me I didnt have to buy so many fish just to see her. I went over twice more that week and Went in the house. I got nude in front of her and jacked off for an hour and fell back in a chair to cumm all over my stomach. The next time I stood in her kitchen nude and she wore her bikini and leaned me against the counter and slowly stroked me to a beautiful cum. I asked her to shoot my load on her thighs. She raised a knee and pressed it under my balls as she stroked my load out onto her sexy thigh.

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