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Girls in jeep watch me jack off

Was cruising in my Pick-up truck looking at hot girls and jacking off. A jeep went by with five girls in it and the top down. They were all wearing bikini tops. I chased after the jeep and caught up a couple traffic lights later. I was one car behind them in the next lane and saw one of the girls jump out and she had short, tight running shorts on and a hot pink bikini top and her tits bounced as she landed and went to the car next to them. She handed a flyer to the driver and jumped back in the jeep and all the girls waved. I guessed they were advertising a bikini car-wash or something and I wanted a flyer. Next stop light I got beside them and they were all very sexy, hard toned bodies and very young, maybe 18 and 19. The flyer girl looked over at me to decide if I was a potential customer and my cock was rock hard and throbbing. I slid my shorts off and the light changed before she could get out. Next stop light was a long one and she got out and bounced to my window. She reached in with the flyer and I kept stroking as I took it and she took a long look at my big throbbing hardon. Her hand had passed within a foot of my horny cock. I almost shot my load right there. As she got back in the jeep I watched for her reaction and she told all the girls what she saw and was using a jacking fist to describe it. I was proud. The light turned green and I paced along side them and raised my hips so the girls in the jeep could see my cock. They all "WhoooHoooed" and did jacking fists and I was delighted. Traffic permitting I would cum for them. I noticed the back seat girl in the middle was looking away shyly and when we hit the next red light the girlss goaded her into getting out with a flyer. I saw her coming over and she had tiny tits barely making bumps in her bikini top and looked like a younger s****r of one of the girls and she told me they wanted her to give me a flyer. I said I wanted to cum for them. She looked at my cock with her mouth open and I raised my hips high above the window jacking for a few seconds and I exploded in several long spurts. I told the girl she was fucking hot and she dropped the flyer on my cum splattered belly and got back in the jeep. I drove next to them some more jerking my half limp cock and slapping it in the cummy mess on my belly.

Posted by alwaysjerkingoff 2 years ago
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23 days ago
jacking my dick for the girls to see
12 months ago
It was really horny. Drained my balls and left me rock hard for more. And they all loved it.
2 years ago
Nothing like a good old public jack off session for a car full of teenies, i got hard reading it,